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Harper's Bazaar Australia December 2019

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editor’s letter

IGHT NOW it’s hard not to feel as if R the apocalypse is upon us and we can’t do a damn thing to stop it. We can ditch our plastic straws, buy a KeepCup, drive a Tesla and go vegan, but these little things are starting to feel pointless. Australia is belching out crazy carbon pollution levels right now, and to put a true dent in global emissions, we need large-scale systemic change. To meet our 2030 Paris Agreement, Australia needs to achieve a 26–28 per cent reduction on 2005 levels. That means a cut of 695 million tonnes of emissions in the next 10 years. Officials say we will do it, but 367 million of those tonnes will come from credits we racked up under the Kyoto Protocol. We’ll look…

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what our cover models are doing …

“Protecting the environment can feel almost overwhelming because we expect change to happen in a perfect way. But change happens by tiny numerous pivots. You may think the little changes won’t make a difference, but they do. It could be, I won’t use a single-use plastic water bottle or I’ll introduce more meat-free days and make sustainable seafood choices. Or I’ll offset my carbon footprint when I have to travel. Everything makes a difference.” – Georgia Fowler “We have to change our thinking and embrace new ways of creating, using and reusing our resources. We can and must do our part for our planet, for ourselves, for our fellow inhabitants and future inhabitants. Let them not look back at us with disappointment. Let us be the incredible human innovators we are and…

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Henry Cousins The Australia-based videographer filmed special moments backstage at the cover shoot on Hayman Island, where he captured our five cover models in motion in the hopes of bringing awareness to the beauty of our oceans and their need for protection.“Spending time on the island is always special when you have four days to shoot a film — especially for an environmental cause that is so relevant,” he says. Watch the behind-the-scenes action at harpersbazaar.com.au. The best part of my job is … “creating films with such a dynamic range of talented people that in turn often lead to some of the most interesting friendships”. I am inspired by … “[French film director] Jacques Deray, [French film director and screenwriter] René Clément, [surfboard shaper and artist] Robin Kegel and [menswear designer] Emily…

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ROYAL WATCH Like us, royals have to attend family Christmas events. We’ll keep an eye out for Meghan and Kate (and their impeccable style) as they head out on their end-of-year official engagements. HIT RESET After all the merriment of the silly season, you’ll no doubt be craving a refresh. To help, we’ve got the health and wellness trends to try for the new year. FANCY DRESS Holidays call for holiday dressing, and your usual nine-to-five wardrobe simply won’t suffice. From party dresses to statement heels, we compile your festive wish list. ON BENDED KNEE Summer is prime time for marriage proposals. If you’re planning on tying the knot, we have your next steps covered, from engagement ring trends to dream venues. CULTURE FIX With Boxing Day bringing a host of anticipated box office releases and the new year…

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beauties & the beach

SUMMER calls for a return to simplicity: digital detoxes, hours spent in the company of the books you’ve been waiting all year to read, a diet heavy on champagne and oysters. Glorious. BAZAAR’s approach to holiday style is equally pared-back: black string bikinis with ribbed tanks, fit-like-a-glove vintage Levi’s, understated leather sandals, simple silk slip dresses and perfectly cut black blazers. It’s the kind of refined minimalism embodied by our cover stars, Charlee Fraser, Gemma Ward, Alexandra Agoston, Georgia Fowler and Victoria Lee — a quintet of Australia’s biggest fashion talent, modelling the crème de la crème of local and international fashion. Just add water, and splashes of gold jewellery from Tiffany & Co.’s new T collection. ON THE COVER Photographed by Darren McDonald. Styled by Naomi Smith. VICTORIA LEE wears Sir. top,…

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my wish list cecilie thorsmark

OUR PLANET is in a state of emergency. As consumers, we must use our voices and our wallets to demand more sustainable fashion. We need to think more consciously when we shop and ask ourselves: How long will this item last? What is it made of? Who made it? What is its carbon footprint? Does it need to be new or can I shop vintage or pre-owned instead? When I no longer wish to wear it, will I resell it, exchange it or pass it on to someone? Every single one of us should feel the obligation, the urge and the responsibility to make better environmental decisions, and the fashion industry also needs to take action to speed up the transition towards more responsible practices. FASHION I find sustainable Scandinavian designers very…