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Harper's Bazaar Australia

Harper's Bazaar Australia May 2020

Harper’s BAZAAR is the style resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture. With style, authority and insider insight, BAZAAR focuses on luxury fashion and beauty, and covers what’s new to what and who’s next. Month after month, Harper’s BAZAAR showcases the world’s most visionary stylists and talented designers to deliver readers a visually stunning portrayal of the world of fashion and beauty.

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editor’s letter

The late Diana Vreeland, the legendary Harper’s BAZAAR fashion editor, was renowned for her bon mots, perhaps the most famous being: “The eye has to travel.” As we all navigate the awful uncertainty, dark moods and uncomfortable realities ahead (cabin fever, for starters) that come from isolating ourselves at home due to COVID-19, we hope you continue to use BAZAAR as your means to travel. BAZAAR has always been about escapism, from the exotic locations and fashion fantasies featured in our shoots to our profiles of inspiring women and the creative geniuses behind the brands. It’s hard to gauge what is going to happen during the next few months: we’re only at the starting line with this thing. But the BAZAAR team are determined to be with you on this journey.…

3 min.

NICOLE BENTLEY A mandatory photography class during her arts in design degree saw Nicole Bentley’s entire career trajectory shift. After discovering her natural talent, she began shooting model portfolios and was tapped to photograph her first fashion editorial at just 22. Since then she has gone on to shoot the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue and Lorde. “I started out being anxious and an overthinker, full of passion and inspiration,” she says. “These days, I enjoy having the years of experience to pull from with a quiet confidence.” See her work on “Aylah”, on page 86. Shooting this story was … “a treat. I’ve loved Aylah [Peterson] since she started modelling. She’s so collaborative to work with and a true giver to the camera. The whole crew knew…

2 min.
elle macpherson

The name Elle Macpherson, once synonymous with Australian beach beauty, is now just as likely to be used to describe a person in a heightened state of wellness. “She’s Elle Macpherson pretty,” becomes “She’s Elle Macpherson glowy.” That’s thanks to her supplements and wellness company, WelleCo, whose star product, The Super Elixir, is credited with providing an energy boost like no other. (Macpherson doesn’t even drink coffee anymore. Incredible.) “When I started to make changes in the way I gave my body nutrients I started seeing huge changes,” she says. “That was around about 50. I want my body to work in its prime function in every phase of its life.” When she’s not being dressed in the latest designer pieces, such as those in our shoot on page 70,…

3 min.
my wish list venetia archer

BEAUTY I love the Shu Uemura Essence Absolue. It’s a LIGHTWEIGHT OIL I use on my hair when it’s wet. It keeps my hair hydrated without weighing it down and minimises split ends. I also use Tata Harper. The raw materials are renewable and GMO-FREE, and they employ environmentally friendly processes for their packaging. The Hydrating Floral Essence is great for HYDRATION ON THE GO. Lys Mediterranée by Frédéric Malle is my scent of choice. Once, I jumped in a cab in London and the cabbie said, “Oh my gosh, I feel like I’m in a FIELD OF FLOWERS!” It was so funny, and he was right. It’s a beautiful scent. I like anything by DR. BARBARA STURM. We offer her facials on Ruuby, and they are a SMASH HIT. TRAVEL I never…

5 min.
oldest in the office

I was having dinner with a friend recently, a seasoned journalist and published author in her early sixties. She had been on the hunt for work and was completely disheartened. “I know it’s my age,” she said. “I’m applying for roles I know I’m more than capable of, and they say they are looking for an experienced person who can run a team, but they really want someone around 35 years old.” My friend is smart and attractive, and doesn’t look anywhere near her age, but that’s hardly the point. The financial wolf is very much at her door, yet she is three years off the official retirement age in Australia, which is currently 66 and slated to be 67 by the year 2023. It has become a frequent predicament in…

7 min.
charm in ’s way

It took less than three months for Jan Marshall’s online lover to convince her to give him $260,000. Or “lend” it, rather, since he was a British engineer with millions of pounds in his bank account and the (forged) statements to prove it. He would pay her back, he said, he was just having trouble on a job site in Dubai and needed a little bit to tide him over; his taxes were due, but he couldn’t access his account; he was robbed on his way to pay those taxes so needed to borrow the same amount again. After 72 days of contact, she never heard from him again. A similar thing happened to Florida woman Debby Montgomery Johnson. She gave more than $1.7 million to a man she had been…