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 / Fashion
Harper's Bazaar Australia

Harper's Bazaar Australia January/February 2019

Harper’s BAZAAR is the style resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture. With style, authority and insider insight, BAZAAR focuses on luxury fashion and beauty, and covers what’s new to what and who’s next. Month after month, Harper’s BAZAAR showcases the world’s most visionary stylists and talented designers to deliver readers a visually stunning portrayal of the world of fashion and beauty.

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6 Issues


2 min.
the great escape

Generous annual-leave allowances, money to splash, our splendid-isolation factor … there are so many reasons travel is built into the Australian psyche. I personally subscribe to the idea that your next holiday has to be booked the day you return from your last trip — a coping strategy I can personally attest works wonders. I’m not alone, because it seems the vacation vibe is also very much front of mind for designers this season. Pro surfers, beach babes, chic holidaymakers — they’ve all seeped into fashion’s collective consciousness for spring/summer 2019: a style ethos that transports us to a happier place, even if our daily reality is actually traffic jams, deadlines and endless Amex statements. So please think of our escape-themed January/February issue as a portal to whisk you away … “[Gisele is]…

4 min.

NINO MUÑOZ To feature a model such as Gisele Bündchen requires a fashion photographer such as Nino Muñoz — both in the upper echelons of their industry. They have known each other for more than 20 years and, for him, photographing her never gets old: “What separates her from the rest is she is always present and gives one-hundred per cent of herself to the process,” he says. On page 92, he travels to Venice, Los Angeles, for our Gisele cover shoot. I am inspired by … “working with a team who know their craft. I love being involved with the hair, makeup and styling. It should always feel collaborative.” The best locations for photography are … “Being born in Chile, I’m always drawn to South America. The beach will always be my…

1 min.
harper's bazzar.com.au

AWARDS SEASON Keep up during Hollywood’s busiest month: major red-carpet looks, showstopping moments and star soundbites. ROYAL UPDATES A deep dive into the lives of the royals — from Meghan Markle’s baby news to Kate Middleton’s charity work and beyond. BRIDE GUIDE We shortlist the best venues, florists, caterers and dress designers to help you plan your big day. TREND BREAKDOWNS The pieces designers and tastemakers are championing — and how you can make them work in your wardrobe. HEALTH & FITNESS Inside the diet and exercise regimens of the healthiest, most toned and radiant women we know. CUTTING-EDGE BEAUTY We detail all the latest products, treatments and trends to embrace in order to hone and refine your daily routine. ARE YOU FOLLOWING US ON INSTAGRAM? Gain insider access to the fashion industry, the red carpet and the latest in Hollywood by…

1 min.
gisele bündchen

The name Gisele conjures a distinct image of supermodel glamour: sun-kissed complexion; long bronzed limbs; ocean-tousled hair. At 38, the mother of two is as in demand as ever, but tends to stay off the runway, instead focusing on philanthropic causes she’s passionate about. A quintessential glamazon with a bohemian sensibility, Bündchen is all megawatt glamour on the red carpet, but keeps it earth mother off-duty in white button-downs, jeans and caftan-style wrap dresses. GET GISELE’S BEAUTY LOOK with Tom Ford Beauty. On face: Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15; on cheeks: Bronzing Powder in Gold Dust; on eyes: Eye Kohl Intense in Espresso; Exreme Mascara in Extreme Raven; on brows: Brow Sculptor in Chestnut; on lips: Lip Color in Misbehaved. COVER STAR Photographed by Nino Muñoz. Styled by Kristen Ingersoll. Gisele Bündchen wears…

2 min.
patricia manfield

“My most worn piece is probably my black leather jacket, because it just always looks good.” MY STYLE … is versatile and eclectic. I like being many women at the same time. I FEEL LIKE MY STYLE AND MY MUSIC GO HAND IN HAND. They’re two big parts of who I am as an individual, so they complement each other. I’M INSPIRED by people, other music, my mood swings and my emotions. I LOVE Jacquemus and Saint Laurent. Their collections are what I’m looking for in a dream look. RESORT 2019 I’m coveting the new Burberry trenches by [Riccardo] Tisci. MY MOST WORN PIECE is probably my black leather jacket, because it just always looks good. BLACK AND CAMEL are probably my favourite colours for jackets and coats. I go for good…

4 min.
my perfect day

6AM A perfect day for me is actually a typical day in Sydney — I am loving being back home in Australia. I feel like I’m on holiday with the sunny weather, and it’s such a beautiful city by the water. I’d ideally start with a lie-in, but that’s impossible with three young children [Bay, seven, Balthazar, six, and Atticus, three]. Instead I wake early, pour myself a tea and check in with my Mexican office [of Pippa Holt caftans], and the production manager and I communicate via WhatsApp. 6.30AM I take a bath with a view of the harbour, which is so breathtaking. I have a collection of different potions and choose one depending on my mood. I feel the same way about tea — my favourite is Mariage…