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"anger" isn't a dirty word

I have a friend who posts photos of obnoxious folks he encounters while commuting. He doesn't know these people who yell into their cell phones or occupy two seats with their bulky luggage. But he opts to shame them on Facebook, always adding a pithy caption to each portrait so we can all laugh about their bad behavior. Is this perfectly nice? Maybe not, but I'd say it's better for my friend than sitting there seething at his fellow passengers. We take up the topic of anger and how to cope with it starting on page 118. And while it's a cliché to say that many women have trouble expressing anger, there's good reason to revisit this emotion: Burying it comes with health risks. No doubt, lashing out or tossing a…

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25 science-backed ways to get happy

#Hydrate WithHealth In honor of April showers, we're focusing on H[subscript 2]O this month! Follow us on Twitter (@goodhealth) and look for #HydrateWithHealth for tips on the best ways to replenish your body with its most essential nutrient. Never miss out on great food, fitness, beauty and wellness strategies! Scan the cover image above to subscribe to our monthly print and tablet editions for only $12 a year. 'Gram Your Clean Eats It's time to push the refresh button on your diet! We want to see how you eat clean morning to night. Share a photo with us on Instagram (@healthmagazine) using #HealthCleanEating and we'll regram our favorites! Signs Your Relationship Is Toxic It's not always easy to notice when someone is poison to you. Learn the telltale signs a relationship has entered destructive territory at…

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digital docs

Good-bye, cold, germy waiting rooms. Now you can hook up with a real MD right on your computer or smartphone. Maven (mavenclinic.com), a women-only service that launched last year, lets patients FaceTime with doctors and other health care professionals for about the same price as a typical co-pay. Walgreens has rolled out a digital doctor service in 25 states, and insurance companies BlueCross BlueShield and UnitedHealth Group will reportedly make telemedicine services available to more than 40 million people in 2016. Keep your sick self where it belongs—in bed! PHONE, TRAVIS RATHBONE/TRUNK ARCHIVE…

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maria menounos wins in the kitchen

Finding inspiration "Cooking was such a big part of my life growing up. My grandfather was a chef in Greece, and my mom was a school cafeteria cook, so cooking is in my blood. Living with a type 1 diabetic father meant our meals were always healthy, because they had to be." Mom's best advice "Not to be afraid. There are no mistakes. That's why I wanted to write this book with her. The tips throughout the book encourage women to try to make the meals their own so they have control over their diet and realize cooking isn't so scary." Healthy-eating myth "That healthy meals have to lack taste. I know vegetables can look boring, and they're not our instinctive choice, but healthy foods can taste amazing, and you will feel better than if…

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the jerky revolution

Field trip Three pals came up with the idea of making their own no-junk jerkies after sharing a bag of locally made strips on a ski lift. ($6.50 for 2.2 oz.; fieldtripjerky.com) Krave The options include a number of gourmet flavors, like black cherry barbecue pork; the strips marinate for 48 hours before baking. ($7 for 3.25 oz.; kravejerky.com) Trader Joe's The grocery chain recently switched the fish used in its salmon jerky recipe from chum to Alaskan king salmon for a tastier bite. ($5.50 for 3 oz.; at Trader Joe's) SCAN TO SHOP! SCAN THE FIELD TRIP JERKY TO BUY THE ITEMS ON THIS PAGE (SEE PAGE 6), OR VISIT HEALTH.COM/SHOP-NOW.…

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Mad Men--era executives rendezvoused over golf (OK, and booze), so why not schedule our meetings over yoga and smoothies? Cue the rise of "sweatworking"—the business-meets-pleasure craze of joining clients or colleagues for a sweat session as an alternative to the conference room. Payal Kadakia, founder of the workout-scheduling service ClassPass, says she sees this all the time now: "It allows people to disconnect from always being plugged-in and get creative juices flowing." SWEATING, HANS NELEMAN/GETTY IMAGES…