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Health April 2017

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looking out for small joys

A little appreciation goes a long way—and there's research to back that up. Experts say that finding pleasure in everyday occurrences can actually train the brain to be more positive (see our "Squeeze More Joy Out of Life" challenge, page 24). Maybe you delight in your morning mug of coffee or pause to soak up sunshine on your way to work. My advice is to try to find treasures in even the simplest of moments; the result could be a more mindful, happier you. And because I'm curious about what brings others bliss, I asked our own Health staffers to share the daily events that make them smile. Here are a few of their answers. Clare McHugh editor clare@health.com "I take a slightly longer route to work so I can walk along the Hudson River.…

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why not...jump into shape!

Common Workout Mistakes, Fixed! Hey, even gym die-hards mess up sometimes. Head to health.com/exercise-errors to check out the most common fitness blunders—and get pro advice on how to correct them. Never miss out on great food, fitness, beauty and wellness strategies! Scan the cover image above to subscribe to our monthly print and tablet editions for only $12 a year. Snapshot Your Steps We love exercising outdoors. One fun way? Hiking! Share a photo from one of your alfresco walks on Instagram (@healthmagazine) using #HikingWithHealth. We'll regram our favorites. Fuel Right Feel hungry an hour after eating? Your seemingly healthy meal may not be filling enough. See how to build a better plate at health.com/balanced-healthy-meal. Ready to Rock Your Goals? How can you hit refresh on your fitness and healthy-eating plans this spring? Follow us on Twitter (@goodhealth)…

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a surprising danger in your wineglass

Hold the sauvignon blanc: White wine might raise your chances of developing melanoma, suggests a recent analysis in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. While alcohol in general was related to a greater risk, white wine stood out above other drinks, with just one glass per day linked to 13 percent increased odds. One theory: Wine has higher levels of acetaldehyde (a carcinogen in alcoholic bevs) than beer or spirits, says study coauthor Eunyoung Cho, ScD—but the antioxidant content in red wine may offset the dangers. Enjoying a glass of white from time to time doesn't mean you'll definitely get skin cancer, of course. But there are many melanoma risk factors you can't change (like family history), notes Cho; alcohol intake is one you can control. Sip Smarter Alcohol consumption has been linked…

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fresh powder

Bioré Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub ($10; at drugstores) Add water to a little powder in your hand for a frothy lather that will gently exfoliate as you cleanse your face. The Dirt Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder ($30; givemethedirt.com) This natural blend taps ingredients like nutmeg to help promote oral health and keep pearly whites sparkling. Touch in Sol Chroma Powder Tint ($20; urbanoutfitters.com) Stroke the powder onto your lips with the applicator; it settles as a stain, leaving a vibrant wash of color. SCAN TO SHOP! SCAN THIS PHOTO TO BUY THE ITEMS ON THIS PAGE (SEE PAGE 8), OR VISIT HEALTH.COM/SHOP-NOW. WOMAN WORKING OUT, COTY TARR/GALLERY STOCK; FACE, TRUNK ARCHIVE; PRODUCT IMAGES COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS…

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hiit tunes

If just thinking about a HIIT workout seems tiring, let the music play. A Journal of Sports Sciences study found that when people performed four 30-second all-out sprint intervals on a bike while listening to music, they had a more positive workout experience than when they pedaled without tunes—possibly because music helps distract you from the, uh, discomfort of a tough sprint. Try biking (or running or rowing) it out to one of these songs recommended by Steph Dietz, lead instructor at Cyc Fitness, an indoor-cycling studio chain. "They're perfect for intervals because they slowly build to the chorus, where the beat drops, picking up speed and intensity," says Dietz. "Each song has about two or three HIIT interval builds." 1. "Don't Let Me Down Army" by The Chainsmokers & Illenium vs.…

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high-powered makeup brushes

Craving a flawless look but having trouble mastering all the blending? New sonic makeup devices are designed to buff product into the skin with less effort. "They stop you from tugging on your skin, so they're good in terms of anti-aging, too," says makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. A few to try: Clarisonic Sonic Foundation Brush ($35; clarisonic.com) Get more out of the Clarisonic you may already have—the head is compatible with all of them. Color Me Pro Edition Kit in Rose Gold ($68; nordstrom.com) The supersmooth sponge tip can be used with both liquid and powder foundations. Michael Todd SonicBlend ($79; michaeltoddbeauty.com) With three speed settings, this brush lets you choose how fast it will move. Go slower on sensitive spots. SCAN TO SHOP! SCAN THIS PHOTO TO BUY THE ITEMS ON THIS PAGE (SEE PAGE 8),…