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Health April 2018

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I live with a constant reminder that I need a digital detox: the throbbing, persistent pain that stretches from the back of my neck, across my right shoulder, and down my right arm. For years—or at least since the dawn of the iPhone—this ache has been the physical background noise of my life. Sure, that magical handheld device makes my overscheduled life possible. But it also pulls me into the far reaches of news sites and the deep swamps of social media. And all that tapping and swiping and looking down at my phone adds up to a tangle of gnawing aches. I know I need a break, and yet I find it almost impossible to do away with my bad tech habits. As Danielle Friedman writes in “Do You Need…

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Meet… LISA DeSANTIS Assistant beauty editor The product I can’t live without: Lanolips 101 Ointment. It leaves a glossy sheen but isn’t sticky. My post-workout routine: There’s nothing better than using a luxe bodywash like Caudalie’s Eau des Vignes shower gel as the hotwater soothesmy tired muscles. My go-to detox move: Slathering on a clay mask, like Immunocologie’s. It draws everything to the surface. I feel most beautiful when: I’ve just gotten a facial and my skin is super glowy, and I’mjust totally natural. WHO WE’RE FOLLOWING @makedaisychains “Hannah Daisy is an artist who posts adorable sketches all about mental health. Her drawings are reminders that self-care doesn’t need to be some grandiose act.” —Julia Naftulin, assistant editor Abby Pollock “I love how this YouTuber breaks down the science behind her workouts in an easy-tounderstand way, so you know why you’re doing…

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new on health.com

1 WOKE UP LIKE THIS Always feel like your cheeks look puffy in the a.m.? What about after a night of chips and margs? We rounded up six expert-approved ways to de-bloat your face fast so you look #flawless at health.com/ debloat-your-face. 2 FLOW, SMILE, REPEAT A major mood boost is only a click away, thanks to this at-home yoga flow that chills you out and tones you up at the same time. Head to health.com/yoga-better-mood for a mind-body routine that’s sure to soothe. 3 WHAT’S FOR DINNER? When you’re tired and famished, it’s all too tempting to call in a takeout order. But a balanced homemade meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Get five quickand-easy ideas (including a few that involve no cooking at all) from our nutritionist at health.com/dinner.…

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Now in Season Artichokes Spring veggies like asparagus and green peas get tons of attention, but in-season artichokes are just as awesome. “They’re an excellent source of fiber with about seven grams per medium-size artichoke,” says Abbie Gellman, RD, a New York City–based nutritionist and owner of Culinary Nutrition Cuisine. Research suggests the potassiumrich produce could have anticancer and cholesterol-lowering qualities. Also great: They’re not nearly as intimidating to cook as they seem. Here, Gellman shares three simple ways to make them at home. Steam Remove tough outer leaves, and cut off the top third of the artichoke with a serrated knife. B ring a pot of water to a boil, and place trimmed a rti chokes in a steamer basket inside the pot. Lower the heat to simmer, cover the pot, and…

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SNACK TIME “I try to eat nonprocessed foods. I love sprouted and dehydrated nuts. Nuts are very hard to digest, but if you sprout them, they become more digestible. I like this company called Healing Home Foods. It has nuts, and its granola is the best.” GUT HEALTH “I have the most challenged digestive system—and gut health is central to all health. I partnered with Edison de Mello, MD, and we work on getting the right information about health out to people [through Dr. de Mello’s practice and on activatedyou.com]. Then we found the right company to partner with where we could develop formulas for products [like probiotics and enzymes].” BAG LADY “Angela Roi is my new favorite person in the world. She makes really good quality vegan ‘leather’ bags. They are scary good—like, you’d…

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prettiest spring makeup

RIGHT NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME to hit refresh on your routine. A fun place to start? Your makeup bag. But there’s no need to do a full overhaul. Instead, pair your staples (like foundation and concealer) with a few newbies that will help you score done-but-not-toodone looks—think stained lips and gorgeously flushed cheeks. Here, the ideas you’ve got to try for spring, and how to master them. 1/GOLDEN GLIMMERS The easiest way to perk up tired skin? Highlighter. Thankfully, the latest formulas won’t make you look like a unicorn. “Gold works on all skin tones and helps warm up your face,” explains Neil Scibelli, a makeup artist in New York City. For an allover glow, mix a drop of cream like (1) Rimmel London Insta Strobing 2-in-1 Highlighter in Gold Glow…