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Health October 2018

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from the editor

Hello, Gorgeous. Welcome to our annual Beauty Issue! Working at Health is inspiring and collaborative, and it’s also a lot of fun—especially when we’re choosing our Beauty Award winners. At our last meeting, our amazing beauty director, Heather Muir Maffei, greeted us with surprise spritzes of her favorite facial spray (it’s Garnier SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water, $9; find more of her current obsessions in her debut column on page 34). Then she and her team walked us through dozens of new products they had fallen in love with (edited down from hundreds!). We’ve tested them all to find the very best (see page 25). But while beauty is undeniably fun, it’s not frivolous—many of these products can have a real impact on the health and appearance of your skin,…

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when do you feel beautiful?

When I’m in a workout class, all sweaty and exhausted and proud of my strength. —Catherine DiBenedetto After I’ve completed all 100-ish steps of my nighttime skin-care routine and can watch TV on the couch in my pajamas knowing I am fully moisturized. —Kathleen Felton When I’m hanging out with my best friends. —Laura Formisano There’s nothing like a good spray tan to put a little pep in my step (and make me feel confident going makeup-free). —Lisa DeSantis After I swipe a new lengthening mascara onto completely naked lashes. —Anneke Knot I spend a great deal of time working out, which means I’m either wearing a hat or have my hair slicked back, so when I finally get my hair done (a nice cut and curl!), it does wonders. —Rozalynn S. Frazier When I’m wearing boxers and an old T-shirt and…

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who we’re following on insta

@sadgirlsclub “I love how Sad Girls Club founder Elyse Fox features the stories of real women who are living with mental health issues, to keep chipping away at the stigma.” —Catherine DiBenedetto, features director @sebastianlovesluna “Maybe it’s because I’m a mom to a Pomeranian, but the romance between these two adorable pups (they tied the knot last spring) always brightens my day.” —Rachel Crocetti, SEO manager @melissawoodhealth “This yoga teacher–slash–wellness blogger’s positivity will radiate through your phone! And make sure you try her mean green Spirulina Smoothie recipe. I’m hooked.” —Arielle Franklin, senior contributing editor @healthmagazine @goodhealth @health @health…

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new on health.com

1 OH, BABY! Beauty editor Lisa DeSantis recently discovered a product that’s transformed her skin—and it’s available in the diaper aisle. Lisa swears Mustela’s cleansing water has made her complexion as soft as a, well, you know. Go to health.com/mustela to learn how to use this new beauty must-have. 2 STOCK UP Ever wonder how meal-prep pros stick with the habit (even when life gets nuts)? Turns out they rely on a roster of fridge and pantry staples that allow them to throw together balanced meals all week long. Find out the foods they always keep on hand at health.com/ingredients. 3 WITH THE BAND Got a resistance band? That’s all you need to fire up your whole body (and burn off the day’s stress) in just 15 minutes. Check out the high-energy workout with fitness…

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score a better night’s sleep

We all have those nights. You know, the ones where you stare at the ceiling willing yourself to fall asleep. And, of course, knowing the importance of clocking eight-ish hours can up your anxiety levels like crazy. There are loads of natural sleep aids to help you snooze more easily, you just have to pick the one that’s right for you. 1. HUM Nutrition Beauty zzZz Sleep ($10; sephora.com) is a vegetarian tablet that contains 3 milligrams of relaxing melatonin. 2. Then, there’s The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder ($60; sephora.com), a probiotic powder that contains calming lemon balm you mix into warm milk and drink an hour before bedtime. 3. Another easy powder option? Care/of Quick Sticks in Dream Team ($5 for 5 sticks; takecareof.com), which you just…

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jennifer garner’s beauty rules

#1 “Your body has to take care of you for a long time, so you have to wear SPF every day. Being outside feeds your soul, but you can’t judge the day—even if it’s cloudy, you have to wear sunscreen.” Jen’s fave: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 100+ ($13; target.com). #2 “Makeup is there to fix the smallest flaws and enhance your best features. In college, I went through a clown phase. I think I was using my pancake makeup from theater. Let your skin breathe; enjoy the beauty of your own skin, and remember that a little concealer goes a long way.” #3 “You have to be active every day. It doesn’t have to be working out, but move your body. Your head works better when your body is moving.” WALK IT OFF A new study…