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Health December 2018

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from the editor

We work hard to fill every page of Health with surprising and useful information for you to bring into your everyday life—and in the process, I learn a lot too. A couple of things in particular struck a chord with me this time around. Actress and activist America Ferrera told us that she was nervous that after she had her son, she would lose her passion for the causes she cares so deeply about (spoiler alert: she didn’t). And fitness guru Jillian Michaels shared that for her, letting go of perfection was key to managing stress. These two ideas are different but have a common thread: Balancing family, work, self-care, and the other things we love or need to do isn’t easy! And for many of us, that notion is particularly…

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@Modern_Tourist “As the weather gets dreary, I start dreaming of vacations in far-off places. I get my travel inspiration from the beautiful destinations in this account.” —Bethany Heitman, executive editor @millanasnow “Millana is a Reiki healer and meditation teacher. I love the mix of posts she shares, from yoga to holistic beauty to motivational quotes.” —Heather Muir Maffei, beauty director @sustainyoself “Twins Geevie and Sophia are living low-waste and plastic-free. Seeing their lifestyle one post at a time makes each habit seem less overwhelming.” —Hattie Hayes, editorial associate @healthmagazine @goodhealth @health @health…

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new on health.com

1 USE YOUR PHONE LESS We know, it’s really hard to do. But experts are recommending a surprising hack that can help you cut back—and it’s as simple as changing your settings. Learn more at health.com/phone. 2 BUST A MOVE If you suffer from the morning blahs, we have the perfect remedy: hip-hop yoga (trust us!). This 16-minute flow set to music will energize your body and mind, so you can start your day like a boss. Follow along at health.com/yoga. 3 PRO PICKS Ever wonder which products dermatologists can’t live without? Us, too—so we asked them. Check out their go-tos (from retinols to serums) at health.com/derm-picks. HELWIG: COURTESY OF HELWIG; INSTAGRAM IMAGES: COURTESY OF USERS; PRODUCT IMAGES: COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS…

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“I love working out, but when offered the chance to tone my abs without doing a single sit-up, I had to try it. Emsculpt is the first noninvasive body-sculpting treatment that not only burns fat but also builds muscle, employing High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology—in the form of a tool that looks like an oversize iron and is placed on your body and ‘causes about 20,000 muscle contractions per session,’ explains Dendy Engelman, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. You do four 30-minute treatments over two weeks. It is currently cleared for your abs or butt. I tried it on my stomach, and while it was a little uncomfortable, it was tolerable. The results weren’t instantaneous, but I could feel that my muscles had been putting in work. I was…

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avocados that last longer?

You buy a rock-hard avocado and wait for it to soften. You keep checking it, and then suddenly… Bam! It’s mushy and brown. Well, Apeel Sciences is here to solve that problem—and reduce food waste. It’s a new company that has created a plant-based nontoxic coating—available to growers, suppliers, and retailers—that slows down oxidation, giving you more time to enjoy a perfect avo. PRODUCT IMAGES: COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS; AVOCADO: REDHELGA/GETTY IMAGES…

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3 questions with jeanette jenkins

Any tips for how not to go overboard when it comes to all that delicious party food and drinks? Eat a healthy meal before you go to parties, and when you arrive, always start with a glass of water. Then, enjoy in moderation. Motivation can wane during this busy season; what do you tell clients to keep them on track? Keep it fun! Go skating, skiing, hiking, take a walk, do yoga, or involve the family, because the holidays are about spending more time with your friends and family. Do you have any quick go-to moves if you’re too busy to get in a full workout? There is no such thing as a quick, easy “go-to move”! Exercise is a means of taking care of your body, and to have an actual effect, you need…