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Health January/February 2019

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fresh ideas

Notice something different? Just in time for the new year, Health has a new look! You’ll still find the timely, science-backed articles and advice that we’re known for. That’s not changing. But we have reorganized our pages and updated the design to present all of that essential info in a more modern way—because we suspect that’s how you approach your own health: with a fresh attitude. Being healthy has become a way of life, to be embraced and enjoyed. You’ll find a feeling of positivity throughout the pages of Health, whether we’re presenting a new workout, the latest in skin care or supplements, nutritious dinners, or even information about serious conditions and challenges you may face. Health won’t preach or judge. Instead, we provide the solid answers and solutions you need…

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let’s do this!

This issue is full of ways to crush your goals, whether you want to eat more vegetables (page 94), work out harder (page 53), get the most out of your mornings (page 73), or take better care of your skin (page 25). I know from our story on setting goals (page 90) that it’s good to tell people about them—it keeps you accountable. So here goes: My goal is to start a meditation practice. I think I would benefit from the stress relief, improved focus, and better sleep that a practice may bring. (Connie Britton says she believes it even helps with wrinkles. Bonus!) I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. P.S. I would love to hear about your own goals and questions or thoughts about health (and Health); engage with us…

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bring on the good vibes

You may have heard of palo santo—but what exactly is it? The name translates to “holy wood,” and it comes from a tree that grows in South America. Oh, and despite the current buzz, palo santo has been around for centuries. Much like sage, it’s burned in smudging ceremonies to cleanse a person’s energy field and banish negativity. Now companies are using the scent (think a mix of wood, citrus, and mint) in sprays, lotions, candles, and more. Of course, you can still use the sticks the classic way: Let one smolder in a heatproof dish as you enjoy its pleasant fragrance.…

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go hard!

New research reveals that just two minutes of high-intensity exercise (in 30-second intervals) can boost mitochondria—the organelles in cells that turn fat and sugar into fuel—just as effectively as a moderate, 30-minute aerobic workout. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should only exercise for 120 seconds. Longer cardio sessions are still great for heart health and a variety of other reasons. But this is a good reminder to add higher-intensity moments to your routine, like wind sprints or short bursts of all-out rope jumping.…

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kindness counts

You know the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you do something nice just because? It turns out that selfless generosity (say, buying coffee for a stranger) does affect us in a unique way. For a recent NeuroImage study, researchers looked at fMRI scans to see what happened in people’s brains when they chose to act out of altruism or strategic kindness (the kind where you expect a return favor). They found that while both types of kindness lit up reward areas, altruistic acts also lit up the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex, suggesting there’s something extra special about doing good deeds with no strings attached.…

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real inspo

Wellness guru, DJ, influencer—Hannah Bronfman has many titles. And now the 31-year-old can add author to that list. Her new book, Do What Feels Good, is packed with ideas to help you be your healthiest self. From easy breakfast recipes to fitness tips to straight-up motivation, there’s inspiration on every page. One of our favorite tidbits is her reasoning behind working out: “For me, being physically active is about constantly challenging myself and pushing my limits. Yes, that type of challenge affects the shape of my body, and I won’t lie—visual results are motivating for me’. But fitness is also something I choose so I can feel powerful and alive in my body.” BUY THE BOOK: Do What Feels Good, by Hannah Bronfman (Harper Wave; $28).…