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from the editor: keep it simple

SMILE! IT'S SUMMER No question, life is complicated. But living healthfully doesn’t always have to be. The first time I talked to Dr. Raj—our amazing contributing medical editor—she brought up the idea that there are a handful of basic things we should focus on to feel good and live well. I loved that notion, and we decided to do a story on those “4 Pillars of Health” in this issue (find out what they are on page 92!). The topic felt right for summer, when we like our days long and our to-do lists short. Going with that stress-free theme, we’ve filled this issue with more ideas on how to enjoy the season in happy, healthy ways. You’ll find easy recipes for grilled dinners, quick tricks to up your energy, cool gear…

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life @health

MEET… Toni Rumore, Copy Chief MY FAVORITE SUMMER ACTIVITY: Swimming freestyle, with the entire pool to myself. THE BEST TRIP I EVER TOOK: Santorini, Greece. I studied classical Greek! I’M MOST PROUD OF: My niece and nephew. MY FRIDGE IS ALWAYS STOCKED WITH: Greens for juicing—spinach, parsley, cucumber, and celery. RIGHT NOW I’M BINGING ON: Game of Thrones, before the watch has ended. THE TREND I’LL NEVER FOLLOW: Keto. No fruit, carbs, beans, and root veggies? No thanks! Plus, I don’t eat meat. FRIENDS WOULD DESCRIBE ME AS: Loyal. Effortlessly Cool When the heat is on, you want your hair out of your face and off your neck—but that doesn’t have to mean a basic ponytail. Add a fishtail braid on one side for a fresh, boho look that’s still pretty easy to pull off. (Because you start the…

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the share

FREEZER FAVES You may have fond memories of slurping a super-sweet ice pop as a kid. Happily, this warm-weather pleasure has grown up as well. There’s a new crop of sophisticated, lower-sugar treats available. Meet our top picks. Work Out, Reduce Stress A small study from the University of British Columbia found that exercising at least three times a week for six months lessened stress levels in family caregivers (think people tending to elderly parents). At the end of the study, caregivers reported lower levels of perceived stress (and had better cardiorespiratory fitness levels and reduced body mass indexes). What’s more, the study found that working out appeared to lengthen a small section of their chromosomes that is believed to slow cellular aging. DOWNLOAD THIS The App That Aims to Ease Pain The goal of this…

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your summer look—made easy (and fun!)

Popsicle-Stained Lips You know that gorgeous wash of color an icy, fruity treat leaves on your lips? Mimic it with a quick swipe of one of these sheer formulas. Peachy Waterline Late-night summer fun get the best of you? Use a creamy peach (for darker skin tones) or pink (for lighter skin) liner on your waterline. These shades are less harsh than white but wake up your eyes in the same way. Sunset Lids Eye makeup can be intimidating, but this three-step technique will help you achieve a golden-hour effect with ease. To start, sweep a champagne shadow over your lids. Then blend a red-orange shade into your crease for dimension. Add a touch of gold in the middle where the light and dark shadows overlap to create a halo effect above your pupil. Keep…

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ingredient spotlight: hyaluronic acid

What Is It? Hyaluronic acid is a compound your body naturally produces to lubricate areas like your eyes, joints, and even the scalp. But it can also be manufactured in a lab and is a popular hydrating ingredient in skin care because it can hold up to a thousand times its weight in water. It hydrates by binding moisture that is constantly evaporating from the deeper layers of the skin, explains Stephen Alain Ko, a cosmetic and skin-care formulator in Canada. Translation: Even a little bit can infuse mega moisture. Most recently, it’s been popping up in hair products, too. What Does It Do? It’s great for hair because unlike oils or other rich ingredients, hyaluronic acid hydrates without weighing tresses down, according to Aaron Grenia, a hairstylist and cofounder of IGK. Beyond…

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heather says: meltproof makeup

I’ve always been obsessed with summer. As a kid, it meant days filled with adventure and soccer games. OK, so I only made one goal my entire soccer career…and it was for the other team—but I still had fun! As an adult, summer is almost as much fun. I love wearing dresses and spending weekends outdoors. The downside: the tendency for makeup to melt right off. Thankfully, over the past 13 years as a beauty editor, I have learned a thing or two about making my glam stay put. Check out a few of my hot-weather secrets. BEAUTY DIRECTOR STAY FRESH ON STEAMY DAYS 1 Hydrate Inside and Out You already know to up your water intake, but moisturizing your skin topically is key, too. Do that with a plumping gel and by spritzing…