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from the editor: best intentions

In her new book, which is filled with humor and wisdom about work, relationships, and family, our cover star, Ali Wong, writes this about finding common ground with other moms: “We are all just doing our best.” That line jumped out at me because it’s a notion I try to keep in my head, too. When you’re juggling a million things, it’s easy to feel like you’re not succeeding at any of them. But rather than chasing perfection (or expecting it from your friends, relatives, and colleagues), try to focus on what is working, as well as on your own good intentions and those of others. Our feature on intuitive eating (page 94) may help you be a little kinder to yourself. This philosophy encourages you to rethink your relationship with…

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life @ health

MEET… Hannah Harper, Editorial Assistant MY WEEKNIGHT RITUAL: Before bed, I go through a five-step skin-care routine. It makes me feel pampered even during the busiest weeks. MOST USEFUL THING I OWN: A metal straw. I bring it everywhere, and it’s helping me cut down on plastic. THE LAST SKILL I LEARNED: How to incorporate resistance bands into my workout. I can tell by my next-day soreness that I’m really activating new muscles. MY NEXT FITNESS GOAL: To hike Angels Landing in Zion National Park. The trail gains about 1,500 feet in elevation over a short 2.6 miles, but apparently the views from the top are worth it. Little Tweaks In a Pilates move, a slight shift in your gaze or tilt of your pelvis can make all the difference. Good form is essential to getting…

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the share

VEG OUT Make the most of your produce by practicing root-to-stem eating—or using every bit of a vegetable. Sonja Overhiser, one half of the popular site A Couple Cooks and coauthor of Pretty Simple Cooking, shares some of her top ideas. 4 WAYS TO GO ALL-IN 1 Sauté beet greens with olive oil, garlic, and a splash of broth or water until tender; season with salt, and spritz generously with lemon. 2 Call on cauliflower and broccoli stalks to refresh your crudités platter. Peeled and sliced, they are an unexpected and delicious dipper for hummus or guac. Or roast the stems right along with the florets. You can even throw the leaves onto the sheet pan! 3 Thinly sliced and sprinkled on as a garnish, carrot greens add a pleasing bitterness to a dish. You…

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ace your base

SHOP FOR YOUR SHADE These tips will help you easily identify a perfect match. Wear the Right Clothes Yup, you read that right. The shirt you wear will affect how your complexion looks. Skip white or red-based blouses if you’re going to be testing—the milky hue tends to lighten you up, and rosy tones may make you appear pinker than you are. Gray is a great neutral choice. Identify Your Undertone Sometimes foundation shades are categorized by three undertones—so knowing yours will help you narrow down where to look. Cool means you have more pink, warm means yellow or golden, and neutral is equal parts pink and yellow. An easy way to figure out what you are? Look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, you’re cool.…

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ingredient spotlight: collagen

What Is It? Collagen is something we all naturally produce—it’s even found in animals, including fish. “Essentially, it is a protein made up of individual amino acids that are linked together to form chains, which are bundled together to form thicker ropes,” explains Marnie Nussbaum, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. These “ropes” of tissue are what provide structure for your skin and keep it looking plump. Collagen is also the main component in your body’s connective tissue, making it essential for joint health. Once you hit your mid-20s, your production starts to decrease at the rate of about 1 percent per year, accelerating even more quickly during menopause. Sun exposure and other environmental triggers like stress, pollution, and smoking also speed up its degradation, adds Whitney Bowe, MD, a…

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self-care made simple

It’s almost impossible to scroll through Instagram without seeing a #SelfCare post, which is music to my eyes. We are all so dang busy these days and could use a little pampering. (I find this even more needed as I’m expecting a baby!) But here’s the deal: You don’t need an expensive spa day to unwind. Instead, there are little treats you can incorporate on a daily or weekly basis to make sure you’re giving yourself the love you deserve. Here, I’m sharing a few of my favorites. BEAUTY DIRECTOR FOUR WAYS TO UPGRADE YOUR YOU TIME 1 Bronze Your Bod Confession: I haven’t used body lotion in, um, years. I’ve just never been a fan because it leaves me feeling greasy. Recently, one of my favorite celebrity makeup artists launched a bronzing body…