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Health November 2020

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from the editor: giving thanks

We are heading into the holiday season—usually a time of tradition—and everything is different this year. Our routines, our priorities, even the way we think about our world. Griping about how the malls start playing holiday music at Halloween seems so innocent now, doesn’t it? When facing challenges, it can be difficult to feel gratitude—but that may indeed be the most important time to do so. A growing body of research links regular doses of gratitude to better sleep, improved relationships, greater happiness, and possibly even lower blood pressure. To find your own positivity, try making a daily practice of writing down what you’re thankful for, things both big and small. For me, right now, it’s that my son went off to college recently and is happy and healthy. And the fact…

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the share

POTATO POWER Spuds sometimes get a bad rap for being so starchy (read: heavier on the carbs), but they are actually high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. What’s more: Researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, recently published a study that showed that the protein in potatoes helps young women build and maintain strong muscles. While women didn’t eat tons of spuds—they had isolated potato protein added to their diets—this is good news for the future of food. It shows that plant-based proteins are similar in quality to meat proteins. If an abundant source like potatoes can provide a high-quality protein, then we have a lot to be thankful for. GOOD NEWS THE SPECULUM JUST GOT A MAKEOVER We’ve all been there: feet up in stirrups and ready for a pelvic exam. It’s…

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drugstore shopping secrets

Walgreens With more than 9,000 locations nationwide, Walgreens (walgreens.com) is a one-stop shop for everything from bandages to blush. While beauty has always been a part of its offerings, that department has recently upped the ante by adding some cult-favorite makeup and skin-care brands: Avène, Bioderma, Boscia, No7, and Soap & Glory. In order to help shoppers cut through the clutter of packed shelves, Walgreens has hired 3,500 trained beauty specialists across the country, to work in about one-third of their stores. Pre-COVID-19, “the consultants performed a range of services, providing skin-care analysis, makeovers, product expertise, and foundation matching,” explains Lauren Brindley, head of Walgreens Beauty. In-store beauty services and new-product testers were temporarily suspended in March. However, consultants (masked and socially distant) are still available to give recommendations and advice,…

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when the glam is gone

Over the past 15-plus years, I’ve tried it all: blowouts, facials, mani-pedis, body treatments, haircuts and color, lash extensions, Botox, the list goes on… After all, I have to experience services so I can tell you what’s actually worth your time and money! But last March, just as I was about to return to work after maternity leave, COVID-19 shut down New York City. And all those treatments came to a screeching halt. My extensions grew out, my pores clogged, my highlights turned brassy, and my forehead wrinkle settled back in. While this might sound like a recipe for depression, I found it refreshing to see the real, unfiltered version of me in the mirror. Here’s what I learned to appreciate, and I hope you can find a few new…

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ingredient spotlight: ceramides

What are they? Ceramides are lipids (a type of fat molecule) that are found naturally in our skin; they’re the body’s built-in moisturizer. “They make up the majority of the stratum corneum—the top layer of your skin—and are responsible for holding the cells together,” explains Tiffany Libby, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. In addition to acting as the glue that keeps the skin barrier intact, ceramides are moisturizing agents that make skin feel soft. “As we age, ceramide levels in our skin decrease, so by the time we’re 30, almost 40 percent of our skin’s ceramides are depleted; by the time we’re 40, that number increases to 60 percent,” explains Dr. Libby. But it’s not all gloom and doom: Upping your intake of leafy greens and healthy oils (coconut…

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hard core

WATCH THE WORKOUT Click here to do the workout along with Raven. FORGET SIX-PACK ABS—a strong core isn’t about aesthetics. “Your core is literally your foundation,” says Raven Jelks (shown here), an ACE-certified trainer at Solidcore in New York City. Not only is it the center point around which your entire body moves, but it’s also one of the most supportive areas. “When your core is weak, you’re more at risk for injuries, especially in your back,” she explains. Solidcore’s high-intensity, low-impact resistance classes are all about developing that functional core strength through slow, controlled movements that keep your muscles under tension, which recruits and strengthens extra muscle fibers, explains Jelks. Yes, it’s hard (really hard). And your body will start to shake. But fight to finish the rep! “You want to get…