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Health December 2020

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from the editor: what’s your why?

Normally at this time year, many of us are feeling joyous or overwhelmed (or both!) as the countdown to the holidays begins. But 2020 has been far from normal. Instead, we may be experiencing uncertainty and loss as we figure out how to celebrate safely. But there are some gifts that come with the need to reinvent the season. I’m savoring a shorter to-do list (and a few extra cookies). There’s more downtime, less spending. Fewer obligations, more meaning. Speaking of meaning, “Discover Your Why” (page 92) explores the importance of having a sense of purpose in our lives—it benefits both emotional and physical health. If you haven’t found yours yet, we offer lots of inspiration and easy exercises to help. For example, ask yourself: “What does an ideal world look…

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the share

WELL-MADE WINE Raising a glass with friends and family over a good meal is one of the many pleasures of the holiday season. In moderation, red wine may even have some health benefits, thanks to its antioxidant content (though the CDC says women should stick to one 5-ounce pour a day). Looking to try something new this year? Minimal-intervention vintners are using fewer chemicals and additives, which may be better for your body, and the planet, too. Turn the page to see how experts define a few key terms that can say a lot about how the grapes are grown and how a wine is crafted. WINE TERMS, TRANSLATED Organic Wines that are USDA certified organic are produced from grapes grown according to strict regs. But many more wines are made with organic practices…

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more at health.com

Buy This for Better Zs Poor sleep can be a stressor on our physical and mental health. So we asked the pros what natural sleep aids they suggest for falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting a more restorative rest. Click here to go to the content online. It’s That Time of Year… Protect yourself against colds and flu by warding off germs and strengthening your immune system. We’ve got 14 strategies from medical experts that will help keep you safe and healthy this season. Click here to go to the content online. Put a Spring in Your Step Whether you run on the road, the treadmill, or just around your house, your sneakers should keep your feet comfy. Check out our list of top cushioned running shoes from podiatrist-recommended brands. Click here to go to the content online. Try…

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make your eyes the prize

Get Festive With Metallics Don’t let the rainbow glitz of the Makeup by Mario Master Metallics Eyeshadow Palette ($48; sephora.com) intimidate you: Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic created it so anyone can use it, no brushes needed. Choose a shade—bronze complements blue eyes, rust dazzles on brown—then rub your finger in it and pat it onto lids. Trace whatever shadow remains along lower lash lines. You’ll get a shimmery look that might fool friends into thinking you spent your quarantine watching YouTube makeup tutorials. The cherry on top: The champagne hue doubles as highlighter. Fake Fuller Brows Not a pro at penciling in your arches? Let IT Cosmetics Brow Power Filler Eyebrow Gel ($24; itcosmetics.com) come to the rescue—it transforms even over-plucked brows from wimpy to wow. Available in four gray-covering shades, the…

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your skin on…sugar

How Does Sugar Affect Skin? Sugar does a triple whammy on your skin. First, it causes an inflammatory response throughout the body, affecting everything from muscles and joints to your immune system. In terms of your skin, inflammation can cause it to be more sensitive or reactive, resulting in an uneven or lackluster complexion and accelerated aging. Second, there’s a surge in testosterone after a sugar binge, says Loretta Ciraldo, MD, a dermatologist in Aventura, Florida. Testosterone is an androgen—a type of hormone that manages the sebaceous glands. So too much testosterone can lead to oilier skin, which in turn brings on breakouts and enlarged pores. Finally, sugar impairs two major building blocks of healthy skin. “If sugar levels in the bloodstream spike beyond what insulin is capable of metabolizing, a natural chemical…

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stay strong!

Down the road, as we get older, we all expect to develop a few aches—maybe a shin twinge, creaky elbows, or a sore lower back. But what if you could head off those problems, starting today? Your 30s, 40s, and 50s are a window of opportunity to course-correct any unhelpful habits that hurt your musculoskeletal health, says Melody Hrubes, MD, a sports medicine specialist at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute in New York City. “If you make adjustments now, you can avoid surgery and set yourself up for more pain-free days later on.” Here is a series of simple steps you can take to protect your musculoskeletal system—your bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints—for years to come. 1 Bolster Your Frame Every human body is held up by some 206 bones, but women…