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from the editor: you can do it!

One night several autumns ago, it was pouring rain, and water started seeping into my garage faster than I could sop it up. I was fairly newly widowed and feeling the responsibility of being a single parent and homeowner. I figured out that a drain in my driveway was clogged with leaves, and as I reached in elbow-deep and pulled them out, my preteen daughter ran out into the dark downpour. I told her, triumphantly, that I was fixing the flood. “I came out to help you,” she said. “But you helped yourself!” We were soaked and laughing (OK, I was also crying), and I was proud of both of us. Mucking around with some wet leaves wasn’t, as they say, brain surgery. But it did the trick, and solving problems…

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the share

GO LONG! Leave the no-show socks in the drawer. Instead, reach for a pair that makes a statement and brings some benefits to your workout: compression socks. They’re not just for hospital stays or post-surgery rehab anymore. Wear them for increased blood circulation during a lifting session or while on your favorite hiking trail. They can also help mitigate muscle fatigue and soreness after a workout, both immediately and even hours later, according to a 2020 review published in the Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine. Plus, this colorful accessory will make every run a fun one. SNACK SMART FOOD CRAVINGS 411 Whether you’re team salty or sweet, when it comes to cravings you’re not alone—90 percent of the population experiences food cravings. “The intensity and specificity for a particular food or type of…

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the good skin diaries

COMPLEXION CRUSH: Fitness Expert Ally Love Peloton instructor, founder and CEO of Love Squad and Ren Skincare Ambassador (35) Have you always had a good relationship with your skin? It’s changed over the years. I’m from Miami, where we have pretty much one season. When I moved to New York, it took me a little bit to figure out how to take care of my skin in the winter. I needed more moisturizer, multiple times a day, and I started sleeping with a humidifier. How do you encourage other women to feel confident in their skin? We forget that our words are powerful. The realityis that they can hurt us. So when folks are feeling their best, I encourage them to remind themselves of who they are by writing it down, because we all…

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ingredient spotlight: zinc

What is it? “Zinc is a trace mineral that your body requires in order for its immune system to function properly,” explains Tricia Pingel, NMD, an Arizona-based naturopathic physician. “It plays a critical role in fighting and controlling inflammation.” It also helps skin functions such as wound repair, collagen synthesis, and UV protection, adds Orit Markowitz, MD, a dermatologist and founder of OptiSkin in New York City. Because the body doesn’t produce zinc on its own, it’s important to incorporate zinc-rich foods into your diet, and perhaps even consider a supplement if you’re deficient. Nearly 2 billion people worldwide have a zinc deficiency. What does it do? “Zinc oxide defends the skin against damage from UV rays,” says Alexis Stephens, DO, consulting dermatologist for Urban Skin Rx. That’s why it is best known…

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“tweakments” worth trying

YOUR CONCERN: Uneven Skin Tone Tweakment: Glycolic acid peel Benefits: Softer, brighter skin without the irritation that often comes with gritty physical exfoliators. These in-office chemical peels have a higher concentration of glycolic acid—around 30 to 40 percent—compared to OTC products. How it works: The glycolic acid loosens the bonds between cells in the outer layer of the skin to lighten dark spots and dissolve excess sebum. How it feels: You’ll likely have some tingling during the treatment, which only lasts a few minutes. Skin might look red and feel tight immediately following the procedure. Wearing sunscreen post-peel is a must. And don’t be freaked out if you experience some peeling for the next few days. Price tag: $100–$400 Results last: About six weeks YOUR CONCERN: Dullness & Congestion Tweakment: An oxygen-infused facial like HydraFacial…

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hard core strength

“A lot of my clients started out not wanting to lift heavy weights. Then they got the results, and now they go after the heavier weights. They’re strong. They’re confident—not just in a gym, but in their everyday lives. That’s why weights win.”—Joanna Castro SKIP SIT-UPS. Say goodbye to bicycles. To torch the core, all you need to do is lift weights and breathe deep. “All major lifts are a core exercise,” says Joanna Castro (shown here), NASM-CPT, coach at Body Space Fitness in New York City. That’s because they all incorporate a “vertical plank” (like a regular plank, but standing up), which is maintained throughout each move. To practice a vertical plank, start by standing tall, driving your feet into the ground with soft knees. Tuck your butt under slightly by…