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more peace, less panic

If, like me, you follow health news, you've probably noticed that lately the headlines always seem to be full of warnings about the dangers of chemicals lurking in everything from our couches to our cookware. It's enough to make anyone paranoid. Fortunately, you don't have to live in fear. In this month's "A Smart Guide to Scary Chemicals" (page 120), science reporter Ginny Graves digs deep to uncover just how worried you should be and lays out the simple steps you can take right now to reduce your risk. Thankfully, those steps don't include throwing out everything you own and surviving on nothing but hand-woven organic cotton and coconut oil. A healthy life can also be a luxurious life, after all, and in our gift guide (page 108), you'll find smart indulgences for…

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what advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

"Approach each day with confidence. You are more beautiful than you think and more intelligent than you realize." —Michelle C., via Facebook "Avoid the sun at all costs!" —Rhonda P., via Facebook "Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Even the bravest sometimes need a helping hand or listening ear." —@stylinstar53 "As you get older, being weird is cool and even celebrated. Relax and enjoy life!" —@pettiebage "Dress for you. Wear makeup because you want to, not because a boy might like you more. Be yourself. You are good enough, and if people can't see that, that's their problem!" —Jennifer S., via Facebook "Brush and floss like your teeth depended on it." —Sandi S., via Facebook "It's OK to make mistakes—love yourself first and you will always be good enough." —@simplystephk OUR COVER CELEB SAYS... "Don't take things too seriously. I…

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reboot your breakfast

Never miss out on great food, fitness, beauty and wellness strategies! Scan the cover image above to subscribe to our monthly print and tablet editions for only $12 a year. Eat, Drink and 'Gram 'Tis the season to live it up a little. Share your party snacks, yuletide drinks and holiday fun on Instagram (@healthmagazine) using #holidayswithhealthmag. We'll regram our favorites. Send Holiday Stress Packing Fretting about decorating and finding the perfect gifts? Feel calmer starting now. Follow us on Twitter (@goodhealth) and look for #BanHolidayStress for ways to relax and enjoy the season. Stay Well All Winter Achoo—not you! There's a lot you can do to prevent colds and flu. Fight off seasonal sniffles with the 22 pro-approved tips at health.com/cold-and-flu-prevention. Thanks a Latte! Want to boost the health benefits of your coffee drink? Just add coconut…

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"suddenly life's not so scary"

Her first name means "guidance" in Arabic, but Hoda Kotb's most defining quality might just be resilience. At 51, the Egyptian-American journalist has survived divorce and breast cancer, not to mention reporting on war zones and natural disasters. While millions tune in to watch her on TV (NBC, 10 a.m. EST), Hoda often looks to others for inspiration. Now she's collected powerful stories about people (some famous, some not) who've found their true callings—and true selves—in a new book, Where We Belong: Journeys That Show Us the Way (out Jan. 5). "I think we've all felt at some point—you don't know if you're on the right path," says Hoda. "It's nice to read about people who changed direction not because of circumstance but because they decided, 'This is the way…

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show your heart some love

Keep that juicy winter citrus coming—it can go a long way toward reducing your heart disease risk. A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people who consumed just one portion or more of vitamin C--rich fruits and veggies a day had a 13 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease and saw their chance of early death go down by 20 percent, compared with those who had fewer than three to four servings a week. It held true even when researchers took into account factors such as weight and cholesterol levels, says study author Børge Nordestgaard, MD, professor of genetic epidemiology at the University of Copenhagen. So slice up a grapefruit at breakfast—your heart will thank you! Keep It Natural Stick to fresh produce for your vitamin C…

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the secret to loving your job

It's exercise! A recent study found that working out can help prevent or reduce job burnout (which explains why going for a run or taking a kickboxing class feels so good after a rough day at the office). In the study, inactive men and women either participated in a cardio or weight-training plan, with a minimum of three 30-minute sessions a week, or continued to be sedentary. After four weeks, both the cardio and resistance groups had less psychological distress—that feeling that you can't cope with your workload—than the control group, as well as a higher sense of personal achievement and pride in their work. "Exercising is beneficial on multiple levels—it lowers stress, increases well-being and directly reduces work burnout," says study co-author Einar B. Thorsteinsson, PhD, associate professor of…