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Health December 2017

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life @ health

Meet... JANET LAWRENCE Senior video producer at Health.com How I unwind over the holidays: Snugglingwith my dogs onmy parents’ couch and reading back issues of magazines. The workout I’ll never enjoy: Anything based on speed! A dream weekend would be: A yoga retreatwith karaoke. There’s nothingmore healing for me than beltingout ’90s hits withmy friends. My favorite video shoot: Interviewing body-positive yogi Jessamyn Stanley. Her strengthwas inspiring! WHO WE’RE FOLLOWING ON INSTA @nutritionstripped “This RD’s playful feed is full of plant-based recipes, like coconut energy balls and matcha baked doughnuts. Cue mouth watering.” —Anthea Levi, assistant editor @moritsummers “I love seeing Morit Summers—who is a personal trainer and has a body type like mine—being a total badass in the gym.” —Julia Naftulin, assistant editor, Health.com @thetraderstable “This feed features incredible-looking recipes made almost entirely with ingredients you can buy at my favorite…

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from the editors

1 “I want this Day Market Tote from Everlane ($165; everlane.com) because it’s the perfect everyday bag: chic and classy but roomy enough for everything I need to go from my son’s preschool to work to the gym.” —Catherine DiBenedetto, features director 2 “I’m a little obsessed with the Canada Goose HyBridge Knit Hoody ($650; canadagoose.com). It’s more than I’ve ever spent on any jacket, but I know it would keep me so warm all winter.” —Jeannie Kim, executive editor 3 “Spinning shoes! They’re something I’ve wanted forever but can’t seem to prioritize to get for myself. If someone would research the best ones, find some that would fit my freakishly narrow feet, and then buy them for me, I would be thrilled.” —Beth Lipton, food director 4 “Living in New York City means I’m nature-deprived,…

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Eat up! Ditch the allor- nothing mentality: “It’s better to have and truly savor a bit of highquality chocolate each day than to deny yourself completely and risk overindulging later,” says Hormes. Craving Chocolate? Don’t Blame Your Hormones Thank culture, not biology, for your PMS hankerings: In a recent study published in the journal PLOS One, researchers found that roughly twice as many U.S.-born women as foreign-born women said they craved chocolate at specific times in their menstrual cycle. It’s possible that American women view their periods as a socially acceptable time to indulge in food that’s otherwise off-limits, says lead study author Julia Hormes, PhD. It’s Time for Power Brows Three steps to full, strong #BossLadyBrows, from Benefit’s global brow expert, Jared Bailey. 1 PLAN YOUR SHAPE Using an ultrafine liner, make three dots: Mark the…

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what i love

AMAZING FACE OIL La Prairie Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil. Your skin soaks it up before you’re pushing other stuff into it, like foundation and powder. It’s, like, a fortune, but it’s this amazing barrier. CLASSIC STYLE I have two pairs of Chanel over-theknee boots with a little heel. One’s suede, one’s leather: burgundy and black. And they’re stunning. FLATTERING WORKOUT WEAR My New Balance black workout leggings that have mesh at the knee. They make me feel feminine, but you can see the lines in your legs that are strong. NEXT-LEVEL TREATMENT I’m a big fan of microneedling. It gets rid of old scars and hyperpigmentation. And it tightens your skin. Ideally I’d like to do it every four months.…

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eat more veggies (at every meal!)

IT’S PROBABLY NOT NEWS to you that eating vegetables is a must for good health. But it can be a struggle to get enough of them. “I encourage people to aim for six half-cup servings per day,” says Sharon Palmer, RDN, author of Plant- Powered for Life. “That means you have to fit in at least a couple of servings at every meal.” The ideas here make it a whole lot easier. BOOST YOUR BREAKFAST See more green first thing with these tricks. MIX SWEET AND SAVORY: Combine shredded zucchini or finely chopped kale or spinach with fruit and stir it into oatmeal. HAVE A VEGGIE INTERMEZZO: Dice red bell pepper and cucumber and eat them as a palate cleanser after breakfast. “Many clients tell me it helps them cut off a sweet tooth,” says Health’s contributing…

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my dream day

@allymisslove 10 a.m. Hit the hot springs in Hakone, Japan. “After working, I get to decompress!” 6:30 a.m. Run in Hyde Park, London. “The Diana Memorial Fountain is beautiful.” 8:30 a.m. Team meeting for Love Squad, a collective that seeks to bring diversity to fitness. “I don’t want anyone to walk into a studio and find it hard to identify with anyone or feel comfortable.” 12 p.m. Fave lunch: Chipotle. “I love Chipotle. I know I am being really basic.” 2 p.m. Hot yoga at Modo Yoga in New York City. “During yoga, I often go through my to-do list in a very thorough way. It helps me work out any kinks. Not really zen, though!” 4 p.m. Manicure from Nails by Mei in New York City. “You always look at your hands while working out,…