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Health January/February 2017

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found! a simple way to slim down

Everything's better personalized. That's why when our sister brand Cooking Light launched its signature meal plan in 2014, it placed users' preferences at its core. The Cooking Light Diet lets subscribers craft their own meal plans using the brand's thousands of nutritious (and delicious) recipes, get daily reminders to stay on track and download printable versions of grocery lists. It's a smarter approach to weight loss—because as any hard-working woman knows, being strategic matters (whether it's in the gym or at the office). I've been lucky to hear inspiring stories from people who have shaped up with the program. I was particularly impressed by Joyce Van Huis. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 60, Joyce was determined to reboot her health through nutrition. So she signed up for the Cooking…

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get down, melt pounds

Never miss out on great food, fitness, beauty and wellness strategies! Scan the cover image above to subscribe to our monthly print and tablet editions for only $12 a year. What Would You Tell Your Younger Self? We asked our editors for the wellness tips they wish they'd known before hitting 30. Check out their hard-won words of wisdom at health.com/tips-for-your-20s. Brunch Made Better Craving a sweet and satisfying breakfast that's also healthy? Good news: It totally exists! Head to health.com/banana-hemp-pancakes to learn how to make a comfort-food morning meal. Hey, Post Your Sneaker Style! Who doesn't love a cute pair of sneakers? Share your fave sporty footwear with us on Instagram (@healthmagazine) using #SneakersxHealth. We'll feature some of our own and regram top kick pics! Fitter by Twitter Now that we've all made our fitness resolutions for…

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go green for speed

Could piling your plate with nitrate-rich greens enhance your athletic performance? In a recent study, cyclists who popped nitrate supplements before doing sprint intervals in low-oxygen conditions increased their proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers (the ones responsible for rapid power moves, like sprinting). Past research has found that nitrate intake can improve endurance as well. Pass the kale chips! Nosh Right Get a boost with spinach, arugula, lettuce, beets and beet greens. LEAF, LEVI BROWN/TRUNK ARCHIVE…

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happy snaps

Want to give your mood a lift? Grab a camera. Computer scientists at the University of California, Irvine, asked students to use smartphones to take one photo every day—of either themselves smiling, something that made them happy or something that they thought would make another person happy (they then sent the picture to that person). The result: All the students felt happier after taking photos. So Snapchat away—it's good for you! 20 Men and women who practiced yogic breathing—a combo of om chanting and rhythmic inhaling and exhaling—for this many minutes had lower levels of cytokines (stress-related markers of inflammation). SOURCE: BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine…

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healthy living made easy

If you love personality quizzes Diet Right for Your Personality Type: The Revolutionary 4-Week Weight-Loss Plan That Works for You by Jen Widerstrom ($26; amazon.com). The Biggest Loser trainer's new book helps you figure out your personality type (are you an Organized Doer or an Everyday Hero?) and ways to leverage it to slim down, stat. If you're juggling 5 million tasks The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life by Hilaria Baldwin ($26; amazon.com). The busy yogi and businesswoman offers clean-eating tips, yoga tutorials, gratitude exercises and more to help you live your fittest life even with a pages-long to-do list. If you're a HIIT addict The Bikini Body 28-Day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide: 200 Recipes and Weekly Menus to Kick Start Your Journey by Kayla…

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a mani with crystal power

OK, we know there's no actual science behind healing crystals. But we still love the new Nails Inc Mindful Manicure collection ($15 each; sephora.com), infused with gemstones like citrine (a gold nude), clear quartz (a pearly topcoat) and rose quartz (a blush-pink polish). While they may not boost your mood or love life, they'll definitely dress up tips and toes. SCAN TO SHOP! SCAN THIS PHOTO TO BUY THE ITEMS ON THIS PAGE (SEE PAGE 4), OR VISIT HEALTH.COM/SHOP-NOW. HAND, GRAEME MONTGOMERY/TRUNK ARCHIVE…