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Health June 2016

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it's all about respect

At the Summer Olympic Games in Rio this August, Alex Morgan and her teammates on the U.S. women's national soccer team will be battling for gold. But here at home, they have been battling for something more core: equal pay for equal work. This spring, five players, including Alex, filed a wage discrimination complaint against the U.S. Soccer Federation on behalf of the team. Their argument is pretty compelling: that they rake in more money for U.S. Soccer than the guys, have higher TV viewership numbers and, oh yeah, are three-time World Cup champions, yet they are paid less than half as much. (The federation disputes the money claims.) The team has also protested their inferior fields. As Alex tells us on page 110, "I feel like the best teams…

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the diet secret you must know

Watch It! Be Fit Like Bey Get buff with a Beyoncé-inspired dance routine. Visit health.com/beyonce-dance to groove along as a hip-hop instructor demos five heart-pumping moves. Share Your Healthy-Eating Brilliance Foodies: We want to see how you plan for clean eating. Follow us on Instagram (@healthmagazine) and share your prep pics using #PreppingWithHealthMag. We'll regram our faves! The Ultimate Sun-Smart Moves Follow us on Twitter (@goodhealth) and look for #SunSafetyWithHealth for tips on keeping your skin protected all summer long. Never miss out on great food, fitness, beauty and wellness strategies! Scan the cover image above to subscribe to our monthly print and tablet editions for only $12 a year. Natural Fixes for a Lagging Libido So you're not feeling revved up for a romp? Stress, depression and other health issues could be to blame. Suss out your…

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ugly food is hot

When it comes to produce, most of us behave like Goldilocks: We want the peppers and peaches that look just right. That pickiness may contribute to the truckloads of food waste generated each year. One effort to reverse the trend: Whole Foods Market has partnered with Imperfect Produce—a startup that delivers misshapen or undersize produce to your door at a low cost—to offer "ugly" fruits and veggies at some of the chain's Northern California locations. Next time you're shopping, remember: As far as nutrition goes, it's what's on the inside that counts! Looks Aren't Everything Oddball tomatoes are just as nutritious as their pageant-worthy cousins—and often more delicious. PRODUCE, ZACHARY ZAVISLAK/TRUNK ARCHIVE…

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a patch for pimples

We're officially obsessed with the CosRX Acne Pimple Master Patch ($5 for 24; sokoglam.com), a tiny disk that comes in three sizes—ranging from pea-size to just smaller than a penny. The patch sits atop a blemish, sucking up the ick and reducing inflammation. "It works like a hydrocolloid bandage, absorbing fluids and sealing out dirt to help speed healing," explains Joshua Zeichner, MD, a dermatologist in New York City. Wash and dry your face before bed, then stick one on. When you remove it in the a.m., you may find that it has turned white—that's the drawn-out contents of the pimple. So gross, but so satisfying. MOMS' AGES Between 2000 and 2014, the average age of first-time mothers rose from 24.9 to 26.3 (an all-time high), according to a recent Vital Statistics…

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miles that matter

When you pair exercise with fundraising, you do twice the good, whether you're striding through 26.2 or spinning gears in a studio (à la Cycle for Survival). But asking for cash can be tricky. Try to connect with potential donors personally: "There is nothing more effective than sending a customized note or sitting down to have a one-on-one conversation," says Katie Klein, director of fundraising events at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. You could also host a bar night or dinner party with an entry fee that goes toward your goal. "This can capture friends who haven't yet donated online," says Olive Isaacs, director of Eventage, an event production and consultation company. Then run or ride your heart out!…

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girls with glasses

Specs might be the hottest accessory of the future: A recent analysis in Ophthalmology predicted that half the world's population will be nearsighted by 2050, up from 23 percent in 2000. Blame the drastic decrease in time spent outdoors (limited sunlight can raise the risk of myopia), along with excessive screen use starting at a younger age, says Kovin Naidoo, PhD, co-author of the study. Be glad for Warby Parker. WOMAN, ONDREA BARBE/TRUNK ARCHIVE…