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Health May 2017

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how do you stay powered up?

This time of year, we all want to pack in fun from morning to night. The challenge is to stay fueled so you can enjoy an early-morning run and still have the pep to meet the girls for after-work drinks. In "Unstoppable Energy" (page 75), experts explain why energy sometimes flags and what to do about it. Anything from an imbalanced diet to a thyroid condition could be to blame. In most cases, though, the solutions are as simple as fresh air, exercise, and diet tweaks. Below, read what our Health staffers do to keep their batteries charged. There's not a single latte in the bunch (though a little coffee is actually healthy—thank you, science). Clare McHugh editor clare@health.com "A good stretch is like magic. I always feel more energized after doing yoga; when…

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create some money magic

The secret to a happier bank account may lie in your mind-set. Most of us have a lot of fear tied to money, says Jen Sincero, author of You Are a Badass at Making Money. "We forget it's a renewable resource," she notes, which keeps us from taking chances. And we're ashamed to admit we want to pad our pockets, which can get in the way of asking more of ourselves and others. For a healthier outlook, replace negative, finite money phrases like "I can't afford it" with positive, empowering ones like "I can afford it because I'm capable and allowed to make as much as I desire." Then push yourself out of your comfort zone: "Get clear on how much you want to earn, and then take a risk,"…

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score a-list arms

Drew Barrymore, star and executive producer of the Netflix zombie show Santa Clarita Diet, recently shed 20 pounds and transformed her figure, but it wasn't eating human flesh that got her there. She worked her weight off at the boutique fitness studio AKT in New York City. One area the 42-year-old mother of two concentrated on: her arms. Becky Anderson, a senior trainer at AKT, uses the triceps blaster at right with the star. "It works the arm muscles to fatigue, and you're forced to hold your core," she says. "Plus, you don't feel like you're bulking up, but rather toning and getting lean." Do it three or four times a week for better arms now. With a medium resistance band hanging from a sturdy surface (such as a weight rack…

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all lathered up

We take our cleansers like we take our lattes—with extra foam. Whipped formulas are fun to use and super moisturizing, and they rinse clean. Cases in point: (1) Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash ($6; at mass retailers) feels frothy and cleanses gently, (2) Nivea Silk Mousse Body Wash ($6; at CVS) is a rich mousse formula, and (3) Treets Traditions Energising Secrets Foaming Shower Gel ($15; ulta .com) packs nourishing tamanu oil. All of them leave skin smooth long after you turn off the faucet.…

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apps that make you happy

Your next mood boost could be right in the palm of your hand, thanks to a slew of new apps designed to bring you joy. Our favorite (free!) picks: Happier(iTunes and Google Play) Get frequent reminders to notice the sunny moments in every day, capture them in the built-in gratitude journal, and feel the love from Happier's positive community. The Happiness Planner(iTunes) This calendar and to-do list puts joy on your schedule by helping you craft goals that will truly make you happier. Daily reflections and gratitude exercises are built in, too. YOU-app(iTunes and Google Play) "Be happier" is a daunting task. Take the pressure off with this app, which offers "micro actions" (sit quietly for two minutes, reach out to a friend) to get you there one baby step at a time. SCAN TO SHOP! SCAN THE…

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crawl for a killer core

Forget crunches; crawling is the way to chiseled abs. All-fours exercise is gaining speed among experts, who tout its functional body benefits, including a stronger core, toned glutes and shoulders, and improved stability. Crawling and other "natural movements"—hanging, squatting, balancing— are a return to our roots. "They're some of the most fundamental movement patterns," says Mayo Clinic physical therapist Danielle Johnson, adding that crawling can maximize mobility and protect against back and shoulder pain. BABY, PLUME CREATIVE/GETTY IMAGES…