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my secrets to a truly happy thanksgiving

Enjoying a fresh Thanksgiving feast is such a great way to kick off the holiday season. Still, if you're like me, stress may come along with all the happy anticipation this time of year. Before you write me off as a killjoy, know that there are plenty of things about Thanksgiving and the holidays that I love. Stuffing may just be my favorite food. And I adore seeing the faces of family from all over the country coming through the door. So this year I will double down on what I like and cut back on what I don't. If you're tired of doing all the shopping and cooking, declare a potluck. Send your guests a friendly email noting that you're providing the turkey and assigning each person another course (salad,…

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how do you curb stress when you're super busy?

"I make myself get up 10 minutes earlier, and I sit quietly while I eat breakfast. A relaxed breakfast is essential for a good day." —Shannon K., via Facebook "Honestly? Sex. When my partner and I are anticipating a hectic day, we set the alarm for an hour earlier and make the connection a priority. It totally sets the mood for the whole day." —Tricia R., via Facebook "I practice yoga—60 minutes focusing on my breath and movement, and nothing else." —@navillusgem "Always remember: not your circus, not your monkey. Never take responsibility for a mess that wasn't yours to begin with." —Beth Ann J., via Facebook "I focus on the things I need to do, step-by-step, so they get done. Once I'm finished with that, I throw on some workout clothes, turn on some music and go…

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find your best weight-loss tactic

Never miss out on great food, fitness, beauty and wellness strategies! Scan the cover image above to subscribe to our monthly print and tablet editions for only $12 a year. This Veggie Is Sweet! Sweet potatoes should be on every Thanksgiving menu. They're packed with vitamins A and C, plus provide calcium, potassium and iron. Whip up one of the 25 easy recipes at health.com/sweet-potato. Tweet Off That Tummy Beat holiday weight gain by starting a belly-sculpting routine now. Follow us on Twitter (@goodhealth) and look for #FlatAbsForFall to learn fun, slimming moves—no crunches necessary! Post Your Pose Why not say om? We're celebrating yoga all month. Share a snap of yourself in a pose with us on Instagram (@healthmagazine) using #YogaForHealthMag. We'll regram our favorites! 4 Sleep Killers, Solved If you're tossing and turning every night, the…

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who's taking care of you?

I do so much for my family that I have almost no time and energy left for me. How can I add myself to the list? Everyone knows that old saying about putting on your own oxygen mask before you help others, but guilt and worry can hold you back. Yet chances are you're shouldering responsibilities you don't need to, so you're more in control of having a break than you think. Your first order is to off-load a bit. Go through your day, considering your typical to-dos. Perhaps your oldest child can help the younger one get ready for bed, say, or your husband can handle laundry duty once a week. If it's hard to let go, reality-check yourself: So what if someone doesn't do it exactly like I do? Will…

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avoid the new diet trap

Just because a treat is front and center at your gym's juice bar doesn't mean it's a calorie free-for-all. In fact, new findings in the Journal of Marketing Research suggest that people trying to lose pounds who snack on fitness-branded foods end up noshing more and exercising less. In the study, 144 weight-concerned folks were asked to taste identical trail mix snacks—some labeled "fitness," others not. Afterward, they worked out on a stationary bike for as long as they wanted. Those who tried the "fitness" snack ate more and spent less time on the bike than those who ate the other version. Why? Dieters tend to mistake foods associated with fitness as substitutes for physical activity, explains study co-author Jörg Königstorfer, PhD. Studies show that people also often overestimate the…

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surprise: cat vids are good for you

Mewsic to our ears—finally, there's research that justifies our Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub obsessions. According to a recent study in the journal Computers and Human Behavior, watching cat videos really can make us happier. Researchers surveyed nearly 7,000 Internet users and found that after viewing kitty vids, folks reported feeling more content, hopeful and energized. The caveat: "People who watched cat videos to procrastinate did experience guilt," says study author Jessica Gall Myrick, PhD, assistant professor at Indiana University. But the pleasure they gained from the video often outweighed any remorse. So check out that cat sliding into a box—even if you should be doing something else, you'll feel better. Say no to sex stress You've heard over and over again that having more sex is good for your relationship. But…