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Health October 2017

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eating well— and loving it!

I can’t officially have a favorite issue of Health—it would be like picking a favorite child. But we love food around here, as you see every month in our lush recipe pages. In this, our second annual Food Issue, we bring our passion for eating well to every section, from our cover story on Top Chef host and author Padma Lakshmi on page 96 (she shares her best on-the-go recipes, detox tips, and more) to the latest ways to incorporate superfoods into your beauty routine (page 33) to an in-depth report on anti-inflammatory diets (page 91). Even your pet’s food gets a closer look (page 86). As for the recipes, along with easy, tasty, and good-for-you comfort foods (page 102) and creative ideas to take canned pumpkin way beyond pie (page…

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Power Up Your Smoothie Getting protein into your to-go cup is a smart move, says Health’s contributing nutrition editor, Cynthia Sass, RD. “Eating protein helps you feel fuller longer,” she says. “Protein can also help slow the digestion of carbs, resulting in lower and steadier blood sugar levels.” But if a heaping scoop of chalky protein powder doesn’t sound so appetizing, no big deal— there are tons of tasty whole-food sources you can use instead. The options at right blend well with fruits and veggies, says Sass. REAL-FOOD PROTEIN BOOSTS 2% cottage cheese (15g per ½ cup) Plain 2% Greek yogurt (23g protein per cup) Plain low-fat kefir (12g per cup) Pumpkin seeds (10g per ¼ cup) Sprouted watermelon seeds (10g per ¼ cup) Great northern beans (8g per ½ cup) SPRITZ FIX There’s a Mist for That Short on time?…

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“it is so amazing to be unique”

The biggest lesson I’ve learned from ballet is… To be patient. We spend so much of our time as dancers in the studio training and a very small portion of time actually onstage. So I think it has taught me to not feel like I need to get somewhere fast. Just enjoy what is happening now and be present. The workout move I swear by is… Doing a plank. It strengthens your mind over matter by [forcing you] to hold yourself in a position for a long period of time. I started working with a trainer recently, and he will trick me and tell me it’s been one minute when it’s been two minutes, and I’m like, “Why are you doing this to me?!” My gym pet peeve is… When I see people with their…

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what i love

GO-TO BINGE WATCH Chewing Gumis a great series on Netflix. Picture a skinny, English Leslie Jones. She lives in the projects, and it’s so funny. It’s really out there. You laugh your ass off. SKIN-SAVING PRODUCTS One thing modeling and being on TV and film sets have taught me is how to travel with all my amenities. It’s like a military operation. EltaMD is a great sunblock, and I like Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum. I like Christine Chin products, specifically the Daily Renewal Refinishing Serum. I also love the exfoliating mask from Tracie Martyn. BEDSIDE READING Bad Feminist [by Roxane Gay]. I know I’m late to the table on that one, but……

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be your own personal trainer

THERE ARE PLENTY of perks to having a personal trainer. But even fitness pros admit it’s not impossible to get in shape sans supervision. “You know your workout preferences, personality, and body better than anyone else,” says Gunnar Peterson, a celebrity trainer and the chief training officer for the fitness streaming service gymGO. Follow these essentials to get a trainer-tier sweat at every workout. DO A SELFCONSULTATION Start by getting clear about your aims, says fitness and wellness expert David Kirsch, owner of Madison Square Club in New York City. GO FOR MINI GOALS Set intentions you can measure in the short term, like “I want to run three times this week.” BUILD A SCHEDULE Plug every workout and rest day into your phone, with alerts. LOG EVERYTHING Jot down a few notes about how your workout went when…

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is your skin freaking out?

WHETHER YOU’RE overloaded at work or dealing with the kids, ongoing stress takes a toll on your complexion. It triggers adrenal glands to amp up cortisol production, which over time can cause skin inflammation. And during crazy stretches, you’re less likely to eat or sleep well, which doesn’t help. External stress from the environment is another culprit. Luckily, there are simple solutions. THE SYMPTOM/ Dryness Chronically high levels of cortisol can dehydrate your skin, explains Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. External elements (like cold, dry air) can further break down the skin barrier, making it easier for your skin’s natural moisture to escape, adds Chicago dermatologist Jordan Carqueville, MD. FAST FIX: Two words: hyaluronic acid. The powerhouse ingredient attracts moisture to the skin—it can hold up to…