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Health September 2016

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beauty breakthroughs to make your days brighter

One of life's small pleasures is finding beauty products that make you look great and feel confident. That's why I always look forward to learning which ones earned spots in our Health Beauty Awards. Our mission with the awards, now in their 18th year, is to guide you to the game changers—those makeup, hair, nail, fragrance, skin and oral care offerings that are innovative and deliver real results. You'll be glad to hear that everything we recommend is tested by experts, including dermatologists, celeb hair and makeup artists, bloggers and vloggers, as well as our own beauty director, Ilana Blitzer. We'll admit it: Our experts are picky. Out of nearly 200 finalists this year, only 51 made our "best" list. "What makes a product a standout is when it goes above and…

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the perks of a strong core

Get a Morning Boost Love smoothies and iced coffee? Your mornings just got more rewarding. Check out health.com/wakeup-smoothie for an easy recipe that brings the two together in one seriously delicious sip. Are You Too Obsessed with Fruit? Of course, a healthy diet includes plenty of fresh fruit. But is it possible to overdo it on apples, pears, grapes, etc.? To figure out exactly how much of this naturally sweet food you should snack on daily, check out health.com/too-much-fruit. #HealthMagFitFall Want to get in peak form before the holidays arrive? Follow us on Twitter (@goodhealth) and look for the hashtag #HealthMagFitFall to find streamlined workouts that will keep you lean for the rest of '16. Post Your Farmers Market Meals There's nothing quite like fresh late-summer produce! Show us the healthy ways you cook up seasonal foods…

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go red before bed

You've heard that late-night exposure to blue light, like the glow from your tech devices, can wreck your sleep. (Shed a tear for all those hours spent scrolling through Instagram under the covers.) But on the flip side, red light may help you catch your z's more easily, according to sleep psychologist Michael Breus, PhD, author of the new book The Power of When. "The theory is that red light aids melatonin production," he explains—the hormone naturally makes you feel drowsier. No bordello vibe necessary: You can buy red spectrum bulbs, which minimize blue light wavelengths and maximize red ones without reading as rosy-colored. Try Lighting Science's Good Night Biological LED Lamp ($35; lsgc.com). Hue Got It Do: Red light. Don't: Red sheets. (Bedbugs gravitate toward the color, per a recent study…

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skin savers that grow on trees

You might not think of pine as a natural fit for your face (unlike, say, flowers). But it turns out that these hardy trees have amazing antioxidant powers, giving them the ability to withstand the harshest environmental conditions—and making their oils and extracts perfectly suited to preserving and protecting skin. IXXI Sublixime Anti-Ageing Absolute Serum ($110; millspharmacy.com) A trio of pine bark, pine seed oil and pine needle extract shields skin from free radicals and restores radiance. (All IXXI products tap their power from pine.) Kiehl's Targeted Complex Facial Concentrate ($95; at select Kiehl's stores) Kiehl's new Apothecary Preparations service lets you customize the concentrate by mixing in two complexes targeted to your skin concerns. The Brightening Complex, with vitamin C and Scotch pine extract, helps prevent dullness. Korres Black Pine Firming Antiwrinkle Night Cream…

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mindful workout

A strong body without a strong mind—fuhgettaboutit! That's why a bunch of new workouts, including Equinox's HeadStrong, Holly Rilinger's Lifted and Asphalt Green's AG6, are aimed at waking up your noggin and making your sweat session more purposeful. How? By pairing traditional exercises with sensory stimuli (colors, scents, floors that light up) or even meditation to help you concentrate on your workout and not your daily stresses. The benefits: "First, you better ensure correct movement, reducing the likelihood of injury and ingraining good movement into your brain's wiring," explains HeadStrong co-creator Michael Gervais. "And by bringing attention to your internal physical feelings, you also help your brain learn to focus on a task." 9 OUT OF 10 The portion of people who get anxious when their phone's battery dips below 20 percent¸…

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getting smart about antibiotics

Hold the Rx: Roughly a third of antibiotics prescribed at doctor's offices, emergency rooms and clinics in 2010 and 2011 were unnecessary, according to a recent study published in JAMA. Misusing these meds (taking them when you don't need them or not finishing the entire course) contributes to antibiotic resistance, explains Holly Phillips, MD, a general internist in New York City. And proper use isn't as simple as skipping them for viral infections and downing them for bacterial ones: Even some bacterial infections (sinus and ear included) will clear up without an Rx. The new thinking on which illnesses need antibiotics and which don't: Always needed Strep throat Urinary tract infection It depends Laryngitis: It's usually caused by a virus, but severe laryngitis is sometimes due to bacteria (such as strep). Pneumonia: In adults, the…