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Health September 2017

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master the brown bag lunch

Trust me—I know that rushed mornings make packing lunch every day no easy task. But the key to bringing, not buying, your midday meals lies in planning ahead. For help, read our “Bowl, Salad, Sammy!” feature (page 122) and sign up for the 21-Day Healthy Lunch Challenge at health.com/healthy-lunch-challenge. Just get a few simple ingredients ready on the weekend and you’ll be set to brown-bag balanced lunches during the week. I may be partial, but I think our picks will be better for you (and your wallet!) than your standard takeout order. Below, Health staffers share their favorite meals to bring to work, plus the strategies they rely on to make packing lunch a breeze. clare@health.com“My husband doubles whatever he’s making us for dinner (usually chicken, salmon, or steak and a…

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go on, have some dessert

Smoothie Bowl Bliss In a breakfast rut? We’re loving refreshing smoothie bowls. Nutrient-rich, they’ll power you up for the day ahead. Learn how to make a yummy one at health .com/acai-bowl. ’Gram Your Grains Ace Those Goals! WOMEN WITH ICE CREAM, GEORGIJEVIC/GETTY IMAGES; BARLEY, DORLING KINDERSLEY/GETTY IMAGES; WOMAN EATING APPLE, DARDESPOT/GETTY IMAGES; SMOOTHIE BOWL, MIZINA/GETTY IMAGES; WOMAN LIFTING WEIGHTS, HERO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES…

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Quick Pic Gramming your pizza is way easier (and more fun!) than tracking your eating habits in a traditional food journal. Instagram Yourself Slim Posting pics of your mermaid latte is good for more than food porn. When people documented their diets on Instagram with the hashtag #foodjournal, it helped them stay motivated and stick to their weight loss goals, a new study found. HAPPY BELLY THIS FRUIT IS PRETENDING TO BE MEAT Raw jackfruit tastes like a cross between a banana and a mango. Cooked, it’s a delish sub for meat in all your favorite dishes (and a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C, says nutritionist Julieanna Hever, RD). Brands like Upton’s Naturals and The Jackfruit Company sell the Southeast Asian fruit seasoned to look and taste like pulled pork. To DIY, season…

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“ body positive is a choice”

I work out because… You feel amazing afterward. You’re going to achieve something. You’re going to feel accomplished. I de fine body positivity as… Making the decision to love your body for more than what it just looks like and appreciating it for all that it does for you. My go-to self-care move is… The mirror challenge—looking in the mirror and picking out five things you love about yourself that aren’t physical. So, “I’m loyal” or “I’m creative.” Then pick five things you love about your body in terms of its abilities. For instance, “I’m grateful for my hands because I love to sketch.” It really does make you think, “Wow, I’m just so grateful to even have a healthy, able body.” My girl crushes are… Michelle Obama and Serena Williams. I get my thick skin from… My journey…

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get zen in a hurry

MEDITATION FOR THE MODERN WOMAN You’ve heard all about the health benefits of practicing mindfulness: It can help reduce stress and may even aid weight loss. But how are you ever supposed to squeeze it in? The key is to quit thinking of it as a chore, says Rohan Gunatillake, author ofModernMindfulness and creator of the app Buddhify. Approach it in a fun way that fits your lifestyle, he says. Follow these how-tos to get calmer fast. PICK A GO-TO MOVE You don’t have to escape to a quiet room, says Gunatillake. Practice a core meditation technique that you can apply anywhere, anytime. OBSERVE YOUR BODY Ask yourself, “What physical awareness can I pick up on?” “Think about your feet on the ground, your hand on your coffee cup,” suggests Gunatillake. FOCUS ON ONE THING Choose an…

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what i love

JEANS THAT FIT “Khloé Kardashian sent me those Good American jeans, and they’re kind of amazing.” EASY MAKEUP “C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve is always in my bag.” DREAM HAIR PRODUCTS “I created the line I wished I had [Flawless by Gabrielle Union]. Textured hair needs more moisture.” WEARABLE STYLE “My New York & Company line is literally what I wear: a mix of off-duty model and tomboy chic. It takes you anywhere from a red carpet to a workout.” SCAN TO SHOP!SCAN THIS PHOTO TO BUY THE ITEMS ON THIS PAGE (SEE PAGE 12), OR VISIT HEALTH.COM/ SHOP-NOW.…