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Healthy Food Guide

November 2021

Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine that makes it easy for anyone to make healthy eating choices. Every issue contains practical advice from expert dieticians and nutritionists, dozens of tips and ideas to help consumers and those with special diets choose the right products at the supermarket. Plus a month’s worth of healthy recipes, all with a complete nutritional analysis showing kilojoules, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sodium and more.

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Are you a meal prepper and menu planner, or do you meet our definition of ‘5pm panic’ when the dreaded ‘what’s for dinner?’ conversation starts? I’ll admit I’m a little from column A, a little from column B. But, when I do take the time to plan meals for the week ahead, my eating habits are always so much better — not to mention the savings on my grocery bill! If you have been struggling with the lack of routine that comes with another week of lockdown and home-schooling, our weekly meal plan on page 90 could be just the thing you need. It’s balanced, realistic and seriously tasty, full of quick and easy recipes from the issue, as well as snacks and treats so you won’t go hungry. Give it…

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why you can trust australian healthy food guide

Healthy Food Guide (HFG) magazine is your complete guide to healthy eating. Our recipes use easy-to-find, affordable ingredients. Cook with HFG and you’ll always enjoy a nutritious meal. We give unbiased opinions and are not affiliated with any food manufacturers. All branded food in HFG has been approved by our dietitians. Advertisers cannot influence editorial content. You can trust our advice. All our health information is supported by solid scientific evidence, not media fanfare. We smooth out any confusion caused by ‘pseudoscientists’. Dietitians review all our articles so they’re always accurate with up-to-date information. A full list of references is also available on request. Every recipe in Healthy Food Guide is healthy Our recipe writers work with qualified dietitians to develop all our meals. A nutritional analysis is provided for every recipe. We test each…

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Family support The September issue of HFG was perfectly timed for me. After receiving the sad news of a family member’s cancer diagnosis, I didn’t have to search far and wide for the information I needed. I simply picked up the latest issue of my favourite magazine and found exactly what I was looking for. I’ve since purchased a second copy of the magazine and have posted it to other family members with a few notations, so we can all support one another as best as possible. Thank you HFG for intuitively making an incredibly hard time just a little easier for us all. John Stratton, ACT Dinner winners Your ‘5pm panic’ recipes are a real lifesaver. When I come home late and get asked, “What’s for dinner?” I just pull out a couple…

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letter of the month

Priceless practical tips I’m writing to let you know how much I appreciated your fantastic article, ‘How to eat well during cancer treatment.’ I’m recovering from breast cancer, having gone through five months of gruelling chemotherapy. I identified with six of the common side effects of treatment mentioned, and wish I’d had the solutions you describe earlier, but better late than never! Your suggestions are concise and informative, and particularly useful when pain is involved in cancer treatment. The article is an invaluable resource for both patient and family/carer when planning meals, as the patient can describe their side-effect symptoms and food can be adjusted accordingly. The September 2021 issue of HFG magazine is definitely a keeper! Maria Birse, SA…

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win! zip top reusable containers

Write to us at ‘Your say’ for your chance to win a set of eight Zip Top reusable food storage bags, valued at $249.95. Made from 100 per cent platinum silicone, they stand up, stay open and zip shut, so you don’t need lids. The set includes three sizes of cups, three sizes for dishes and two sizes for snacks or sandwiches. They can also be used in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. www.ziptop.com.au ❋ Congratulations to Maria Birse, this month’s Your say winner, who wins a Grove Avocado Oil salad gift set valued at $135. Have your say at healthyfood.com and click WIN, or write to us at Locked Bag 5555, St Leonards NSW 1590…

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news bites

71% The percentage of Aussie kids who aren’t eating enough good-quality carbs. These are filling, high-fibre foods, such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, that don’t cause sharp fluctuations in blood sugar levels. PLOS ONE WORLD DIABETES DAY 14 November 2021 The number of people living with diabetes has almost doubled in the last forty years, to 8.5 per cent worldwide. The good news is diabetes is manageable with healthy dietary and lifestyle changes. To mark this day of international awareness, enjoy one of our diabetes-friendly recipes — there are 11 to choose from in this issue! Just look for the ‘diabetes-friendly’ tick beneath recipe names. www.worlddiabetesday.org SEA OF RELIEF If you get migraines, eating oily fish could ease your pain. A US study revealed a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids, found…