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Healthy Food Guide October 2019

Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine that makes it easy for anyone to make healthy eating choices. Every issue contains practical advice from expert dieticians and nutritionists, dozens of tips and ideas to help consumers and those with special diets choose the right products at the supermarket. Plus a month’s worth of healthy recipes, all with a complete nutritional analysis showing kilojoules, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sodium and more.

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Did you know there are around 50,000 products on supermarket shelves? That’s 40,000 more than were sitting there in the 1990s. It’s no wonder grocery shopping can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. At HFG, our team of dietitians is very familiar with our local supermarket. We spend hours walking the aisles, scanning food labels in search of healthy new products to recommend to you, our readers. And at this time of year we’re exceptionally busy. Next month we announce the 2019 Healthy Food Guide Award winners. This requires hours and hours of work, sifting through hundreds of entries as well as searching high and low in stores for the healthiest products across 12 major categories. Our dietitian, Melissa, snapped 1700 photos of products on her phone in just…

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why you can trust australian healthy food guide

Healthy Food Guide (HFG) magazine is your complete guide to healthy eating. Our recipes use easy-to-find, affordable ingredients. Cook with HFG, and you’ll always enjoy a nutritious meal. We give unbiased opinions and are not affiliated with any food manufacturers. All branded food in HFG has been approved by our dietitians. Advertisers cannot influence editorial content. You can trust our advice. All our health information is supported by solid scientific evidence, not media fanfare. We smooth out any confusion caused by ‘pseudoscientists’. Dietitians review all our articles so that they’re always accurate and up-to-date. We also publish our references in the magazine and online at healthyfoodguide.com.au EVERY RECIPE IN HEALTHY FOOD GUIDE IS HEALTHY Our recipe writers work with qualified dietitians to develop all our meals. A nutritional analysis is provided for every recipe. We…

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Australian Healthy Food Guide @hfgaustralia #cookwithhfg hfgaustralia @HFGAustralia Fresh new ideas My trusty HFG never lets me down. I noticed a new vegie in the shops called ‘fioretto’. I picked it up twice, but was a bit apprehensive to try it. Then, to my surprise, I noticed the fioretto recipe feature in your July, 2019 issue. Now I can’t wait to try it and add it to my dinners! Elle Bousles, ACT From the heart I was immediately drawn to the August, 2019 cover story on the Female Heart Attack. I hadn’t even put the shopping away before I had the mag in my hand to read! It’s an issue we need to promote for women, particularly as we seem to think our risk is reduced simply because we are female. Yet women, just like men, can develop…

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The Biome Good To Go Glass & Bamboo Reusable Container range features high-quality airtight silicone seals for keeping food fresh, sustainable bamboo lids and borosilicate glass bases that are safe in microwaves, freezers, ovens and dishwashers. These versatile containers are ideal for leftovers, lunch, snacks and takeaway. For more waste-free solutions, visit www.biome.com.au Have your say at healthyfoodguide.com.au and click WIN, or send to Locked Bag 5555, St Leonards NSW 1590 * Congratulations to Gloria Velleley of NSW — our winner this month — who has won a Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer valued at $100.00. Note: ‘Your say’ letters may be edited for length and content.…

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ROOM WITH A VIEW Being able to see green trees from your bedroom window can reduce unhealthy cravings, research shows. A new UK study has found people with access to private or community gardens — or with 25 per cent ‘green’ views from their homes — experience reduced cravings for snacks, alcohol and tobacco. Health & Place, 2019 YOGHURT LOVES YOUR GUTS! Men who eat at least two serves of yoghurt a week may be at lower risk of developing bowel cancer, a long-term survey reports. It found yoghurt eaters had 26 per cent lower risk of developing pre-cancerous growths compared to non-yoghurt eaters. Gut, 2019 Got 10 minutes? People who do 10 to 59 minutes of exercise a week have an 18 per cent lower risk of death over 10 years than couch potatoes. And…

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Q I’ve recently been diagnosed with IBS and started on a low-FODMAP diet. Do you have any tips on enjoying onion flavour in a FODMAP-friendly way? Janice B, NSW Three in four people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms improve on a low-FODMAP diet — so relief is quite likely. Onion is one of the most common IBS triggers, but going without can be tricky. So try these handy tips for all the flavour — minus the uncomfortable symptoms! 1 Instead of finely dicing an onion to sauté in oil for a stir-fry, use large chunks of onion that you can remove before eating. The onion flavour will infuse into the oil — but leave out onions’ fructans compounds. 2 Similarly, add whole onions while cooking water-based dishes like soups and stews, but remove them before…