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Healthy Food Guide November 2019

Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine that makes it easy for anyone to make healthy eating choices. Every issue contains practical advice from expert dieticians and nutritionists, dozens of tips and ideas to help consumers and those with special diets choose the right products at the supermarket. Plus a month’s worth of healthy recipes, all with a complete nutritional analysis showing kilojoules, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sodium and more.

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I’ve always loved the idea of a fresh start — the first day of the week, the start of a new season … it’s a chance to turn over a new leaf. As a kid, I would count down the days until the summer holidays, and then, once the hot weather arrived, I’d long for cosy winter mornings. Oh, and you bet, I've already got my hands on a 2020 diary! You might notice this month Healthy Food Guide has had a little ‘refresh’ of its own! Our amazing team has been working hard to breathe new life into every page, without dramatically changing the magazine you know and love. We hope you like the change as much as we do! And what a jam-packed issue we have for you! Let’s kick…

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why you can trust australian healthy food guide

Healthy Food Guide (HFG) magazine is your complete guide to healthy eating. Our recipes use easy-to-find, affordable ingredients. Cook with HFG, and you’ll always enjoy a nutritious meal. We give unbiased opinions and are not affiliated with any food manufacturers. All branded food in HFG has been approved by our dietitians. Advertisers cannot influence editorial content. You can trust our advice. All our health information is supported by solid scientific evidence, not media fanfare. We smooth out any confusion caused by ‘pseudoscientists’. Dietitians review all our articles so that they’re always accurate and up-to-date. We also publish our references in the magazine and online at healthyfoodguide.com.au Every recipe in Healthy Food Guide is healthy Our recipe writers work with qualified dietitians to develop all our meals. A nutritional analysis is provided for every recipe. We…

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healthy food guide

EDITORIAL TEAM Group Editor — Health & Food Titles Andrea Duvall Editor Brooke Delfino, Dietitian (APD), BSc (Nutrition) (Hons), BAppSc (Ex&SpSc) editor@healthyfoodguide.com.au Dietitian Melissa Meier (APD), M Nutr Diet, BAppSc (Ex&SpSc) Art Director Nerida Shield Subeditor Dan Winter Digital/Social Media Coordinator Elly Glendenning Contributors Olivia Andrews, Julz Beresford, Niki Bezzant, Jo Bridgford, Dixie Elliot, Karen Fittall, Annette Forest, Chrissy Freer, Melanie Jenkins, Amanda Lennon, Vanessa Levis, Jane Martin, Sarah Mayoh, Phil Mundy, Mark O’Meara, Sally Parker, Louise Pickford, Kerrie Ray, Julie Renouf, Tracy Rutherford, Ian Wallace Contributing dietitians Tracy Kelly, Joanna McMillan, Catherine Saxelby ADVERTISING SALES National Advertising Manager — Health & Food Titles Melissa Fernley, (02) 9901 6191 mfernley@nextmedia.com.au Advertising Manager Bianca Rampal, (02) 9901 6327 brampal@nextmedia.com.au Advertising Manager (VIC) Claire Mullins, 0433 796 247 cmullins@nextmedia.com.au Production Manager Peter Ryman Production & Digital Services Manager Jonathan Bishop International Licensing and Syndication Phil Ryan,…

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your say

LETTER OF THE MONTH Your April 2019 cover story ‘Cure constipation’ caught my eye. As a proud male too fearful to front up to the GP, I thought this was the answer to my prayers, and I was not disappointed. Your article helped me address a long-standing issue, and encouraged me to get to the GP, where I used the article to open a long overdue discussion. I also urged the GP to have the magazine in the waiting room. Thanks HFG, you have yourself a new reader! J. White, NSW Smart swaps I read and experimented with a suggestion from your ‘Vegetarian smart swaps’ article, substituting smashed red kidney beans for meat in a bolognese sauce. It worked beautifully. We always stock cans of kidney beans. I’m happy we got plant protein…

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win! new bento lunch box

Innovative brand Zoku has just released its new Food To Go range. And to celebrate, Zoku is gifting five lucky winners a Neat Bento lunch box valued at $59.95 — available in blue or pink. Neat Bento adjusts to fit a wide range of school lunch ideas. Its compact design and the soft-touch handle make it easy to carry or fit in a backpack. For more information, visit zokuaustralia.com.au * Congratulations to J. White of NSW — this month’s winner — who has won a set of Biome Good to Go Glass & Bamboo reusable containers valued at $104.75. Have your say at healthyfoodguide.com.au and click WIN, or send to Locked Bag 5555, St Leonards NSW 1590 Note: ‘Your say’ letters may be edited for length and content.…

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news bites

Eggs are back! In a major shift, the Heart Foundation no longer recommends a limit on the number of eggs healthy Australians can eat, but still advises that people who have type 2 diabetes, heart disease or high cholesterol should consume fewer than seven per week. For new guidelines on dairy consumption too, turn to page 88. Heart Foundation, 2019 32% That’s on average how much of their weekly food budget Aussies spend on fast food. NobleOak, 2019 NEW PRODUCT alert! Promoted as a ‘moisturiser for your mouth’, Swirlit ($4.95) is a world-first oral health drink, developed by an Australian dentist. It’s a sugar-free, pH-neutral botanical tea-based drink that helps reduce the risk of dental decay, erosion and tooth loss. Plus, it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and hydrated! Beans beat beef! It’s official — eating more…