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Healthy Food Guide June 2016

Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine that makes it easy for anyone to make healthy eating choices. Every issue contains practical advice from expert dieticians and nutritionists, dozens of tips and ideas to help consumers and those with special diets choose the right products at the supermarket. Plus a month’s worth of healthy recipes, all with a complete nutritional analysis showing kilojoules, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sodium and more.

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Our cover story on sugar this month challenges all of us to open our pantries and look for where high levels of sugar are hiding in our packaged foods and condiments. Yes, we’re talking about your tomato sauce! (You’re likely to find that your favourite brand is made up of 50 per cent sugar.) It’s not the only culprit, either. Your favourite breakfast cereal, savoury dip and even pasta sauce may also be a highly sweetened choice. Let’s be clear, we’re not suggesting that we should remove all sugar from our diet. Moderation is the sensible and sustainable way to enjoy life-long healthy eating. But what is worth changing are the savoury tomato pasta sauces brimming with teaspoons of hidden sugar. So full marks to Dolmio pasta sauces, whose parent company recently…

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what healthy food guide can do for you

•Healthy Food Guide (HFG) magazine is your complete guide to healthy eating. • HFG recipes use easy-to-find, affordable ingredients, so you can enjoy healthy meals every day. Cook with HFG, and you’ll always enjoy fresh food that excites your taste buds. •HFG recipe writers develop all our meals in collaboration with qualified dietitians, so you’ll see a nutrition analysis alongside every recipe. All our recipes are in line with Australian Dietary Guidelines. We also test each recipe twice to ensure it works and tastes great! • You can trust our advice. All our health information is supported by solid scientific evidence — we don’t look to media fanfare or celebrity endorsements. •Dietitians review all our stories, and we cite all our references in the magazine and online at healthyfoodguide.com.au • Any branded food in HFG…

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Break the binge The article on binge eating, ‘When food rules you’ was fantastic. (April 2016). Explaining the different causes and how to beat it has helped in my daily recovery of eating bad foods. Brooke Chin, QLD Food inspiration Five years ago my friend introduced me to HFG, and now we are both dietitians. I absolutely love HFG! It keeps me up to date and gives me multiple ideas and inspiration. I really appreciate the current focus on the vegetarian meals as I am often asked about this. Thanks HFG, really looking forward to the next issue! Elleni Vassilakoglou, VIC Shopping smarts I found the article ‘Are you being tricked into shopping badly?’ (May 2016) really interesting. It made me more aware of what the shops do in terms of advertising, and I now make a…

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Have your say about what you’ve seen in this issue and you could win three smart kitchen tools from Australian kitchenware brand, Savannah: the 3–in–1 pastry wheel, magnetic bottle opener and apple corer. Each tool comes with a minimum 5-year guarantee. For more information, visit: www.vgminternational.com.au * Congratulations to this month’s winner – Brooke Chin from QLD – who has won a Lyndey Milan bakeware price pack worth more than $270! Have your say at healthyfoodguide.com.auand click WIN, or send to Locked Bag 5555, St Leonards NSW 1590…

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news bites

Freakshake freak-out! You may have seen some devilishly decadent milkshakes around town, layered with indulgent toppings such as iced doughnuts, whipped cream, chocolate fudge and even caramelised bacon. We’ve done the maths for you and worked out that in one monster shake, you’ll gobble down approximately 6500kJ (1600cal). That’s nearly your whole day’s intake, along with more than 30 teaspoons of sugar. And did we mention it would take about 5½ hours of walking to burn it all off? Yikes! FoodWorks nutrition software, 2012 Cut the FAT Most of us know that fast food is loaded with unhealthy ingredients, but alarming new research has found that it’s hiding something else — industrial chemicals. Eating fast food is linked to consuming higher levels of phthalates, a chemical substance used in plastics and soap. High levels have been…

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5 things to know about type 2 diabetes

'Being overweight & inactive increases your risk' Every five minutes in Australia, one person is diagnosed with diabetes. That’s 280 people every day. Type 1 is an auto-immune disease that can’t be prevented. But you can more than halve your risk of developing type 2 diabetes — which makes up 85 per cent of all cases — through physical activity and healthy eating. Read on: 1 Diabetes is a progressive disease It’s a condition that develops slowly. By the time someone is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, their body has already lost more than half its cells that produce the hormone insulin (which helps to convert carbs into energy), resulting in raised blood glucose levels that lead to diabetes. Initially, it can often be managed with regular activity and eating well but, over time,…