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Healthy Food Guide September 1, 2015

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Healthy Food Guide is a monthly magazine that makes it easy for anyone to make healthy eating choices. Every issue contains practical advice from expert dieticians and nutritionists, dozens of tips and ideas to help consumers and those with special diets choose the right products at the supermarket. Plus a month’s worth of healthy recipes, all with a complete nutritional analysis showing kilojoules, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sodium and more.

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A couple of weeks ago, I was flicking through some cookbooks and relishing the thought of my lazy weekend ahead. I’d been waiting for just such a chance to do some leisurely baking, but when I scanned the recipes, my enthusiasm dissolved into disappointment. The meals looked so delicious, but many of them used vegetables only as token decorations. As this month’s cover story explains on p32, eating a bounty of colourful vegetables is a recipe for a long, healthy life. That’s why every Healthy Food Guide meal provides at least two of your five daily vegie serves. But how much is a serve? Is it a cup, a handful or whatever lands on your plate? That’s where our free poster comes in handy. To help you eat well, we’re giving you…

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Over cooking, but loving it! I love this little magazine. I love its size and the many wonderful recipes I can choose to cook. My daughter is gluten intolerant, so I was pleased to see the number of meals I can make when she comes to visit. I am 81 years young and, I have to admit, am over cooking, but I can usually find something in your lovely magazine to get the juices flowing. Keep up the good work. Dorothy Karman, ACT Important support The feature that has meant the most to me was about bowel cancer (June 2015). My husband is overcoming this, dare I say, pain in the butt of a disease. I found your article plain speaking and informative. Thank you. Sherine Whitten, VIC Ladies who lunch right! Lunch at work has been…

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Cravings, behave! We weren’t born craving chips and chocolate, but long-term eating patterns cause the brain to form pathways that feed our food addictions, making these unhealthy habits hard to break. The good news from scientists is that we can retrain our brains to favour healthy foods. When people ate well and took part in behavioural training for a US study, MRI scans revealed that after six months, their brain circuits had radically switched, leaving them with a stronger preference for healthy food and less interest in junk food. So if you’ve been making poor food choices for years, take heart — you can make lasting positive changes in months! Nutrition & Diabetes, 2015 FOLLOW YOUR NOSE Tantalising cooking aromas might smell more amazing to you than they do to others. Your nose has roughly six…

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You’ve no doubt heard celebrities raving about the health benefits of the alkaline diet. So what does this way of eating actually involve? The basic concept is that the foods we eat should reflect the slightly alkaline pH of our blood. In theory, if we eat alkaline foods most of the time, we can improve the pH values in our bodies, and therefore our health: We’ll lose weight, enjoy more energy and ward off a raft of diseases. Alkaline-diet devotees claim that the body struggles to keep its pH in balance when our diets contain too many acid-producing foods, so they recommend that we limit such foods or eliminate them altogether. (People on this diet use litmus paper to monitor the pH values of their urine, which reflects any dietary changes.) Q Which…

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Feel like you’re pushing a wobbly shopping trolley up and down the aisles more than ever? That’s because you probably are. A decade ago, we shopped once a week, but the average Aussie is now making up to three supermarket visits a week, or roughly 135 trips a year. Why? According to research, we’re heading back to the shops multiple times to buy fresh veg. That’s very good news when you consider the importance of fruit and veg for our long-term health. In fact, in global communities where people live to a ripe old age, 95 per cent of their diets are fruit and veg. To find out how to turn all that trolley steering to your advantage and slow ageing, turn to p32.…

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EAT FRESH NOW! In-season fruit and veg taste the best and cost less. Pop these picks on your shopping list today! Asparagus Pumpkin Rockmelon Hass avocado Shallots Pineapple Asparagus Lemons Artichokes Mandarins Chilli DID YOU KNOW? Three out of four Aussies need to eat more of these! Chickpeas and other fibre-rich legumes, such as beans and lentils, add satisfying bulk to meals and help lower blood pressure. And you can pick up a can of health-boosting legumes for less than $1! (Try our tasty lentil-packed lunches on p74and p75!)…