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cannabis museum opens in vegas

When Nevada voters approved recreational cannabis use in the Silver State in 2016, you knew Las Vegas would go big. Sure enough, the Strip did not disappoint, as dispensaries opened and exposed connoisseurs and novices alike to the best genetics the state had to offer. Now a new attraction has come to Las Vegas, the Cannabition Cannabis Museum. This immersive experience boasts enormous buds and bongs as well as a slide that drops guests into a giant pool of nugs. But it’s the museum’s unique installations that truly make Cannabition worth a visit, as attendees can get a better sense of the history of pot—as well as cannabis culture—through photographic and interactive displays. Among the many sights to see, Cannabition is fiittingly displaying Hunter S. Thompson’s 1973 Chevy Caprice, nicknamed the…

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drawn out

CANNABIS WAS MADE illegal in this country 81 years ago. This occurred, in large part, due to the efforts of one obsessed man, Harry Anslinger. His demonization of marijuana played on society’s fears involving race, sex and madness. While deeply disturbing, the propaganda Anslinger churned out was unquestionably effective. The narrative he created to get the plant banned (and keep it banned) remains with us to this day in people’s perceptions of pot. For some, that’s never going to change. It’s why certain powerful people continue to work to undo the progress of marijuana-law reform that’s been earned in increments over decades. It’s why nationwide legalization always feels just out of reach even though it’s never been more attainable. Anslinger’s depiction of marijuana lends itself perfectly to comic books, which are always…

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RESTORE THE VIBES I could go on for days and days about how politicians, the people that “know more than the rest of us” are uneducated buffoons. By “uneducated,” I simply mean they don’t make themselves familiar with the topics they are creating legislation for. Pushing out small, passionate growers (the true connoisseurs) could be detrimental to the quality of cannabis in the future. Cannabis could easily end up like tobacco, with the adding of chemicals to make production cheaper. It could quite literally ruin the plant. Small mom and pop shops are what keep big business somewhat honest, forcing them to maintain quality (since quality is the only reason the small shops survive). It is also our responsibility (as people who love cannabis) to stand up for the plant. Providing more accurate…

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contact high

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the gray revolution

KRISTEN BELL ON WEED! BOOMERS LIKE CANNABIS. We know, from multiple studies on the subject, that Americans over 50 are enjoying the green in increasing numbers, but we don’t yet know precisely how this growing demographic is influencing the marijuana industry or policy. In one study, researchers from New York University’s Division of Geriatric Medicine and Palliative Care analyzed drug-survey responses from more than 17,000 American adults over 50 years old. They found that around 9 percent of codgers between 50 and 64 used marijuana in the past year, while 3 percent over 65 blazed (or, more likely, munched). A 2013 survey reported that 1.4 percent of those 65 and older had consumed cheeba in the previous year. In other words, the number of older users doubled in less than four years. The…

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understanding terpenes

PINENE This terpene, found in the oils of pine trees and a number of herbs like rosemary, is a bronchodilator, meaning it allows for larger inhalations, making it ideal for treating asthma. Pinene easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and has shown potential for increasing alertness, focus and memory retention. It also counters the short-term memory issues associated with pot. These qualities suggest it could be useful in the clinical treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to its pine aroma, this terpene is easy to identify in cannabis strains. MYRCENE In addition to cannabis, myrcene is found in hops, lemongrass, mango and thyme. Myrcene is best known for its sedative effect—it’s what contributes to the “couchlock” or body-buzz feeling of certain strains. It’s myrcene’s interactions with cannabinoids that are of interest. The terpene acts as…