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Highlights High Five February 2018

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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thinking of others

Despite the cold temperatures, February is a great month to keep spreading and sharing the warmth, cheer, and love of the winter holidays. With Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of focus on hearts. And all these hearts can lead to rich conversations with your child regarding how we care about others and what we do for them. Sometimes this can mean taking care of a sibling or doing something kind for a new friend. In this month’s Tex and Indi story, “Hearts for Valentine’s Day” (pages 6–9), Tex is too sick to go to a friend’s Valentine’s Day party. Indi thoughtfully takes home an extra goody bag and a card she made just for Tex, demonstrating empathy and kindness. In “A Valentine for Scooter” (pages 26–30), Scooter helps out a new friend…

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hearts for valentine’s day

“What are you doing with that giant pile of clothes?” asked Tex. “Kate’s Valentine’s Day party is today,” said Indi. “The invitation says to wear something red.” “I wish I could go,” said Tex. “I wish you could, too,” said Indi. “But you can’t go to a party when you’re sick.” “Welcome!” said Kate as she opened the door. “You’re just in time for our Hide the Heart game.” Layla took the first turn hiding the toy heart. Emily was the first to search for it. “Hotter!” the friends cheered as Emily stepped closer to the hidden heart. “Colder!” they yelled when she got farther away. After everyone had a turn, they made valentine cards, heart-shaped rings, and flower heart necklaces. “Did you have fun at the party?” Tex asked when Indi came home. “Yes, and guess what,” said Indi. “I…

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two bens

Two Bens, who are friends, own shops on opposite sides of the street. Tall Ben bakes breads and cakes. Small Ben makes tacos with meat. Tall Ben’s shop has an itty-bitty sign, with little letters that are hard to see. Small Ben’s shop has a great big sign, with letters large as can be. Now, folks like tall Ben’s bakery. They like his breads and cakes. But only those who know he’s there come to buy the things he bakes. “I need more customers,” tall Ben sighed. “I want folks who are passing through.” So tall Ben talked to small Ben, and they decided what to do. The very next day, a sign maker came to change tall Ben’s bakery sign and make all the letters big enough for those passing by to find. “Hooray!” for tall Ben’s breads and cakes. “Hooray!” for…

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rocking robots

Have you heard of the land of the Rocking Robots, where they boogie in purple polka-dot socks? They rotate their heads from left to right and loosen their elbows—oh, what a sight! Their noisemakers buzz with a quirky tune. They twist and rock, but pretty soon, their robot batteries are running low. They sink to the floor and go soooo slow. Then they go to sleep with funny beep, beeps in the land of the Rocking Robots. How many polka-dot socks do you see? How many robots do you see? What shapes do you see?…

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exploring art at the museum

Bebo and Juan were visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. They stood in a room with big paintings. One canvas was blue. “What is that?” asked Bebo. “Es el mar,” said Juan. “Yes, it could be the sea, or it could be the sky,” said Bebo. Then Bebo pointed to another painting. It was all white. “What about that one?” he asked. “Es la nieve,” said Juan. “Yes, it could be snow, or it could be a cloudy sky,” said Bebo. They strolled to another room where one painting had stripes and colors. “What is that?” asked Bebo. “Es una ciudad,” said Juan. “Yes, a city. That makes sense,” said Bebo. After they left the museum, the two friends went to Bebo’s apartment and got out paper, paint, and paintbrushes. Bebo painted his paper blue like the first…

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a valentine for scooter

Scooter loved cats. He played with cats. He took catnaps with cats. He even sent them birthday cards. “Dogs do not like cats!” barked Scooter’s neighbor Rocky. The next day, Scooter scooted away, all the way to cat-sitting school. There, he learned how to take care of cats. When he graduated from cat-sitting school, he posted flyers— SCOOTER, THE CAT-SITTING DOG I sit. I stay. I come when I’m called. Soon, he was hired to care for a kitten named Lily. On Valentine’s Day, Lily set a card outside Scooter’s house. “Cats do not like dogs!” Rocky barked. Lily hissed. Rocky growled. Lily scampered up a tree. The noise woke Scooter. He wanted to scoot away, but Lily needed him. “This dog loves cats,” he called up to her. “This cat loves dogs,” she replied. Rocky was amazed. Lily purred. Rocky wagged his tail. Lily skittered down the tree. Scooter smiled. What a happy Valentine’s…