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Highlights High Five April 2018

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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1 min.
patterns all around

Recently, I attended a webinar about math in the preschool classroom, and I learned something that really surprised me: of all the different math components—including numbers, arithmetic, geometry, measurement, patterns, and composite numbers—young children’s math knowledge is weakest in patterns. Luckily, it’s easy to find or make patterns. This month, the poem puzzle “What Pattern Are You Wearing?” (pages 16–17) describes four children with patterned clothing. Read the poem through with your child and then talk about the patterns he or she sees in the illustration. (The scene includes more than just clothing patterns!) Then you might talk about the dance patterns that Doña Rosa and her friends make in “Let’s Dance” (pages 20–23). Or perhaps your child is ready to act out a movement pattern like the one in “Bunny…

1 min.
up in a tree

Tex and Indi were playing in their backyard when they noticed a brand-new soccer ball. “Where did this come from?” said Indi. “I don’t know,” said Tex, giving it a kick. “Good one, Tex,” said Indi, kicking it back. But her kick was harder than she thought. “Yikes!” she squeaked. “I kicked it into the tree by accident!” “Hmm,” said Tex. “How are we going to get it down?” Just then, their mom and big sister came outside. “Have you seen my new soccer ball?” asked Arizona. The twins pointed to the tree. “We didn’t mean to,” they said. “Uh-oh,” said Arizona. “How are we going to get it down?” “We could get the ladder from the garage,” suggested Indi. “I’ll help carry it,” said Tex. As they were talking, two playful squirrels scampered up the tree and shook the branches. The ball…

1 min.
carly the caterpillar wants to fly

“Can you teach me how to fly, Dot?” asked Carly, a little green caterpillar. “I think you need wings, Carly,” said her ladybug friend Dot. “But try climbing on that rock and jumping off.” Carly did. But instead of flying, she slid in front of Mr. Snail. “Sorry, Mr. Snail,” said Carly. “Let’s try something taller, like this plant,” said Dot. Carly climbed up the plant. As she reached the top, the leaf broke off. “Whee!” she called. “I’m flying!” But, with a bump, she hit the ground. “Oof.” “Sorry, Carly.” Dot sighed. “I don’t know how to help you fly.” Tired and disappointed, Carly wrapped herself in a special blanket of silk and went to sleep. In her chrysalis, she dreamed of having wings that would open and close. When she woke up, Mrs. Worm was looking…

1 min.
let’s dance

Meet Doña Rosa! She lives in Miami and, like many of her friends, she speaks Spanish AND English. One day, Doña Rosa received a flyer in the mail. “What is it?” asked her friend Mary. “¡Un baile!” said Doña Rosa. “A dance?” said Lucy. “But I can’t dance!” “Sí puedes,” said Doña Rosa. “¡Vamos!” That night, Doña Rosa and her friends put on their fancy clothes and hats and headed to the ballroom. When they arrived, the place was busy. The band was playing lively music, but nobody was dancing! “¡Vamos!” said Doña Rosa. She led Mary and Lucy to the dance floor. Everyone was looking at them. “Muevan la cabeza,” said Doña Rosa. Lucy and Mary moved their heads. “Muevan los pies,” said Doña Rosa. Lucy and Mary moved their feet. They were having so much fun! Soon, everyone joined…

1 min.
a surprise ride

“Anthony, Kevin,” said Mom, “time to get into the car.” “Where are we going?” asked Anthony. “We’re going on a special ride,” said Mom. “What kind of ride?” asked Kevin. “It’s a surprise,” said Mom. “Will you give us a hint?” asked Anthony. Mom thought for a moment. “You’ll see a lot of water,” she said. “Is it scary?” asked Kevin. “Well, Anthony thought it was scary when he was two. Now he thinks it’s fun,” answered Mom. Both boys tried to think what it could be. “Please tell us,” begged Anthony. “You’ll see,” she said. They drove up to a big building. “Here we are!” said Mom. “It’s the car wash!” the boys shouted together. Mom smiled. As they went through the car wash, the boys laughed. “I remember when this was scary,” said Anthony. “But it’s not anymore!” “This is a great ride!” said Kevin.…

1 min.
space goggles

You Need • Scissors• Egg carton• Paintbrush• Paint• Glue• Pompoms• Chenille stems 1. Cut out two connecting egg cups from an egg carton. 2. Adult: Cut the bottom out from each egg cup. (You may need a sharp knife or adult scissors.) 3. Paint the egg cups. Let dry. 4. Glue pompoms to the egg cups. Let dry completely. 5. Adult: Use the scissors to make two small holes in opposite sides of the egg cups. 6. Insert the chenille stems into the holes so that at least 1 inch sticks through. Fold that piece over and twist it around the rest of the stem. 7. Put on your goggles. Bend the ends of the chenille stems so they fit around your ears.…