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Highlights High Five August 2016

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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1 min.
what’s silly? what’s not?

When we photograph the adult and child looking at High Five, which you see below, we always ask the adult to turn to page 18. Why? Because as soon as everyone spots something silly, smiles appear! When you talk with your child about this month’s “That’s Silly! ” you might ask: Is it silly that a woman is riding an elephant down the street? You bet. Is it silly that someone’s house has large polka dots? Maybe, but maybe not. The person who owns the house might like them. So for that home owner, it’s not silly. A little door at the base of a tree might be silly. But if your child has seen the little “fairy doors” that some people put in their gardens, it might not be so…

1 min.
the great onion search

Grandma Hen and her little helper, Chica-Chick, were in the kitchen. They were ready to make dinner. “Chica-Chick, could you please go to the garden and bring me an onion?” asked Grandma Hen. “All you have to do is pull up on the plant.” “¡Sí!” said Chica-Chick as she went out to the garden. On one side of the garden, Chica-Chick saw plants full of peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes. On the other side, she saw plants that had only leaves. Which one was the onion plant? She had no clue! Chica-Chick pulled one plant, and out came a carrot! “¡Es una zanahoria!” she said. She pulled another plant, and out came a turnip! “¡Es un nabo!” she said. She pulled a third plant, and out came potatoes! “¡Son papas!” she said. Finally, when she pulled up a fourth plant,…

1 min.
it’s hard to wait

“What are you two doing?” asked Arizona. Tex quickly covered up something. “It’s a secret,” said Indi. “You have to wait for your birthday to find out!” “You’ll never guess!” said Tex. “Hmm,” said Arizona. She smiled. “If I do, will you tell me now?” “OK,” said Indi. “But you’ll never guess!” “Let’s see,” said Arizona. “Is it a rainbow-colored rabbit?” “No,” said Tex. “Is it the world’s smallest elephant?” “Nope,” said Indi. “I give up,” said Arizona. “May I please open it now?” “You have to wait!” Tex and Indi said at the exact same time. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday came and went. On Monday, it was Arizona’s birthday. Finally, she could open the special secret present. “We made you a collage!” said Tex. “With photos and drawings of fun things we did together this year,” said Indi. “I love it!”…

1 min.
bo’s gloomy day

Things were not looking bright for Bo. It was such a gloomy day. On his morning walk, Bo met his friend Dash. “Good morning, Bo. Do you want to come fishing with me?” asked Dash. “It doesn’t look like a good day for fishing,” replied Bo. He walked a little farther down the road and saw his friend Hugh. “Hi, Bo,” said Hugh. “It’s such a nice day. Let’s go swimming.” “Thanks, but it looks as if it’s about to rain. I’m heading home,” said Bo. When he reached his house, Bo muttered, “It’s so dark, I can hardly see the steps.” Then bump! His foot slipped and Bo rolled down the stairs. Bu-bump! Bu-bump! Bu-bump! Sitting on the ground, Bo looked around. Suddenly, everything looked bright. Then he saw his sunglasses. He picked them up and thought,…

1 min.
too many tomatoes

“Wow!” said Miki. “We have lots of tomatoes.” “Let’s share them with our neighbors,” said Mom. She handed Miki a big basket full of tomatoes. Miki and her mom went into the apartment building. Miki rang the bell at the Henrys’ apartment. When Mrs. Henry opened the door, Miki said, “Could you use some tomatoes?” “Yes, I could use a few to make some salsa,” said Mrs. Henry. “Thanks.” They climbed the stairs and rang the bell at the Jacksons’ apartment. When Mr. Jackson opened the door, Miki asked, “Could you use some tomatoes?” “Sure, I’ll fry up these green ones.” They went down the hall and rang the bell at the Parkers’ apartment. When Mrs. Parker opened the door, Miki said, “Could you use some tomatoes?” “What beautiful tomatoes,” said Mrs. Parker. “I’ll add these to the…

1 min.
look who reads high five !™

Koko is an adult gorilla who enjoys hearing books and magazines read aloud. She’s been reading High Five since we started making it 10 years ago. Koko has lived with Dr. “Penny” Patterson since Koko was a baby, when the gorilla’s mother could not take care of her. Dr. Penny began teaching Koko sign language when she was very young. She now uses more than 1,000 signs to communicate with her human friends. In addition to those friends, Koko has had many pet cats over the years. Koko is very gentle with her little friends. Here’s how to say “love” in American Sign Language: make two fists and cross your arms over your chest. Photos of Koko by Ron Cohn/Gorilla Foundation/koko.org; background art by iStock/vvvisual; photo of child by iStock/Lokibaho…