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Highlights High Five March 2019

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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1 min.
embrace the music

I recently played Raffi’s “Down by the Bay” for my young daughter. The pick was a nostalgic one for me, but we both enjoyed moving to the music. We’ve included a lot of musical features this month. In the English/Spanish story, “Let’s Make Music” (pages 20–23), a new guitar inspires friends to make maracas so they can all jam together. Kitchen items turn into instruments in the poem puzzle “Kitchen Rock ’n’ Roll” (pages 16–17). The craft, “Paper Cup Drums” (pages 34–35), merges music with a bit of science—how does the sound change if the cups are big or little, full size or cut in half? Whether you sing or play an instrument, have fun making music this month! Sincerely, We love to hear from you! eds@highlights.com…

1 min.
different kinds of twins

“Welcome to karate, Little Dragons!” said Mr. Jax. “We’ll be learning some new moves today, so watch closely.” Indi tried to watch Mr. Jax, but she was distracted by the two girls in front of her. They looked exactly the same. After class, Indi introduced herself to the girls. “Wow, you must be twins!” she said. “Yes, we’re identical twins,” said one of the girls. “I’m Casey. This is Lucy.” “Neat,” said Indi. “My brother and I are twins too!” “You can’t be twins,” said Miles. “Tex doesn’t look like you, Indi.” “Only identical twins look alike,” said Lucy. “But there are lots of twins who look different.” “If you have the same mom and you were born on the same day, then you’re twins,” said Tex. “Tyler and I don’t have the same mom,” said Eli. “But…

1 min.
making syrup

At the end of winter, when the nights are cold and the days begin to warm, it is time to tap our maple tree. Mom drills a hole into the tree for the shiny silver spile. The sap begins to drip like a leaky faucet. We hang a bucket underneath the spile to catch the sap. I catch a clear drop on my fingertip. It looks like water and tastes only a tiny bit sweet. When the nights turn warmer, the drips stop. We take the spile out and put it away for next year. Fresh bark will grow over the hole. Mom pours all the sap we collected into a big pot over a fire. The sap boils all day long, until it is almost gone. The air smells sweet. The sap turns thick…

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let’s make music

“Look at what I brought,” said Mary when she arrived at Doña Rosa’s house. “¡Una guitarra!” said Doña Rosa. Mary strummed a few chords. “I wish I had an instrument so we could play together,” said Lucy. “¡Podemos hacer maracas!” said Doña Rosa. “How do we make maracas?” asked Lucy. Doña Rosa led Lucy and Mary to the kitchen. “Necesitamos cucharas de plástico,” she said. “Here are the plastic spoons,” said Mary. “What else do we need?” Doña Rosa opened a drawer. “Necesitamos huevos de plástico.” “Here are the plastic eggs,” said Lucy. “What else do we need?” “Necesitamos arroz.” Doña Rosa set out a bag of rice. Doña Rosa, Mary, and Lucy spooned rice into the plastic eggs. Then they placed two spoons around each egg and taped them together. “We did it! We made maracas,” said Lucy. “Let’s play together,” said…

1 min.
our little blue car

Grandpa is giving us his big red car. Mom says we’ll give our little blue car to another family. I feel sad. Our little blue car is special. Once, I found a nickel under a mat. “What if one of my toys is lost under the seat?” I ask Mom. “You can check under all the seats,” she says. I find another nickel. “Nothing else under there.” Mom has an idea. We take our little blue car to the car wash. Inside the car wash, we find a place to sit. Mom says, “Wait for a surprise.” Here comes our little blue car! It is getting a shower. We take our clean little blue car home. “Our car is ready for its new family,” Mom says. I hide the nickel under the seat. “Don’t you want to put the nickel…

1 min.
maple-sesame sweet potatoes

Before You Begin Wash your hands. You Need • 2 medium-sized sweet potatoes• ¼ cup vanilla almond milk• ¼ cup maple syrup• ½ teaspoon tahini (sesame seed paste)• ¼ teaspoon salt Adult: Wash, peel, and dice the sweet potatoes. In a large pot, cook potatoes in boiling water until soft, then drain. Transfer potatoes to a large bowl and let cool. 1. Mash the sweet potatoes until soft. 2. Add the almond milk, maple syrup, and tahini. Stir until combined. 3. Sprinkle with salt.…