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Highlights High Five August 2019

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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1 min.
why is it silly?

When I talk with young children—especially those I’m meeting for the first time—I like to ask them a silly question to break the ice: Did you drive here in a banana? Is there a giraffe on my head? It might take a few tries, but I usually get some giggles. Silliness is a great way to connect with young children not only because the sound of their laughter is delightful, but also because questions like those can lead to smart discussions. This is what we like to do in High Five with the puzzle “That’s Silly.” Children find the sillies, but then the conversation can grow: Why do you think that’s silly? Is that silly to everyone or just us? This encourages children to use their critical-thinking skills and to articulate…

1 min.
the tall and the small

Tex and Indi were going on a hike with Niko’s family to see the giant redwood trees. “Are the giant redwood trees as tall as an elephant?” asked Tex. “Taller!” said Niko’s mom. “Are they as tall as a giraffe?” asked Indi. “Taller,” said Niko’s mom. “Look up and see for yourselves!” The kids looked up and up . . . and up. “Whoa,” said Niko. “How did they get so huge?” “Well,” said Niko’s mom, “redwood trees can grow 10 feet every year and they can live to be 2,000 years old.” Just then, Niko’s little sister, Annie, squealed, “Look!” She gently touched a teeny-tiny insect, and it rolled up into a ball. “Hey!” said Niko. “That bug just did a magic trick!” “It’s a roly-poly,” said Tex. “I learned about those in my bug book.” “This is the best…

1 min.
five little piggies and one lemonade stand

The first little piggy went to market and bought lemons. The second little piggy dragged a table from her garage. The third little piggy pulled out a tablecloth from his closet. The fourth little piggy made a “Lemonade” banner. The fifth little piggy collected cups from his kitchen. The piggies put up a lemonade stand with a table, tablecloth, banner, cups, and lemonade. Little Red Riding Hood stopped by. “I’m on my way to Granny’s house, and I’m thirsty,” she said. The Gingerbread Boy ran to the table. “Quick!” he said. “May I have some lemonade?” Goldilocks hurried out of a house. “That lemonade looks just right,” she said, and she drank the whole cup. “Ahem,” said the Wolf. “I’d like some lemonade, please.” The five little piggies ran, wee, wee, wee, all the way home.…

1 min.
claire the big kid

“I’m ready to be a big kid,” announced Claire one morning. “OK,” said Mama. “What big-kid thing can you do at the store?” “I want to push the cart, Mama,” declared Claire. “I’m Claire the Big Kid.” When they arrived home, it was snack time. “May I make the snack?” asked Claire. “Yes, let’s make it together,” said Mama. “I’m Claire the Big Kid,” said Claire as she cut a banana. After that, it was time for Petunia’s walk. “Mama, may I walk Petunia?” asked Claire. “Of course,” said Mama. Claire grinned. “I’m Claire the Big Kid.” That night, at bedtime, Mama tucked Claire into bed. “I love you, my little sweet pea.” “No,” said Claire. “You love me big sweet pea.” She wiggled under the blanket. “I’m Claire the Big Kid.”…

1 min.
cold soup for a hot day

Grandma Hen and Chica-Chick looked at the fresh vegetables from their garden. “What should we make with these vegetables?” asked Grandma Hen. “¡Gazpacho!” said Chica-Chick. “A cold soup! That’s perfect for a hot day,” said Grandma Hen. “First, we need tomatoes,” said Grandma Hen. “Aquí están los tomates,” said Chica-Chick. Grandma Hen thought for a moment. “Now we need a green pepper.” “Aquí está el pimiento verde,” said Chica-Chick. “Now we need a cucumber,” said Grandma Hen. “Aquí está el pepino,” said Chica-Chick. Grandma Hen chopped the ingredients and put them into the blender. Then she added a few more ingredients and put the gazpacho into the refrigerator. As Grandma Hen and Chica-Chick cleaned the kitchen, Chica-Chick kept glancing at the fridge. She couldn’t wait to try the soup! Finally, the gazpacho was cold enough. Grandma Hen poured some into a mug. “¡Qué…

1 min.
double bubble wand

You Need • Plastic water bottle • Chenille stems • Scissors • Ribbon • Bubble solution 1 Twist together four chenille stems to make the wand handle. 2 Wrap part of the handle around the neck of the water bottle. Twist it to secure. 3 Cut several lengths of ribbon. 4 Tie the ribbons to the wand. Experiment! What happens when you dip the large end into bubble solution and gently blow into the small end? Or when you dip the small end and blow into the large end?…