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Highlights High Five November 2019

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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help them become helpers

Children have a natural desire to help. They get excited to sweep the floor or feed a pet. But with busy lives, adults can find it challenging to slow down and allow time for this kind of positive behavior, even when we know we should. Yet it’s this kind of time and patience that helps children grow into helpers. Two stories this month feature helping. A young girl prepares food for her baby brother in “Sweet Potatoes for Benny” (pages 20–23). In the English/Spanish story (pages 26–29), Chica-Chick assists in a community event. These characters show that there are many ways to pitch in. How does your child like to help? Sincerely, We love to hear from you! eds@highlights.com…

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no monsters here

“‘And then the fluffy green monster brushed his teeth and went to bed,’” read Mom. “Just like you two are going to do right now.” “That’s my new favorite book!” said Indi. “Mine too,” said Tex. But that night, Tex couldn’t sleep. “There’s a weird noise in my room. What if the fluffy monster is real?” “Monsters are just make-believe,” said Dad. “Let’s go together to see what’s making that noise.” Mom looked under the bed. “No monsters here.” Dad looked in the closet. “No monsters here.” Tex saw a lump by his dresser. He took a deep breath and walked up to it. “No monsters here either,” he said. “It’s just my teddy bear Bo.” Then they all heard a screechy-scritchy-scratchy sound. “Yikes!” Tex whispered, scooting closer to Dad. “The monster’s right outside our house.” “That’s no monster,” said…

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rice is nice

Rice is nice. Rice in a patty. Rice in a cake. Rice in a roll, covered with crispy paper made of rice. Rice is nice. Rice under vegetables. Rice wrapped in seaweed. Rice swimming in soup. Rice in a cheesy ball, crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside. Rice is nice. Rice pressed into a milky drink. Rice and its good friend, beans. Rice in pudding, freckled with cinnamon. Sticky, steamed, or fried, rice is nice. Photos (clockwise from top): iStock/Getty Images Plus/AlasdairJames; E+/Getty Images/dorioconnell; Getty Images/Foodcollection; Jim Filipski, Guy Cali Associates, Inc.. Photos (clockwise from top): iStock/Getty Images Plus/AlasdairJames; Photolibrary/Getty Images/John E. Kelly; iStock/Getty Images Plus/Ridofranz; iStock/Getty Images Plus/bonchan; iStock/Getty Images Plus/Elena_Danileiko. Photos (clockwise from top): iStock/Getty Images Plus/AlasdairJames; iStock/Getty Images Plus/4kodiak; iStock/Getty Images Plus/AntonioMP…

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sweet potatoes for benny

Benny, Mommy, and I are in the kitchen. Mommy asks, “Would you like to help me make baby food for Benny?” I love helping Mommy in the kitchen. “Yes!” I say. “I think Benny wants cake.” “Benny is too young for cake,” says Mommy. “What else could we make him?” “How about sweet potatoes?” I say. “That’s a great idea,” says Mommy. “And I know orange is your favorite color.” Mommy shows me how to wash the sweet potatoes. They don’t look very orange, but Mommy says they will soon. While Mommy peels and cooks the potatoes, I sing to Benny. He bangs a pot with a spoon. When the sweet potatoes are cool, I help mash them. Now they are orange and squishy. They smell yummy—almost like cake! At the end of his meal, Benny has sweet…

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chica-chick can help

It was a busy day at the Community Center. Everyone was working to prepare a special thank-you meal for the community center helpers. Chica-Chick saw Mrs. Beaver in the kitchen preparing food. “¿Puedo ayudar?” asked Chica-Chick. “Yes, you can help,” said Mrs. Beaver. “You can wash the vegetables.” She gave Chica-Chick a bowl of vegetables and a brush. Next, Chica-Chick went to see her friend Chipmunk, who was setting a table. “¿Puedo ayudar?” asked Chica-Chick. “Of course you can help,” said Chipmunk. “You can add the napkins.” Chica-Chick placed the napkins next to the plates. Then Chica-Chick went to see Mr. Fox. “¿Puedo ayudar?” asked Chica-Chick. “Sure, you can help,” said Mr. Fox. “You can draw on the banner I’m making.” Chica-Chick added lots of drawings. “What colorful pictures!” said Mr. Fox. “Would you like to add some words?” Chica-Chick thought. “‘¡Gracias!’”…