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Highlights High Five December 2018

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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1 min.
creative gifts

During the holidays, I enjoy receiving homemade gifts and notes from the little ones in my family. A few years ago, my seven-year-old nephew sent me a homemade card with a quirky note and some long-legged stick figures. I loved his creativity. In “Making a Special Gift” (pages 20–23), Doña Rosa and her friends write, decorate, and mail poems to their families. I can just imagine the delight those families must have felt when they received these surprises. Your child might be inspired to write and mail a poem, too, or perhaps make the “Pouch Present” craft (pages 34–35). This month, encourage your child to share his or her creative gifts! Sincerely,…

1 min.
winter fun in the city

Poppy and Gran were visiting over winter break. “You kids should have seen your grandmother skiing down the mountain back home in Colorado,” said Poppy. “She was passing everybody!” “I wish we could all go skiing together,” said Indi. “We can’t ski in San Francisco, but I know a fun wintery thing we can do,” said Poppy. “What is it?” Tex and Indi and their sister, Arizona, all asked at once. “It’s a surprise,” whispered Poppy. “But if you bundle up and follow me, you’ll find out.” “Are we going to a show?” asked Indi. “You’ll see,” Poppy said with a smile. “Are we going to a restaurant?” asked Tex. “You’ll see,” Poppy said with an even bigger smile. Just then, their bus pulled up to an outdoor ice rink. “Hey!” Arizona pointed. “Are we going ice-skating?” “You’ll see,” Poppy said with…

1 min.
little bunny and soup weather

It was a cold winter day. Mama said, “This is soup weather.” Papa pulled the big soup kettle from the cabinet. “What kind of soup should I make?” he asked. “I have a cold,” said Grandpa. “Maybe you can make tomato soup. There’s lots of vitamin C in tomatoes.” “Or kale soup,” said Granny. “There’s nothing healthier than kale.” Mama held up a bunch of celery. “I bought this a few days ago. If we make cream of celery soup, we can use it all up.” Little Bunny tugged at Papa’s sleeve. “Papa,” he said, “I know a good soup.” “What soup is that?” Papa asked. “Alphabet soup,” said Little Bunny. “Alphabet soup?” asked Grandpa. “Yes,” said Little Bunny. “With alphabet soup, I can spell out ‘I love you.’” Granny smiled. “Alphabet vegetable soup with love. It doesn’t get any warmer than that!”…

1 min.
making a special gift

Mary and Lucy were visiting their friend Doña Rosa. They made paper snowflakes. Then they baked cookies. Mary asked, “What should we do next?” “Podemos escribir poemas,” said Doña Rosa. “I love writing poems!” said Lucy. “I’ll write one for my mom.” “I’ll write one for my sister,” said Mary. Doña Rosa wrote one for her brother. When they finished writing, Lucy asked, “What else can we do with our poems?” “Podemos hacer dibujos,” said Doña Rosa. “Drawing is a great idea,” said Mary. So Doña Rosa brought out markers and stickers, and the three friends drew colorful pictures. “Now what else can we do?” asked Lucy. “Podemos enviarlos,” said Doña Rosa. “Yes, let’s mail our poems!” said Mary. The friends put their poems into envelopes. Mary wrote her sister’s address. Lucy wrote her mom’s address. Doña Rosa wrote her brother’s address. And everyone added…

1 min.
the bedtime b’s

“It’s time for bed, Brody,” called Brody’s dad. “You know what that means.” “It’s time for the bedtime B’s,” said Brody. “Right—bath, brush, books, and then bed!” replied his dad. Brody hurried inside to start his bedtime B’s. First, he took a bath. Then he brushed his teeth. Next, his dad read him his favorite books. Last, Brody’s dad tucked him into bed. A few minutes later, Brody came out of his room. “What’s wrong, Brody?” asked Brody’s dad. “We forgot a bedtime B,” Brody said. “We did?” Brody’s dad asked. “We forgot to give each other a big bear hug!” said Brody. Brody’s dad walked him back to his room and hugged him. “This is my favorite bedtime B. Good night, Brody.” “Good night, Dad,” said Brody. “Now I can sleep.”…

1 min.
hop, waddle, clop!

1 Bunny hip-hops left and right, left and right, left and right. Bunny hip-hops left and right. 2 Whoa! Bunny STOPS. 3 Ducky waddles back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Ducky waddles back and forth. 4 Whoa! Ducky STOPS. 5 Pony clip-clops up and down, up and down, up and down. Pony clip-clops up and down— 6 Whoops! Pony FLOPS! Animal photos: (bunny) by E+/Getty Images/MediaProduction, (duckling and pony) byiStock/Getty Images Plus/GlobalP, (duck) by iStock/Getty Images Plus/Bob_Eastman…