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Highlights High Five February 2017

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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When I taught pre-K, I was amazed to watch children who didn’t know English learn it in a relatively short time. How I wish it had been as easy for me to learn German in high school! Young children are hardwired to learn language. So each month, we include a story in English and Spanish. This month, Juan Toucan uses Spanish to describe the facial features of the snowbird he and his friend Bebo Bear build in the park. Last month, Spunky Monkey and Pepe Parrot played hide-and-seek and counted in Spanish. And next month, Doña Rosa, our fashionable flamingo, will use Spanish to introduce family members to her friends. As you read these delightful stories, encourage your child to guess the meaning of the Spanish words and phrases before you read…

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down we go !

“I can’t wait to ski straight down the steepest mountain!” said Indi. “Hold your horses,” said Dad. “You can’t race down the steepest mountain the very first time you go skiing.” “Welcome to ski school, my little ski bunnies,” said their teacher, Sierra. “We’re not bunny rabbits,” said a girl wearing a red helmet. “I know,” said Sierra. “I just call my students bunnies because this little mountain we’re learning on is called the bunny hill. It’s not too steep, so it’s perfect for beginners.” Sierra showed the kids how to bend their knees and point their ski tips when they want to stop. Before long, Tex and Indi were skiing down the bunny hill, just like that! When their lesson ended, Dad said, “You two little ski bunnies looked great coming down the slope. Let’s head…

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what’s new?

Felix, Max, and Harriet were visiting Mrs. Mole. “I have a new ball!” said Felix, holding it up. “And look, I have a new jump rope!” said Max. Harriet felt embarrassed. Sad, too. She didn’t have anything new. “I have to go,” she said. Mrs. Mole went outside and asked, “What’s wrong, Harriet?” “I don’t have anything new!” “Of course you do!” said Mrs. Mole. “I do?” said Harriet. “You told me yesterday that you made up a dance,” said Mrs. Mole. “Remember?” “Yes!” Harriet clapped her hands and smiled. “And no one else has seen it, so it’s new!” Harriet and Mrs. Mole went back inside. “I have something new, too!” Harriet said. “Watch! I’ll show you!” Mrs. Mole put on some music and Harriet did her dance for everyone. When Harriet finished, Max said, “What a great dance!” “Would you teach it…

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It was snowing hard in New York City. Bebo and Juan were in the park playing in the snow. “Let’s build a snowman,” said Bebo. “¡Sí!” said Juan. Bebo made a big snowball, and Juan made a small one. Then he put his small ball on top of the big one. “Our snowman needs eyes,” said Bebo. Juan dug in the snow and found two small rocks. “Aquí están los ojos,” he said. Bebo put the rocks on the snowman’s face. “Our snowman needs a nose,” said Bebo. Juan found a pencil in his pocket and put it right under the eyes of the snowman. “Aquí está la nariz,” he said. “It’s all finished,” said Bebo. “It’s the best snowman ever!” But Juan wasn’t finished. He grabbed some pine branches that were on the ground nearby. Then he put two…

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holly’s lantern

It was a windy, rainy night. As she climbed into bed, Holly Hedgehog said, “This is a scary storm, Daddy.” “Would you like me to turn on your lantern?” he asked. “Yes, thanks,” said Holly. She snuggled deep under her blankets and soon fell fast asleep. While Holly slept, some of her friends were out in the storm. Toby Fox saw her lantern and thought, I’ll borrow Holly’s lantern to help me walk safely home. When he got home, he put the lantern on his front porch. Zippy Squirrel was out in the storm, too. She saw the lantern on Toby’s porch and thought, I’ll borrow his lantern and return it in the morning. When Zippy got home, she set the lantern on Holly’s porch, scampered up their tree, and hopped into bed. The next morning, Holly found her…

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mitten matchup

You Need • Scissors• Black construction paper• Variety of colored or patterned paper• Marker• Glue stick Before You Begin Adult: Cut squares from the black paper, all the same size. 1. Fold a piece of colored or patterned paper. Draw a mitten shape on the paper, starting at the fold. Cut out the mitten, then cut along the fold line to make two mittens. 2. Glue each mitten to a black square. Repeat until you have several different pairs of mittens. To play: Place the cards in rows, with the mittens facedown. Take turns flipping over two cards. If the mittens match, keep the pair. If they don’t match, turn them facedown. Play until you’ve found all the pairs. If you play with friends, the player who collects the most mittens wins the game.…