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Highlights High Five February 2019

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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taking pride in skills

Several months ago, the Highlights High Five ™ team tested this month’s craft, “Pretend-Play Hot Cocoa” (pages 34–35) with a group of young children. All the kids enjoyed making the craft, but one little boy, age two and a half, absolutely loved it. In fact, he made six cups of pretend hot cocoas and proudly showed them to his mom. It is a joy to observe children’s pride as they make a craft or develop a skill. In “Who Touched the Poster?” (pages 6–9), Tex and Indi demonstrate a different competency. When they offer to help their sister fix a problem, they show their social-emotional development. Have fun this month celebrating your child’s growing abilities! Sincerely,…

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who touched the poster?

Tex and Indi were playing in the living room while their sister, Arizona, worked on her weather poster for school. “The raindrop gems are almost dry,” said Arizona. “Try not to touch this poster while I get my markers.” Tex and Indi kept playing in their cardboard boxes. “Now I’m driving a fast car through the ocean,” said Indi. “And I’m flying in my helicopter right above you,” said Tex. “Now I’ve got to jump out!” When Arizona returned, she looked at her project. “I told you not to touch my poster,” she said. “We didn’t touch it,” said Tex and Indi. “Meow,” said Charlie, and he hopped onto the sofa. “Look,” said Indi. “Charlie has a gem in his tail.” “Oh, kitty,” said Tex. “That’s one of Arizona’s raindrops.” “I’m sorry I thought it was you,” said Arizona. “Now…

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the right shoes

Chica-Chick had grown since last winter, so Grandma Hen was taking her shopping for new shoes. The store owner measured Chica-Chick’s feet. “Me gustan estas sandalias,” said Chica-Chick, pointing to a pair of sandals. “I also like those sandals, but it is too cold for them. Let’s find shoes that will keep your feet warm,” said Grandma Hen. Chica-Chick held up a shiny red shoe. “Me gustan estos zapatos,” she said. The store owner brought the red shoes in her size. Chica-Chick tried them on, but they were uncomfortable. Then Chica-Chick spied a pair of silver boots. “Me gustan estas botas,” she said. The store owner brought the boots in her size. Chica-Chick tried them on. “¡Son perfectas!” she said. “Yes,” said Grandma Hen. “Those boots are perfect for the winter.” Grandma Hen paid for the boots and Chica-Chick wore them right…

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granny’s best valentine

Little Bunny liked Valentine’s Day. He liked making valentines for his family and friends. He liked delivering them. This valentine was very special. It was for Granny. Little Bunny worked on it all morning. As Little Bunny, Mama Bunny, and Baby Bunny walked to Granny’s house, the sun hid behind a cloud. The sky grew dark. The wind blew. It caught Granny’s valentine and whooshed it into the air. Little Bunny chased after it. But before he could snatch it, the valentine plopped into a puddle. It was ruined! When Little Bunny reached Granny’s house, he told her what had happened. “No valentine,” he said. He blinked back some tears. Granny grinned. “Of course there is a valentine.” “There is?” asked Little Bunny. He checked his pockets. “Where?” “You,” she said. “You are my valentine! And you’re even…

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squeeze your own juice

You Need • 2 or more oranges, peeled and cut in half • 1-gallon zippered plastic bag • Strainer • Cup 1. Put the orange halves into the plastic bag. Push any extra air out of the bag and seal it. 2. Squeeze the bag of orange halves with your hands. 3. When you can see juice, carefully open the seal on one corner of the bag. Place the strainer over the cup, then pour the juice into the cup. Which would give you more juice, a grapefruit or an orange? Why? Before You Begin Wash your hands. What Else? What other fruits could you use to make juice?…