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Highlights High Five January 2016

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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Highlights for Children, Inc.
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hidden pictures ® and more!

Do you remember eagerly turning to our Hidden Pictures puzzles in Highlights magazine when you were a child? The classic black-and-white puzzles have been redesigned for Highlights High Five›. We hide fewer objects and add color, making these puzzles just right for beginning puzzlers. When you solve these puzzles together, you help your child learn how to focus on small details inside the big picture, develop patience and persistence, and experience the satisfaction that comes when he or she finds all the objects. Of course, the puzzles are great fun, too. After you’ve solved the puzzle (pages 10 and 11), use it to help your child develop early literacy skills. Read the poem aloud and ask your child to listen for and identify the rhyming words. Together, hunt for words with…

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what a surprise!

Tex and Indi and their grandparents were spending the day in Golden Gate Park. “We’d like four bikes to ride to the jungle, please,” said Poppy. “Oh, Poppy,” said Indi. “There isn’t a jungle in San Francisco.” “You never know,” said Poppy. “The world is full of surprises if you look hard enough.” They all hopped on their bikes and took off. “Those roller skaters are speedy,” said Gran. “And look,” said Indi, “a baseball game.” “And a police officer on a horse,” said Tex. “Listen,” said Poppy. “Those guitar players sound fantastic.” “We have seen a lot, Poppy,” said Indi. “But we won’t see a jungle.” “You never know,” said Poppy. “Follow me.” They parked their bikes and followed Poppy into the Conservatory of Flowers. “Wow!” said Tex. “I never knew there could be gigantic trees and water inside a house!” “You…

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a day in central park

Bebo Bear was relaxing on the front stoop of his apartment when Juan Toucan flew up to greet him. “¡Bebo, vamos al parque!” said Juan. “Yes, I love the park,” said Bebo. Bebo walked and Juan flew down the street. When they arrived at Central Park, Juan saw the lake. “¡Bebo, vamos al lago!” said Juan. “Wait for me!” said Bebo, who couldn’t run as fast as Juan could fly. When Juan reached the lake, he jumped into a rowboat and said, “¡Bebo, vamos a remar!” “I’m coming!” called Bebo. They rowed all around the lake. When they brought the boat back to the dock, Juan saw a big playground. “¡Bebo, vamos al tobogán!” said Juan as he flew to the slide. But Bebo was tired. It was hard keeping up with his friend. Just then, Bebo saw a…

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all kinds of friends

It’s splendid having friends who are bigger, like my oldest buddy, Carmella. When it’s raining, I run beneath her—she’s really an awesome umbrella! It’s dandy having friends who are taller, like my downstairs pal, Raoul. If something’s too high for me (I’m smaller), he acts like a stepping stool. It’s perfect having friends who are wider, like my neighbor Lemonade. When it’s too sunny, I snuggle beside her where I can enjoy the shade she’s made. It’s super having friends who are hairier, like my playmate Choo-Choo. If suddenly the weather gets chillier, her comfy coat will warm us two. And they love having a friend who’s small, a friend who’s short, a friend who’s skinny, a friend who’s not so hairy at all. They love having a friend . . . who’s me.…

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what do you see?

You Need • Paper-towel tube • Tempera paints • Cork • Colored masking tape • Tacky glue Before You Begin Adult: Cut the paper-towel tube in half. 1. Paint the cardboard tubes. (You could also paint the cork.) Allow the paint to dry completely. 2. Add colored masking tape to the top and bottom of each tube. 3. Use tacky glue to attach the side of the cork to one tube. Hold the cork in place for a few seconds to allow the glue to set. 4. Glue the other cardboard tube to the cork. Hold in place for a few seconds. Set aside and allow the glue to dry completely. Take your pretend binoculars on imaginary adventures. Where will you go? What will you see? Photos by Guy Cali Associates, Inc. Background art by iStock/nattanitphoto…