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Highlights High Five January 2019 + Welcome

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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1 min.
learning who we are

I’m an editor. I’m also a mom, wife, sister, and friend. It’s both fun and a challenge to think of myself from different perspectives. In the story “Who Am I?” (pages 26–29), Isabelle describes who she is based on whom she is with. She is a big sister, a little sister, and a granddaughter. Although she has different roles, all of them together make her Isabelle. In “Growing Up in Pictures” (pages 6–9), Tex and Indi have a hard time believing they were once babies. The time difference between their past and present is a challenge for them, but photos help give them perspective. Have fun this month talking about your child’s many roles and milestones! Sincerely,…

1 min.
growing up in pictures

Tex and Indi’s mom was wrapping a present for her friend’s baby. “Those shoes are so tiny they would fit my doll,” said Indi. “Your feet were this tiny when you were a baby,” said Mom. “Mine too?” asked Tex. “Yours too,” said Mom. “I remember when you guys were brand-new twins,” said their big sister, Arizona. “You both had itsy-bitsy feet and hands and no hair at all!” “We were bald?” Indi giggled. “I don’t believe you.” “Here are some pictures to prove it,” said Mom. “This was your first day home from the hospital.” “We looked funny,” said Tex. Indi pointed at a picture. “Here we are learning to crawl.” “And here we are learning to walk,” said Tex. “Here’s your first birthday party,” said Arizona. Just then, Charlie jumped up. “Hey, Charlie wants to see too!” said Tex with a…

1 min.
reading at the library

Bebo and Juan were visiting the New York Public Library. When they arrived, they saw big lions on either side of the steps. “Look at the lions!” said Bebo. “Me gustan los leones,” said Juan. They entered the library and went right to the Children’s Center. They saw shelves with lots and lots of books. They didn’t know where to start looking! The librarian greeted them. “Welcome to our library,” he said. “May I help you find books you’d like?” “Yes, please. I like books about birds,” said Bebo. “Me gustan los libros de osos,” said Juan. The librarian smiled. He found books about birds for Bebo and books about bears for Juan. “Thanks, I like this one!” said Bebo, picking a book full of pictures. “Gracias, me gusta este libro,” said Juan, picking a story about a brown…

1 min.
fresh water, salt water

You Need • 2 large clear cups• Towel• Warm water• Table salt• Blue food coloring• 2 of many different objects What happens to sinking objects when there is salt in the water? 1. Set the cups on a towel. Pour 1½ cups of warm water into each cup. 2. Add 1/3 cup of salt to one cup to make salt water. Stir until the salt is mixed in. 3. Add a drop of blue food coloring to the other, to tell them apart more easily. Stir. 4. Place two of the same objects in the cups. What happens? Try experimenting with these objects 2 balls of foil 2 plastic toys 2 eggs 2 metal spoons 2 crayons 2 small tomatoes Photos: toy by E+/Getty Images/richardp, spoon by iStock/Getty Images Plus/-slav-, tomato by iStock/Getty Images Plus/Photozek07…

1 min.
fluffy-paint collage

You Need • White glue• Shaving cream• Paper or plastic cups• Food coloring• Paintbrush• White cardstock• Scissors• Paper 1. Mix ½ cup of white glue and ½ cup of shaving cream in a bowl. 2. Pour the mixture into the cups. Add drops of food coloring to each cup and stir. 3. Use the colors to paint the white cardstock. Let dry. 4. Cut shapes out of the painting. 5. Glue the shapes onto the paper. Photos by Jim Filipski, Guy Cali Associates, Inc. Background by iStock/Getty Images Plus/ Vudhikul Ocharoen…