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Highlights High Five July 2017

For beginning readers! The stories and poems, crafts and recipes, puzzles and other activities in this read-only digital version of High Five magazine set children on the path to lifelong learning. Each 36-page issue reinforces reading skills, math skills and other areas of learning, and offers activities that help build self-confidence. Visit Highlights.com to learn more. Ages 2-6.

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1 min.
imagine that

The other day, I sat with four-year-old Ryleigh while visiting a local preschool program. She was matching figures to their outlined shapes on a board. She picked up a plastic green frog. Before setting it down, she placed it into the palm of her hand, stroked its back, and proclaimed, “I have a pet frog!” As many young kids do, Ryleigh took a regular object and turned it into part of her imaginary play. You’ll find more imagination and make-believe at work in this month’s story “Camping at Mount Sofa” (pages 26–29). In this tale, two boys take their imaginary play into the living room and transform the usual furniture into a rustic camp. The boys and Ryleigh find the fantastical in the ordinary. So whether you and your child go camping…

1 min.
seeing new things

Tex and Indi were on a hike with Gran and Poppy in the Colorado mountains. “We don’t see those guys a lot in San Francisco,” Tex said, pointing at some small animals in the distance. “Those are prairie dogs,” said Gran. “Isn’t it fun to find things you don’t often see?” “Hey,” said Indi, giggling, “a raindrop just landed on my nose.” “We’d better head back to our house,” said Poppy. “How come?” asked Tex. “We always walk in the rain at home.” “Sometimes our rain comes with thunder and lightning,” said Poppy. “And it’s better to be indoors when you see the lightning.” “Lightning? We’ve never seen that before,” said Indi. On the drive home, the sky grew darker and darker. Just as they stepped out of the car, the thunder went BOOM, and rain poured down. They…

1 min.
good night!

Doña Rosa’s nephews were having a sleepover at Doña Rosa’s house. And her friend Mary brought shrimp tacos for dinner. After dinner, they played a game of cards. Then Doña Rosa said, “It’s time to get ready for bed, my little nephews.” “And I’ll help,” said Mary. “Gracias,” said Doña Rosa . “That will give me time to clean the kitchen.” Mary helped the boys get ready for bed. After they finished, she said, “Let’s say good night to everything.” “Buenas noches, osito,” said one nephew, and he kissed his teddy bear. “Buenas noches, luna,” said another nephew to the moon. “Buenas noches, Mary,” said the third one. Then they climbed into bed. Mary tucked them in. “Sleep tight,” she whispered. When Doña Rosa came to say good night, her nephews were already asleep! She covered them with an…

1 min.
the rocky room

Squirrel and Chipmunk were playing in Squirrel’s yard. Suddenly, Squirrel found a rock. He picked it up. “I’ll add this to my rock collection,” he said to Chipmunk. They ran inside to Squirrel’s bedroom. Gray rocks covered the rug. “Mom wants me to put some rocks back outside,” said Squirrel. “It is a big collection,” said Chipmunk. “Do you really need so many?” “Yes!” said Squirrel. “I stack them up to make a space station.” Chipmunk pointed to a lumpy bag. “Is that full of rocks?” “Wow, I’d forgotten all about this.” Squirrel opened the bag and held up red, yellow, blue, orange, and green blocks. “Squirrel, what super-great blocks!” said Chipmunk. “It’s like getting a new toy.” Squirrel grinned. “Now we can build the best space station in the universe. But first we need to make…

1 min.
camping at mount sofa

Come into my blanket tent. We’ll camp out overnight. To make it very, very dark We’ll just turn off the light. If you think you hear me Talking to the bears, Don’t be afraid because They’re just the kitchen chairs. Now pile up the pillows—Pillows old and new. Come and climb Mount Sofa. Up here there’s quite a view. Our mother is the ranger. Here’s a message that she sent: She says it’s time to clean up camp, Take down our blanket tent. If you can’t go to the mountains On a camping holiday, Look around the living room And camp the next best way.…

1 min.
look at shadows

The shadows look like the boy, the girl, and the stroller. That’s because they stop the sun from shining on the ground. If the sun is behind you, your shadow will be in front of you. If you face the sun, your shadow will be behind you. If your side is to the sun, your shadow will be beside you. And if clouds block the sunlight, you won’t have a shadow. What objects do you think blocked the sunlight to make these four shadows? Turn the page to find out. Have fun looking for shadows when you go outside on a sunny day. Large photo by iStock/AOtzen, “sun behind” photo by iStock/AlenaPaulus, “face the sun” photo by iStock/FatCamera, “shadow beside you” photo by iStock/Nadezhda1906, “no shadow” photo by iStock/OkinawaPottery. Photos, pages 30–31 and 32: kite by iStock/dlewis33,…