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make a funding plan part of your start-up capital quest

Our cover story this issue will help you get the funding needed to launch and build your business. Make sure that you include a funding plan as part of start-up funding. A funding plan will help you to maximize scarce startup dollars. There is never enough capital to cover a typical business’s startup needs. If you don’t have a plan in place, chances are you’ll misallocate funds. Keep your funding plan simple. The most important element is to accurately forecast start-up expenses. In launching a new business, the greatest share of expenses typically go to marketing and advertising, such a direct ads, publicity on your launch, social media connections, networking, selling expenses, and more. Map out the best ways to market in these mediums, as part of your marketing plan. Forecast…

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fund a home business!

Whether you’re just striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, or you’re a long-established business owner operating out of your home, you are probably dealing with the same issue: getting enough funding to keep the business up and running. Funding, financing, liquidity, cash in the bank—whatever you want to call it, it’s the lifeblood of your business. When your home is your office, you may not have the same overhead costs as traditional brick-and-mortars, but you’ll still need money on hand to deal with all the expenses that running a business throws at you. When first starting a home business, it’s surprising how the costs add up. You’ll quickly commit most of your nest egg to the essentials, and if a single customer payment gets held up, or one surprise expense…

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interview with gerard butler

Gerard Butler talks about his movie Angel Has Fallen, re-building his Malibu house he lost due to the big fire, his surgeries, motorcycling, and more… Question (Q): This was a fun movie to watch, very surprising actually. Mike Banning, the hero, seems to be a bit more deceitful in many ways. Gerard Butler (GB): Yes, that was a bit scary for me to embrace. He is doing all those things for the right reasons, but it’s certainly a different take on this character than it was in the first two movies. He is betraying the trust of people around him that love him very much. Q: That must have made it more fun to revisit this character though, right? GB: Yes, it did. It allowed for a lot of twists and turns and hurt…

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15 small business ideas to launch from home this fall

Side hustle, small business, or side project. Call it what you will. In the gig economy that we're living in, everyone can materialize their longing to build something profitable and amazing outside their regular 9-to-5 jobs. Not only are there free tools to develop and promote small projects, like the internet, online courses, and social media. There's also a lot of demand for new quality services that you might be able to provide. There are tons of ways to monetize activities that most people see as hobbies. Here are 15 small business ideas that you can start with very little or no money at all. 1. Game Streamer Your parents might be wrong when they say that playing video games nonstop is a waste of time. Live streaming has become a significant…

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automated wealth

After 17 years of “working for the man” in Corporate America, it was time for a change. I tried several home business opportunities, but I was never satisfied. I made thousands of cold calls, begged friends and family to join my downline and approached total strangers with canned pitches that made me feel sleazy. Rejection was killing me. Every time I tried something new, the learning curve was steep. I was barely treading water and crying for help. But, I knew if I persevered, I would achieve the level of freedom and income that I always desired. Ready, Fire, Aim Hi, I’m Leonard Grant. The reason I’m writing this article is to tell you that I found a way out of the vicious cycle of prospecting, rejection and failure. And the good news is…

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catering to confident women

Tal Man knew early in her career that she wanted to have her own twist on the jewelry industry, discovering that people want to personalize their work. Man was a successful model and television host, but out of respect for her grandmother who wanted her to get a degree, she attended Shenkar in Israel, one of the world’s leading colleges of Engineering, Design and Art. It was there where she fell in love with jewelry design. In 2007, Man opened a jewelry design studio to make unique jewelry pieces. She focused on the customers and their involvement in the design process. “TALIA was born out of a need to cater to the wishes of today’s confident, successful woman who wants her jewelry to be both unique and versatile, precious yet affordable, classic yet…