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home business magazine adapts to the future

Every home-based entrepreneur is faced with the challenge of adapting their business to changes in the market. It’s part of a business’s evolution — and survival. Change is our only constant. As such, Home Business Magazine is adapting to the rapidly changing online world. Home Business is now a fully digital magazine, and we have ended the print version. I am shifting resources to build and grow the magazine’s digital circulations and online promotions. I can now better format the magazine for digital readerships. I’m also working with magazine advertisers to more deeply penetrate Home Business’s digital, SEO, video, and social media channels (see homebusinessmag.com/magazine-advertising). I had to make a tough decision on ending print circulation. Overall, print readership was no longer generating value and response for the high expense it requires.…

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launch a side hustle!

2020 can be the year of increased profit and new beginnings for aspiring entrepreneurs. For this issue’s cover story, we spoke with experts across an array of industries. They share insight on choosing a side hustle, planning, budgeting, marketing, publicizing, website building, pricing, and persevering as a self-employed boss. Let’s get started… Dive into a Self-Employed Career The Side Hustle Revolution By Liz London, Founder of The Ladyboss Nation (https://theladybossnation.com/) and Author of The Business Bible for the Unconventional Entrepreneur (http://www.theunconventionalentrepreneur.com/) We’re in the middle of a self-employment, side hustle revolution. Parents depend on flexible work hours to accommodate pulling all-nighters with an infant, sick kids, and endless IEP meetings for children who need extra help to be academically successful. Not to mention finding time for family outings, self-care staycations, and good old-fashioned human…

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side hustle ideas!

Here are some common yet effective side hustles that will earn you extra bucks: 1. Sell or re-sell items on online marketplaces like eBay, Craigslist, Etsy, and Amazon. 2. Work as an online content writer. 3. Work as an online tutor or teacher based on your subject of expertise. 4. If you have a spare room or apartment, rent that out through Airbnb. 5. Manage social media platforms of small businesses as well as individual clients. 6. Answer surveys on paid survey sites. 7. Sell services like writing, graphic designing, etc. on Fiverr. 8. Do micro-jobs on Amazon's Mechanical Turk or MTurk. 9. Start your very own blog. 10. Start a YouTube channel and be a video blogger. 11. Create an online course. 12. Write an eBook, self-publish your book, and sell it online. 13. Produce an audiobook. 14. Be an online mystery shopper. 15.…

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interview with angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie starred in the movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. In this interview, she talks about the movie, vulnerability, becoming a mother, being true to yourself, life coming with sacrifices, and more. Question (Q): Angelina, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil touches on good vs evil again. Do we all fight that internal fight? Angelina Jolie (AJ): Yes, good vs evil, it’s a grey area. We all of us have a little bit of that in us. This movie is also about strength and how it manifests itself. It’s different in all of us. Aurora, in my opinion, is the strongest and the wisest. My character is diabolical and interesting. I like the way it plays out. Q: You are bringing a lot of vulnerability to your role this time around. AJ: Everybody has vulnerability. I…

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10 side hustle ideas you can start on your own

On the surface, the state of America’s economy looks rather robust. With the unemployment rate near a 50-year low, one might expect to find a mood of general contentment in our fair land. However, the closer you look, the less rosy the situation appears. A recent Gallup survey of US workers highlighted the fact that even after a decade of steady economic growth, job dissatisfaction is nonetheless widespread. The data confirms what most of us know, intuitively, to be true. We need more from life than just “a job” — we need emotional fulfillment. We need self-actualization. And considering the soaring cost of housing, education, and health care, we also need more money. If this resonates with you, have you given any thought to starting a side hustle? Now, I don’t suggest this…

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embracing a burn the boat mindset

The world is beginning to give attention to the man with no formal college education who turned the loss of a successful corporate job into becoming arguably one of the most profound days in his professional career. Meet Ryan Sprance, one of the most successful digital marketing experts in the country. After no true justification, on May 1, 2018, Ryan Sprance was fired from his job. However, since March of 2013, Sprance has been building a side hustle. If you have yet to hear of Kaihatsu Media, it’s the agency that very well may have given birth to and deemed Sprance as the Social Media Guru. As Sprance began his social media and content marketing agency, he was generating just $1,000 a month in revenue, struggling to get his business off the ground.…