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worried you won’t survive the coronavirus pandemic?

“ … you have the opportunity to succeed during this time when you keep a “half glass full” perspective.” The coronavirus pandemic has definitely been a major blow to the economy and businesses worldwide. Many industries are struggling, and entrepreneurs may be wondering if their companies can make it through this difficult time. There is also so much uncertainty as to how long this crisis will last. Will it be months? A year? Longer? However, despite the unknown, you can (and will!) succeed throughout this pandemic and beyond with careful planning. This is the focus of our cover story. The future is unclear on where the pandemic might go from here, but you have the opportunity to thrive during this time when you keep a “half glass full” perspective. Now more than…

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success during and after covid-19

Sometimes, circumstances force you to completely change your life and career — whether you wanted to or not. This past year has been a life-changer for so many American workers and entrepreneurs alike, as the COVID-19 pandemic altered consumer habits drastically and shuttered the doors of countless businesses. Nobody knows how many of these businesses will remain closed for good, but unfortunately, many businesses, large and small, have already decided they had no choice but to close their doors indefinitely. While the COVID recession surely won't last forever, the major economic disruptions and lifestyle changes to the small business landscape may be forever changed. Take, for example, the food industry. Many consumers will likely still prefer the convenience of ordering groceries and takeout online, even once all the stay-at-home orders are…

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interview with dan aykroyd

Renowned for his starring roles in classic films like Ghostbusters, The Blues Brothers, and Coneheads, Dan Aykroyd has made a major name for himself in the entertainment industry. On top of this, the celebrated actor is the creator of Crystal Head Vodka, an ultra-premium vodka that features a stunning skull shaped bottle. Sold in 70 countries and honored with multiple prestigious awards, Crystal Head Vodka has made Aykroyd a heavy hitter in the alcoholic beverage industry. Home Business Magazine had the chance to catch up with Aykroyd and get the inside scoop on his distinguished vodka label. He happily shared what inspired him to get into the vodka industry, Crystal Head Vodka’s exceptional aspects that differentiate it from the competition, and tips for others looking to market their own line of…

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making money in uncertain times

My family has been fortunate to not have lost a lot of work during the Covid-19 pandemic; however, I do know many families who were the opposite. For some, unemployment isn't enough, for others it's non-existent. Those who are smart have found ways to make a little extra money from home using their hobbies and talents. Let's face it, after things get back to normalish, having that little extra income still won't be a bad idea. There are several ways you can, or even prepare to leave the nine to five and work for yourself. 1. Canning and Selling Food at Farmers' Markets The virus shut down work for my sister-in-law. She was also unable to get unemployment. But she found a way to make money with some on-the-side work. Even if…

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helping people through apparel

For years, Achaia Murphy had the idea of starting a clothing line but never got started. During her undergraduate studies, she took two years of industrial design, which would later help her with her clothing. She would create various sketches of clothing items for her dream clothing line but would never actually execute the vision. Two things holding Ms. Murphy back from starting the alternative clothing line was not knowing how to start a business and not feeling as if she was ready to begin yet. Ms. Murphy was working as a freelance graphic designer when her boss asked her what her dream was. She told her boss about her clothing line and Jack Rabbid Clothing LLC was born. Her boss provided her with the push and mentorship she needed to…

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peace by piece

While working through a particularly challenging period related to her job overseeing large-scale grants for women’s health programs in developing countries, Lindsey Simmonds found solace at her puzzle table. During this time, Ms. Simmonds would walk in the door from work and head straight for her puzzle. Soon she began to crave puzzles as a form of self-care during monthly trips to Africa, in hotel rooms, and after long days at work. Then, she ran out of her favorite puzzles. A burning personal desire for an inspiring, calming activity is what fueled the creation of Wander Puzzle, a line of stunning puzzles featuring illustrations by international female artists personally selected by Ms. Simmonds to share a feeling and connectiveness to a bigger purpose — building a better world — peace by…