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get the word out on your business!

One of the biggest challenges to face as a home-based business owner is to get the word out on your business. The task used to be a lot easier — put a press release together and push it out by mail or email, and link to a good website. Things have changed. Our cover story for this Summer 2021 issue will help you meet the new challenges in promoting and getting more publicity for your business. The following tactics will help you to better connect your promotional messages with your audience. • Adapt and edit your message to fit each social media channel. Ensure that the messages all work together. Synchronize your message across the various platforms with a social media management tool. Save further time by pre-scheduling your posts. • Publicity messages must…

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get publicity

After a full year of quarantining and placing everything on hold, we are now slowly getting back to life and back to business. It’s a critical time to publicize your business so that your growth and success can pick up where it left off 1 year ago. For this topic, we’ve gathered a panel of business experts who share their tips on how to get publicity for your business. Such tips include filling the gaps; staying regularly connected with customers; utilizing digital marketing techniques; utilizing technology for more effective publicity and marketing; increasing brand exposure through messaging; building a successful website and online presence; focusing on content; growing your email list; utilizing social media and optimization; implementing a chatbot; producing quality content; cross-media marketing; repurposing content; and much more. Learn…

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from “bachelorette” to business mogul

Kaitlyn Bristowe made headlines as the star of the 19th season of The Bachelorette and as the winner of season 29 of Dancing with the Stars. Now, the popular TV personality is making waves in both the pod-casting arena and the wine industry with her entrepreneurial endeavors. She is the creator and host of the Off TheVine lifestyle podcast on PodcastOne, as well as the founder of a new wine label called Spade & Sparrows. She has definitely been very busy since her Bachelorette days! Home Business Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with Bristowe and get the exclusive inside on her entrepreneurial undertakings. She was happy to discuss what her podcast and wine label are all about and how she got into these industries. She also goes on to…

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8 side hustles to consider this summer 2021

“Side Hustle” has become quite the buzzword as of late. Granted, people have had a lot of time in the last year and a half to sit inside, potentially sidelined from their 9-to-5 due to the pandemic. This time and freedom have helped people turn their hobbies into side hustles, and their side hustles into main hustles. Maybe you’ve stumbled across this article while looking for inspiration for your foray into entrepreneurship. Maybe you already have your own business, but the question remains the same: How do you identify a lucrative side hustle that fits seamlessly into your life? It should be something you’re good at. If you’re a math geek, chances are, you might not be the obvious choice for a freelance copywriting editor. If you failed math while in school,…

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track star to fempreneur philanthropist

Accomplished athlete. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. These are all attributes that describe Khadijah Suleman, a first-generation American born to Nigerian immigrants who is only 27 years of age. She attributes her success to the deep-seated values and discipline her Nigerian background inculcated in her during her formative years. Her career began when she was a student-athlete competing for Nigeria in the 2016 Olympic trials. There, she witnessed firsthand the disparity between athletes from rich countries like the United States and those from poorer regions, some of whom ran barefoot. As someone who experienced the luxuries of NCAA Division one college athletics and whose parents taught her to always help others, she felt a duty to correct this. To that end, she founded Gear ‘Em Up — a nonprofit organization that donates adequate sports…

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hems, seams, and stitches

When Michelle Rowley attended a disorganized dressmaking workshop in November 2017, she knew she could have done it much better. By the time she had arrived home from the disappointing trip, she was ready to run the sociable dressmaking workshops she had long wished to provide. After twenty years of teaching English and eight years as a hobby dressmaker, Michelle was eager to swap lessons on nouns, verbs, and adjectives to those of her passion: hems, seams, and stitches. Following a discussion with her husband, in which she outlined her desire to use their home as a venue for running dressmaking workshops, she handed in her notice the very next day. By January 2018, Michelle was ready to run her first workshop, having invested $1,700 in four sewing machines, paid for…