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Home New Zealand October 2019

HOME covers the best New Zealand architecture, design and interiors. It features inspirational, ingenious and just plain breathtaking homes from all over the country – as well as new restaurants, exciting art and the latest furniture releases.

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how to make a home

As we sent this magazine to press, we also put our house on the market. It probably wasn’t the wisest timing. The triple pressures of getting the place ready for photo shoots and open homes – at the same time as making a magazine – made me, um, reasonably stressed, so I must thank my little HOME team for their humour under pressure during a particularly tight week. It did give me an insight into what some of our home owners go through in the process of their homes appearing in this magazine. Even though we renovated our house a couple of years ago with architect Megan Edwards, we’ve spent the winter tidying it up and finishing dozens of tiny jobs that never quite got done – and painting over what…

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Julie Hill The Auckland-based journalist and fiction writer enjoyed over-egging the puns in a home extension story, p. 86. You’re a multi-talented writer – what’s it like working in this field in New Zealand? Thanks. I write fiction – short stories and plays – as well as journalism and it’s nice to move between made-up and not-made-up stuff. There’s less difference between them than you would think – a good yarn is a good yarn after all. Against the odds, I think both literature and journalism are in pretty decent shape right now. What did you enjoy most about the house by Pac Studio? An affordable yet adventurous design is not something everyone can pull off, but Yolk House is a delight: a lovely surprise that pops out once you reach the back…

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family circle

Justin Mowday— Before the house was renovated, if you were at home during the day you had to have the lights on in every room. Soph, who was pregnant at the time, wanted lots of natural light and for it to feel open. Sophie Mowday— We originally said to Jose we wanted lots of natural light and high ceilings because we had been living with the opposite. But there was always the risk of having a big cavernous space. Justin— I wanted to be open to Jose’s ideas, was desperate to be a good client, and not chop and change our minds – all the things that can be hard to deal with. During the process, every time we were unsure about something and made a suggestion, they’d come back to us…

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on the rise

There’s often a long queue at Daily Bread in Ponsonby. It’s not like the locals have never seen a croissant, or that customers know that the set-up is temporary (this probably wouldn’t help the queue situation if they did). But the baked goods are very, very good and the space is enticing. Alt Group designed the interiors at Greenhouse, where Daily Bread’s newest outpost resides, as well as the tables, leaners and benches, which were made by Saint Leo Studio. There’s work by other local designers, including pendants by Monmouth and lounge chairs and coffee tables by Simon James. As well as housing a bakery, Greenhouse intends to hint at what’s to come in 2021. This lovely bakery will be superseded by an apartment building by Ockham, which will have an actual…

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foot traffic

New Zealand’s favourite shoe company Allbirds has a new store – its sixth. “The strong response to each of our bricks-and-mortar locations makes it clear that consumers will visit a store if you make that experience feel fun, personal, and convenient,” says Travis Boyce, head of Allbirds operations. Why open a store in Auckland? When the brand launched in 2016, New Zealand was one of the two countries we sold in, and we’ve been lucky to have incredible support from Kiwi consumers right from the start. We’ve always wanted to bring the brand home and launch a store, but it took some time to find the right location. Once we saw the space in Britomart, we knew it was the perfect spot. Isn’t retail dead? Although the rise of e-commerce has certainly…

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european union

Boffi was founded as a kitchen manufacturer in Italy in 1934. Eighty-five years later, its creative directors include luminaries such as Antonio Citterio and Piero Lissoni. The brand recently reworked its Auckland showroom to make room for sister brand DePadova, along with a more recent collaboration, MA/U Studio of Copenhagen. CEO Roberto Gavazzi celebrated the partnerships on a recent visit to New Zealand. “Our project keeps growing and we keep putting things together that are appreciated,” he says, of the brands that collectively offer innovative kitchen and bathroom designs, home furniture and shelving systems. The Boffi aesthetic is very clean, very minimal. Yes, it’s dark – like New Zealand! You are very much black. We are very much black and white because this is how things appear more elegant, cleaner. In our showrooms,…