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May - June 2020

Horses and People is an Australian publication full of educational articles written by industry experts, promoting sustainable horse management and training practices with a special emphasis on safeguarding and improving horse welfare. Horses and People has over the last 20 years become a reliable source of up to date information about products and services available to any and all horse owners whatever their discipline.

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from the editor

Welcome to the May-June magazine, an edition that has been written, collated and produced during a particularly testing period of our lives. I want to start by thanking our contributing authors who, despite the challenges affecting their work and family lives, have delivered another exceptional collection of inspiring, informative and thoughtful articles. I am especially grateful to those advertising clients who have, yet again, placed their trust in our magazine and are investing in promoting their products and services at a time of tremendous economic uncertainty. In doing so, they are proving their commitment to the equestrian community - to your horses and your people. You can be sure that these brands, which I have showcased on the far right of this column and you will see throughout the magazine pages, truly…

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this month’s contributors

Dr GEORGINA DOWNEY Georgina is an art historian who has published extensively on the domestic interior. Her books include Domestic Interiors: Representing Home from the Victorians to the Moderns, (2013) and Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media (2015). Integrating her love of horses and riding, recent publications include ‘Unstable relations: horses in interior spaces’ for the Australasian Animal Studies Association 2015 conference and, ‘Becoming-horse in Contemporary Art’ forthcoming, for Artlink. She is the human of Classic, the dressage schoolmaster, and Angas the Cairn terrier. Photo by Lisa McDonald. JILL GRIFFITHS Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Through her work, Jill is fortunate to interact with leading researchers across Australia, providing her with access…

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the sweetest dreams are filled with ponies

On the front cover this issue I am delighted to feature a gorgeous image captured on a rainy day last winter by Louise Sedgman of Natasha Law riding Wally while leading Lulu, ridden by Ava Hunter. The image caught my attention and the story behind it blew me away. It features in the book titled The Sweet Pony Project that Louise published before Christmas last year to raise funds for the Riding for the Disabled Association of Australia. You can turn to Page 14 to read about this and Louise’s upcoming project in more detail. In The Sweet Pony Project, Louise writes: “Courage, strength and positivity are just a few of the words Ava’s mum uses to describe her gorgeous, delightful, energetic daughter. “At just 3 years of age, Ava was diagnosed with…

2 min.

Royal Windsor Horse Show Pivots to a Virtual Platform Faced with a pandemic, the Royal Windsor Horse Show 2020 has pivoted to a virtual platform. They’ve done so quickly and with a beautifully designed platform, the organisers have set the bar high for all other equestrian events going online, managing to continue supporting retailers, sponsors, participants and engaging the public despite the enforced shutdown. For the nostalgic, there are video clips from the archives, dating back to the 1960s. Read more on the Horses and People website: https://bit.ly/2KdNFG4 PCA Launches Plan B! When plan A goes pear-shaped, it’s good to remember there are more letters in the alphabet! We may not be running competitions, clinics and events right now, but there is still plenty of horse-related things we can do. Take it from…

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the sweetest of projects

www.giddyupfoto.com Kids and ponies! It’s hard to imagine anything cuter… As a photographer, I consider it a great privilege to have someone in front of my lens, and I am especially grateful of my work with people and their horses. Unfortunately, the window of photoshoot opportunity is quite seasonal in Victoria, where I am based. Winters are cold and muddy, with most horses sporting fluffy winter ‘jarmies for half of the year. The combination is often not what people have in mind when they want to capture those memories with their horse that will last a lifetime… Unless, of course, you are a four year old! Warm clothes, fuzzy hats and gumboots teamed up with fluffy ponies have the makings of something truly special. So, in August 2019, I decided to take on…

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“oh but he’s perfect” my ‘70s horse-mad girlhood

Wish for a Pony by Monica Edwards was first published in England in 1947 and has subsequently run to many reprints. It explores the feeling of being utterly and totally enchanted by horses, and it does so truthfully, and respectfully and in a way that also outlines the moral qualities needed to see through this passion to realization. I first read it when I was about seven and it has remained my favourite horse book. Wish for a Pony tells the story of ten-year old Tamzin Grey, of ‘Westling’, (Rye Harbour) in East Sussex. Tamzin is growing up horse-mad in a good British middle class family with a kindly pipe-smoking vicar for a father, an affectionate mother and an adorable younger brother called Diccon. Tamzin and her equally horse-mad best friend…