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Horses and People

July - August 2021

Horses and People is an Australian publication full of educational articles written by industry experts, promoting sustainable horse management and training practices with a special emphasis on safeguarding and improving horse welfare. Horses and People has over the last 20 years become a reliable source of up to date information about products and services available to any and all horse owners whatever their discipline.

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from the editor

For the last year, I have had the privilege of browsing through a huge catalogue of photographs that Louise Sedgman has been capturing for The Sweet Teen Project, an initiative she devised to raise funds for Headspace Australia, an organisation supporting the mental health of our youth. Louise has a special talent for capturing that special bond between human and horse, and the hardest part has been picking just one photo for the front cover or each issue. While the images are beautiful, I have been blown away by my conversations with the young people we featured. I hope that so far, you have enjoyed their stories as much as I enjoyed interviewing and writing them. The Sweet Teen Project is now closed, and Louise is compiling the images into a coffee…

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this month’s contributors

Dr GEORGINA DOWNEY Georgina is an art historian who has published extensively on the domestic interior. Her books include Domestic Interiors: Representing Home from the Victorians to the Moderns, (2013) and Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media (2015). Integrating her love of horses and riding, recent publications include ‘Unstable relations: horses in interior spaces’ for the Australasian Animal Studies Association 2015 conference and, ‘Becoming-horse in Contemporary Art’ forthcoming, for Artlink. She is the human of Classic, the dressage schoolmaster, and Angas the Cairn terrier. Photo by Lisa McDonald. JILL GRIFFITHS Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Through her work, Jill is fortunate to interact with leading researchers across Australia, providing her with access…

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confidence boost

Based in Gippsland, Victoria, Chloe is a passionate young horsewoman. Determined to pursue a career with horses, she is combining Year 12 studies with a Certificate III in Racing (stable hand). She is already working part time at a racing stable and is loving every minute of it. Chloe is 18 and in the six years since she first met Halo she has come a long way. The enthusiasm and confidence with which she speaks to me over the phone did not come easy, and Chloe insists that it’s mostly thanks to her wonderful equine friend. “I needed a pony to challenge but give me confidence, but the confidence he gave me was just ridiculous!” says Chloe. “I went from doing small jumps and lacking confidence in my ability to riding confidently…

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the heavy horse in australian art

Throughout the settlement period in Australia and up to the era of mass scale mechanisation the heavy horse has contributed muscle, heart and spirit. Working as ploughing horses, pulling wagons, taking the family to town or church and dinkying children to school were part of their day’s work. Many rural families have enduring memories of their working draught horses, but city families too in the first half of last century will recall the presence of heavy horses everywhere, pulling trams, and delivering beer, milk, bread and groceries. Consequently, Australian art history is rich in pictures of working heavy horses, and several of our best-known Colonial, Impressionist, and Edwardian era artists have portrayed the contribution of these horses to stories of nation. From city centres to furthest flung out stations, these gentle giants…

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the sweet teen project

www.giddyupfoto.com After completing a very successful “Sweet Pony Project” for younger kids in 2019, which raised much needed funds for The Riding For Disabled Association Australia, Louise launched this new campaign to help support our teens. Offering a tailored photo experience, The Sweet Teen Project was an opportunity to show just how brave and amazing our young people are, and for their families to have beautiful memories from a special time in their kids’ lives. $50 from every booking also being donated to Headspace Australia, specifically the Bairnsdale Vic office. Teens were photographed at their home with their horse by their side. The connection, love and trust between these young people and their horses is clear when you see the photos. Their horses are their safe, happy place and their confidants. Equine assisted therapy is…

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opening the gates to good welfare

There are people who have trouble seeing things from the horse’s side. In April this year, at the renowned San Rossore racetrack in Pisa, Italy, a jockey was arrested for beating and setting the neck of the racehorse he had been riding on fire. The reason behind this incomprehensible act? The horse ‘wasn’t listening to him’. But what about listening to the horse? Overfed, isolated and confined to a small box - can anyone really expect to get the full attention of a three-year-old Thoroughbred during the short time he is permitted to stretch his legs and see other horses? When we picture scenes of animal cruelty, we generally imagine thin, malnourished horses in haphazard paddocks filled with abandoned cars, barbed wire fencing and empty gas cans. Less commonly associated with mistreatment are…