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Horses and People July - August 2019

Horses and People is an Australian publication full of educational articles written by industry experts, promoting sustainable horse management and training practices with a special emphasis on safeguarding and improving horse welfare. Horses and People has over the last 20 years become a reliable source of up to date information about products and services available to any and all horse owners whatever their discipline.

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from the editor

I hope you have had a chance to visit our new website, which is still at the same address: horsesandpeople.com.au, and you are as thrilled as I am with the new look and features. One of the major changes we’ve implemented has been to take down the paywall and make all the content we produce - and which is so generously shared by our expert contributors - free for everyone to read. The truth is that a paywall is inherently in conflict with our main goal of improving the quality of information on management, training and lifestyle that is available to all horse people. To further back our comittment to freely available content, we are already engaging and collaborating with other publications and educational institutions, sharing and extending the reach of our…

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Dr KIRRILLY THOMPSON PhD (Social Sciences) Dr Kirrilly Thompson is Participation Manager at Pony Club Australia, Vice Chair of the Horse Federation of SA and a freelance qualitative research consultant. She has more than a decade of experience as an equestrian social scientist and has published over 100 journal articles, chapters and industry reports. Together with Lynda Birke, she is co-author of the book ‘(Un) stable relations: Horses, humans and social agency’ (Routledge, 2017) which considers the role of horses in human-horse relations. JILL GRIFFITHS Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Through her work, Jill is fortunate to interact with leading researchers across Australia, providing her with access to current research in many fields. A life-long horse lover,…

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believe in yourself

On our cover this issue, we feature Lisa Drayton and her Friesian Warmblood gelding Sam, photographed by Olya Tutova from 42beats Photography. Lisa featured on our cover exactly one year ago, and since that time, she has achieved her life-changing dream to start her own business, Feather Touch Equine Bodywork. Always passionate about helping as many horses as she can and also strengthening the bond between them and their humans, Lisa clearly sees the bigger picture of improving the welfare and treatment of all animals. Lisa is now qualified as an Equine Myofunctional therapist and is now studying to become a Masterson Method certified practitioner. I spoke to Lisa about the recent life changes and what plans she has for the future. What’s on the cards for this year? My goal is that, by the…

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The Positive Power of Social Media Most of us associate social media discussions with negativity, defensiveness and polarised attitudes but does it have to be that way? According to researchers at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana, sensationalist social media campaigns are the wrong way to get change to happen. If we want to see change occur, they said, a positive approach is, not only possible, but the better way to go. There study shows positive psychology actually encourages debate on what’s better instead of what’s worse and shows strong promise in encouraging meaningful change for equine welfare. Read the full report on the Horses and People website using this link: https://bit.ly/31tBDQb. Don’t Rug Based on How Cold You Feel, Say Researchers If your horse is cold, rug him. The trick, though, is to…

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a lifelong dream

www.equinephotographybyrachelflynn.com A lifelong desire to travel and photograph horses found me resting on the peaks of the Lakes District National Park overlooking the Haweswater Reservoir in the U.K. While watching a Fell pony herd interact and graze, I reflected on my own experiences and how thankful I am that I had such an upbringing that allowed me to appreciate what the Lakes District had to offer. I wasn’t born in the era of riding a horse to school but I longed-to. Horse obsessed at a young age, I remember my saddles took pride position in my bedroom so I could breathe in the glorious smell of leather and horse sweat. I would daydream on the fifty-minute bus ride home from school imagining galloping through the paddocks with every fence a jump. Growing up…

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managing and feeding during drought

BAppSc (Hons), PhD (Equine Nutrition), RAnNutr Certified Permaculture Design Consultant Drought conditions in various parts of Australia have coupled with the arrival of the non-growing (winter) season. Grass has turned yellow or brown and the pastures are being eaten down with only bare soils left. If you are lucky to live in a higher rainfall area, you may still have some ‘standing hay’ or even green grass, however, the effects of the drought is likely to impact all of us in various ways. In the last issue, we focussed on various strategies for drought-proofing your farm, but obviously, when the grass is not growing or there is very little, you will have to supplement to keep those equine guts happy. Horse owners still need to ensure their horses are consuming at least 1.5% of…