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Horses and People November - December 2019

Horses and People is an Australian publication full of educational articles written by industry experts, promoting sustainable horse management and training practices with a special emphasis on safeguarding and improving horse welfare. Horses and People has over the last 20 years become a reliable source of up to date information about products and services available to any and all horse owners whatever their discipline.

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from the editor

Welcome to the November-December issue of Horses and People! It is hard to believe this is the last magazine for 2019. These past 12 months have galloped by, but they have made a lasting impression. November 2018 saw the beginning of major behind-the-scenes changes in how the magazine is produced and managed. With change there’s always uncertainty, so it is satisfying to review the year’s events in hindsight. One of the major achievements has been building and launching a brand new website, and my thanks go to Linda Zupanc for her fearless enthusiasm for new digital technology! I must say the hard work was worth it. The new website has streamlined our systems further and allowed us to reach a much wider audience. The increase in visitor traffic and readership is growing…

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this month’s contributors

Dr GEORGINA DOWNEY Georgina is an art historian who has published extensively on the domestic interior. Her books include Domestic Interiors: Representing Home from the Victorians to the Moderns, (2013) and Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media (2015). Integrating her love of horses and riding, recent publications include ‘Unstable relations: horses in interior spaces’ for the Australasian Animal Studies Association 2015 conference and, ‘Becoming-horse in Contemporary Art’ forthcoming, for Artlink. She is the human of Classic, the dressage schoolmaster, and Angas the Cairn terrier. Photo by Lisa McDonald. JILL GRIFFITHS Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Through her work, Jill is fortunate to interact with leading researchers across Australia, providing her with access…

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a true love for horses

On our cover in this issue, we feature a portrait by Louise Sedgman of Kerrie Fitzgibon and her home-bred Bear Junior (a.k.a. BJ). “It’s my favourite photo, BJ looks huge!” says Kerrie. “Louise was making some squeaky noises and it’s like he was asking ‘what is she doing mum?’ At 15.2hh he’s not a massive horse, but he looks really big, like a giant” says Kerrie proudly. BJ holds a very special place in Kerrie’s heart. She bred him out of the ‘once in a lifetime’ mare she owned for 24 years and firmly cemented her love for Appaloosas. “BJ and I have a ridiculous connection. I never thought I would have anything as good as his mother, but he’s my second horse of a lifetime. I just adore him and all…

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NEWS www.shutterstock.com The ACT Recognises Animal Sentience in Law While Australia’s national and state legislation already recognised some components of sentience like the capacity to feel pain, there is no recognition of positive feelings and levels of awareness or consciousness included in the legislation. The ACT now joins New Zealand, the European Union and Canada in expressly recognising animal sentience and that animals have a right to both, mental and physical well-being. In doing so, it effectively changes the legal status of animals from being purely ‘property’ to sentient beings in their own right. It also acknowledges that an animal can be physically healthy, but mentally suffering. Read more on the Horses and People website: https://bit.ly/2ot0xB0 REPORT www.shutterstock.com Get Involved in Improving the Communication of Science The 15th International Equitation Science Conference, with the theme of ‘Bringing…

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dressed for the ride

Rider wear is an area of sports clothing where history, function and symbolism are uniquely interwoven. Simultaneously, the very essence of riding wear is to underscore the nobility of the horse itself, not exceed it, or draw attention away from it.1 Therefore, riding wear has traditionally been sober and understated. It’s intended to sit quietly, functionally and anonymously behind one’s skill and performance as a rider. So, while clothes may ‘maketh the man’, they do not maketh the rider. ‘All the gear and no idea’ is something nobody wants to hear! We riders have seen some innovation in our clothing, such as stretch materials, high-tech materials that wick sweat, suede and then silicone full-seat breeches, and so forth. Yet essentially, tradition and formality govern the look, with our basic articles of riding…

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a certain magic

www.equinephotographybyrachelflynn.com As an Australian Equine Photographer my mission is to capture timeless moments showing the love and connection between my clients and their equine, using our incredible countryside and spectacular rural estates. Creating beautiful photographs that tell a story is my passion. And in Australia, we have many unique environments on which these stories can be told. Out of all my sessions, I find a certain magic shooting on our stunning and unique beaches. The stillness at first light, soft colours during morning light, cool sand and the playfulness of a horse approaching gentle waves, always gets me excited about the moments I can capture in the session. Equally I love the afternoon warmth, gorgeous sunsets and the misty horizons that sometimes come with an evening beach session. With all this in mind, I have personally…