Summer 2021

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message from the editor...

Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here is to a great 2022. We are so excited to be out of lockdown and able to actually speak to people in person, get some great photos and present stories that we have been a part of. We ventured out to Fernances Creek the very first weekend we were out of lockdown to meet the Haflingers in person, and then Emily managed to report from a training clinic, doing something that she has never done before. We look forward to being able to bring more “hands on” articles in the next issue. This issue is so packed that I had to keep moving and juggling all the different stories around just to get everything to fit! I hope that you enjoy the huge range…

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about our cover page...

We managed to get out of lockdown only to get hit with rain and wind! This made organising a front cover shoot very difficult. I messaged Christine Crawford at CBM Warmbloods and asked if she had a friendly foal that would pose with Emily for a Christmas themed cover. She said that yes, her Warmblood/Andalusian foal Angelina (CBM Jolie by Joselito de Arroyo out of Valentina) loves cuddles. We learnt that it takes a lot of people in the background to take a photo where a foal is concerned. There is one person to manage the mare, another person to manage the foal and in our case, 2 people to take photos to try to get that elusive shot. A big thank you to Christine Crawford for providing the foal and acting…

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about our posters...

Artus Choosing a Haflinger photo for a poster is really difficult, as they are so photogenic that it is really hard to choose just one! Our star this month is Artus, a 6 year old Haflinger stallion imported from Austria by Fernances Creek Haflinger Stud. He is just as beautiful in person. Thanks to photographer Elsa Marchenay and Fernances Creek Haflinger Stud for this photograph. Toby and Dotty Toby is a 3 year old kelpie and Dotty is a 4 year old minature appaloosa pony. I selected this photo to use as a poster as I can’t resist a kelpie smile! You will read more about Toby and Dotty in this issue of HorseWyse. Thanks to photographer Tracey Harvey for the photos of Toby and Dotty.…

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our poster stars toby and dotty (with some help from tori)

How long have you, Toby and Dotty been together? Toby and I have been together almost a year, Dotty has been with us only a few months. Who’s the boss out of the three of you? Oh that’s a tough question! But one things for sure, it’s definitely not me! How long have you had Toby? Did he do anything naughty as a puppy? I have had Toby since christmas 2020, he actually still belongs to a good friend of mine who bred him and has had him since a pup! I don’t think he’s ever been a naughty dog although some days he has way too much energy! What is your favourite thing about Toby and Dotty? They are both have such happy personalities and are so willing, I really love spending time with them. What goofy or…

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the adventures of toby and dotty

Hi HorseWyse readers! My name is Tori Jeffress, I’m 27 years old from Manildra NSW. My main focus with horses is classical dressage, bitless, bridleless and liberty work. I’d like to introduce to you two very special animals in my life, Toby and Dotty! Toby is a 3 year old kelpie, from Drovers Dream Kelpies in Bathurst. He is a very energetic dog with loads of personality, he’s also become one of my best mates. Toby’s days involve – moving sheep around the farm, working at the sheep saleayards, unloading stock trucks and working on the sheep dip. And Dotty... Dotty is a 4 year old minature appaloosa pony. She was given to me by my mum’s neighbour a few months ago. Originally my intention was to work with her so that…

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for the love of brumbies - part 1

The Mountain Brumby Sanctuary One of the brumby rescue groups who are helping to save and rehome as many brumbies as possible is the Mountain Brumby Sanctuary, located in Broadford, Victoria. The Sanctuary takes in brumbies direct from the trappers, and then trains the brumbies so that they can be handled enough to be examined and treated by a vet, pick up their feet, touched all over, led and tied up. Once this training is successful the brumby is ready to be adopted to their new, experienced home to continue with their training. You can assist the Mountain Brumby Sanctuary by volunteering at the Sanctuary, adopting a brumby or sponsoring a brumby that will stay at the Sanctuary. You can read more about the work being done by the Mountain Brumby Sanctuary on their…